Image copyright Robert Snow 2009The year is 2385. Starfleet is still recovering from the Dominion War. The ominous threat of a new enemy in this time of rebuilding is shaking the core of the Federation both from within and without who demand change. The Federation is a house divided between those who vie for the era of exploration and those who believe conflict to be inevitable. Only those 'out there', defending our way of life, hold the balance.

Captains like Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise, William Riker of the Titan, Elaithin Jii of the Miranda, and Daren Runako M'Kantu of the Galaxy, all have a duty to defend the Federation, and will continue to do their duty - or die trying.


Click here for the USS Galaxy's theme song, written and composed by Brandon Tanner.
This play by email RPG is currently rated "R"for language and adult situations. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to join.
Current Episode
Episode 34
"Galaxy: The Musical"

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Star Trek Galaxy Simulation
Based Upon The USS Galaxy, originated by Mark Williams

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