Manipulation by Timothy Rose
17 September 2355
Felarin, Ktaria Prime
5' 9"
143 lbs
Native Ktarian. Fluent Federation Standard. Basic German and Andorian.
Dancing (all styles); designing and sewing clothing by hand for her friends; Victor Krieghoff; being part of a family again.
Robert H.
Dominion Cluster
2375: Dominion Cluster
Letter of Commendation
2376: Letter of Commendation
2381: Battle of Havras
Battle of Romulus - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2383: Battle of Romulus
2383: Combat Action
2383: Combat Readiness
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
Copyright to Robert Snow, 2008
2385: Starfleet Games Participant
For “intimate relations with a fellow pilot in a Federation fighter craft” while ferrying vehicles for maintenance.
For brawling off-duty with Fleet personnel
  2361-71: Standard Education, Ktarian Primary Academy
  2371-73: Secondary Education, Kondatt University, Ktaria
2375: Passes Wartime Competency Test; Assigned, Pilot, Shrike Squadron (USS Singh)
2377: Promoted, Flight Officer, Shrike Squadron (USS Singh)
2378: Transferred, Flight Officer, Raaktor Squadron (USS Bondar)
2380: Transferred, Flight Officer, Vanguard Group (USS Galaxy)

Angelienia was born to a moderately wealthy family on Ktaria, her mother a professional designer and seamstress that made one-of-a-kind clothing for members of the social elite, and her father a financier. She had one sibling, a younger brother many years her junior thanks to a spontaneous vacation her parents took while she was in school. She had enough of the things that she wanted that she grew up spoiled, having  no need to learn a trade or craft, and displaying few talents other than her mother’s gift with clothing and a talent for piloting the expensive orbital and suborbital shuttles that she and her friends swapped out for a new model every year.

All of that changed with the Dominion War.

Caught off-world during the War while on a trip to Betazed, the Dominion siege, capture, and occupation of Betazed took everything she’d ever known from her:  her old life, her parents, and then her younger brother. When the relief force arrived and the planet was liberated, she was a broken, hollow shell of the young woman she’d been. She was alone, destitute, and lost – a shattered remnant of her former self.

But she knew how to fly – and the Federation needed pilots desperately. She passed the wartime skills equivalence test with flying colors and happily accepted assignment to the critically-undermanned Federation Starfighter Corps, throwing herself into each battle against the Dominion seeking revenge or annihilation and never quite knowing which one was the stronger urge. At the War’s end, she was left both surprised that she’d survived, and without a clear goal in her life. Since she had nowhere else to go, she remained in the Starfighter Corps, moving from ship to ship and squadron to squadron until she reached the Galaxy and found a new home and something that she wanted more than anything else since her life had been taken from her: Victor Krieghoff.


The Angelienia people meet now is a different woman from the one that they would have known in the past. She’s still the same attractive but not truly beautiful, leggy blonde that she’s always been, but everything else, from the way she speaks and carries herself, to the way she dresses has changed since she began pursuing Victor.

Prior to that time, she was, mildly put, an extremely pushy, aggressive, promiscuous bitch. She dressed to make men look at her, reveled in those looks, and flirted and chased the ones she found attractive ceaselessly, never taking ‘no’ for an answer, and never ultimately getting the man she was after… until Victor.

She saw him, and in that first instant, wanted him. His aura, or presence, which normally pushed people away from him, instead attracted her like a moth to a flame. She longed for him, burned for him, lusted after him with a passion she’d not felt since her youth, before the War.

And he said ‘no.’

She pursued him, flirted with him, tried unsuccessfully to break up the relationship that Ella Grey was struggling to build with him, and even once slipped into his room to wait for him naked in his bed.

And he said ‘no.’

Confused – because no one kept saying ‘no’ like this, not to her, she stopped her pursuit and simply watched him, trying to find out what it was that he wanted, that he needed, so that she could be that person or thing and finally make him say ‘yes.’ She watched him for months, saw his relationship with Ella Grey – she’d known the two were not lovers as most of the ship had thought, but had conceded to herself that they were still in a relationship – collapse after a mission to Mirusa VI, saw him struggle after that to find his emotional footing, saw him lose himself after the Diparthu Incident and retreat inwards even further, and finally acted.

Appearing one night in the dancing program he had been visiting every night, she risked another ‘no’ to simply dance with him. And, surprisingly, he said ‘yes’ – but only to the dance. They danced that night, and the next, and the next, until she lost track of the nights that they danced and in doing so, found herself again. Each dance, each night, brought her back from the empty, hollow person she’d been, making her see how all the nights with man after man had just been a way to try and fill the void inside her, filling her with life, and honest emotion, and, finally, with love for the man that she danced with. Not lust, but love, real love, the kind where your partner’s happiness is more important to you than your own.

They danced, and she loved, and slowly, ever so slowly, they began to do more than dance. First they talked, then they dined together, and finally they began to talk and dine and spend time together outside the programs, outside the dance. And Victor, the man she’d longed for, lusted for, and loved, woke up inside and grew to love her back. Even if he still didn’t know how to tell her, she knew, and that knowing was enough, until finally, after a mission where he was pulled into the communal katra of a lost proto-Romulan colony ship along with the rest of the crew, he emerged a different man.

Unlike the rest of the crew, Victor had awakened within the communal experience and been forced to live the life of the man whose katra he’d borne for over a century of subjective time, afraid to disrupt the katra matrix for fear of killing the rest of the crew. In that time he’d had the time to learn to say the things he wanted to say, and use the words he wanted to use to tell her how he felt… and with those words, she realized that she was whole again; she had a family, friends, someone that loved her who she loved in return, in short, everything that she’d lost, she’d found again.


Angelienia dances with Victor every evening when they’re both aboard the ship and time permits, and hand-makes the costumes that they wear to the holodeck. She enjoys all of the dances that they learn and perform, but finds herself especially drawn to the slower-paced, more formal dances which require that she and Victor hold each other close.

She’s an excellent, highly-talented seamstress and clothing designer, a talent that has blossomed in the last few years, and she enjoys making clothing for Victor and herself, as well as items for their friends and shipmates.

Since beginning her relationship with Victor, she has rediscovered her faith and the worship of her people’s Ten Thousand Gods. Their worship is primarily carried out through the act of making prayer mosaics on specialized frames using thousands of small colored tiles and stones. Sometimes these mosaics are fused together and given to the person the prayer was made for, but the majority are made, left for a few days, and then disassembled and made anew in an ever-changing, never alike series of prayers.

Angelienia is an adequate shot with small arms, and meets the minimum Hazard Team requirements, but only just. Her hand-to-hand skills are little more than a sort of free-form wrestling/grappling style that is part schoolyard brawling and part wrestling, with elements of hair-pulling, eye gouging, and a few other dirty tricks thrown in. Effective in a barroom brawl, or to eliminate a female rival with no more skill than she, but definitely sub-par for a Hazard Team member, even after coaching from fellow team member T’lan.

She’s a highly talented pilot of small craft, and occasionally shows flashes of sheer brilliance while flying, most recently at the Battle of Romulus, where she flew the best that she’d even flown in her life.

After her experiences during the Dominion War she is virtually incapable of discussing, seeing, or even thinking about the Founders or the Jem’Hadar without having a negative reaction. The best that she can do is to call them “murdering monsters’ or “filthy animals’ and even that requires a concerted effort on her part.

She and Victor share a genetic incompatibility that makes them unable to have children together (some Ktarians can interbreed with humans, but Angelienia is not one of them) without extensive genetic engineering of a level to be classified as illegal by the Federation. Despite her longing for the ability to do so, she has firmly discarded the idea of using illegal genetics to do so.