Adrian An'quinsos
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6' 1"
Andorian, Bajoran, Betazoid, Breen, Cardassian, El-Aurian, Federation Standard, Ferengi, Greek, Jaradan, Klingon, Latin, Romulan, Trill, Ursidian, & Vulcan (Others- see special notes)
Boxing, El-Aurian Baguazhang, Exo-Cultural Martial Arts, Hiking, Listening, Meditation, Reading, Swimming, Weightlifting, Writing, and Chess
Academy Graduate - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2004
2373: Starfleet Academy Graduate, Top of Class
Expert Marksman

2383: Dedicated Service Ribbon, 10 years

Copyright to Robert Snow, 2008
2385: Starfleet Games Participant
  None on Record.
  2240-2260: Neseir Institute for Advanced Learning, El-Auria, Exo-Cultural Studies, Ph.D.
  2288-2296: Cardassian Institute of Psychological Conditioning, Doctoral Research Fellowship
  2325-2333: Harvard University, Earth, Goodall School of Sociology, Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship
  2349-2357: University of the Houses of Betazed, Psychology Post-Doctoral Studies
  2357-2363: Oxford University, Earth, St James College of Multi-Cultural Humanoid Communications Ph.D.
  2363-2369: Exo-Sociology and Federation Law, Daystrom Institute, Beta Strombord Minor M.A. and J.D.
2369: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2370: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2371: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2372: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2373: Assigned, Ensign, Counselor, USS Andromeda

2376: Transferred, Ensign, Counselor, USS Galaxy

2376: Promoted, Lieutenant JG, Counselor, USS Galaxy

2377: Promoted, Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Galaxy

2377: Transferred, Lieutenant, Chief Counselor, USS Commodore

2378: Transferred, Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Galaxy

2378: Transferred, Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Miranda

2379: Promoted, Lieutenant Commander, Counselor, USS Miranda

2380: Transferred, Lieutenant Commander, Counselor, USS Galaxy-A

2380: Promoted, Assistant Chief Counselor, USS Galaxy-A

2381: Transferred, Lieutenant Commander, Intelligence, USS Stormwarden- Mission Classified
2385: Transferred, Lieutenant Commander, Assistant Chief Counselor, USS Galaxy
2386, January: Promoted, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Counselor - USS Galaxy

Born the youngest into a family of political importance and prominence, Aud'rhian as he was originally named, was born in the Terran year, 2215. At the time, his father, Salyavin was the Leader of their Homeworld, while his mother, Daenara, served in Ambassadorial capacities. His parents raised him to be highly adept, especially in Exo-Cultural knowledge and History; after all, he was an El-Aurian and that knowledge was as much his heritage as any other of his race. Like his elder siblings, Kailen, Jaina, and Eldred, he was practically infused in tradition and ceremony… but felt as though there was more to existence than just this. He had only to look to his sister, Sonriell An'quinsos, his eldest sibling at the age of 4,190 to see this was true. She was the maverick, some might have said black sheep of tha family who cared little for family ordinances and spent much of time off world for extensive periods of time exploring the galaxy. When she did return, which was becoming increasingly frequent, the woman would often regale her little brother with stories of her adventures of other worlds and cultures and it was fast becoming evident that the youth looked up to his willful eldest sister.

On two separate occasions he went off world with his sister. Yet, despite the race-shared wanderlust, the El-Aurian stayed mostly within the area of their Homeworld; he was still young and had yet to reach adulthood. Aud'rhian would never deny that there were wonders in the universe that could move the soul in undeniable awe, accomplishments that could humble the proudest of people, and terrors that could fill the staunchest soul with immeasurable trepidation. But, if there was one place that was almost overlooked it was their Homeworld. A world of silver sands, dense forests, aurora-lit nights, and cities that looked to be as much a part of the land around them with crystal spires that seem to ascend into the heavens, it still served as one of the universe crown jewels. Moreover, there wasn't a single El-Aurian, no matter how hard they tried, who could deny the warm feelings they had when returning home. And it was often that Aud'rhian would visit the landing ports in and around the capitol city, listening to stories of other's travels, and the stories they've collected as well.

In the year 2265 no one was truly prepared for the merciless slaughter that would occur. Following an unsuccessful attempt to assimilate the El-Aurians into the Collective, a full assault was launched to wipe this species from existence. No one is sure why they sought to destroy this race but some theorize it may have been due to their abilities. Following his sister quickly to the landing bay, he alone with Kailen and Jaina boarded her ship as the armada began to enter orbit around their Homeworld. Fleeing the planet via a transport vessel it would be over a century before they would be reunited with their mother. Their father stayed to coordinate both evacuation and the defense of the planet. Aboard her ship, the Orioni't'hazi, they could hear transmissions of screams and panic; cries that were silenced by the sounds of explosions, orders to evacuate being relayed until there was nothing left but static and finally, the sounds of survivors trying to reach those who had escaped. Within a short time, they had swarmed through their system, destroying the ancient homeworld of the Listener Race and scattering them to the four winds across the galaxy, greatly wounded, but never separated or destroyed.

In 2270, the vessel arrived on the planet QonoS; his sister was an adopted daughter of the House of Be'thor and they welcomed them to their world. From the time they had left to the time they had arrived, Aud'rhian had become increasingly withdrawn, unnaturally silent, even for a member of his race. Then on they landed he appeared to come out of his trance, with a word to his siblings that his name was changed. Altering it to Adrian, his original name he preferred spoken only by his family and other El-Aurians, marking the change within him. During his time on the Klingon Homeworld pent up emotions were redirected towards the martial arts, those of his homeworld and those of this world, mixing internal and external styles to help him to calm himself. Periodically he went on targ hunting expeditions and one occasion saved the head of the House of Be'thor, Kro'noQ from being mauled to death. Before they left, he found himself with a developed taste for fresh targ and bloodwine which, on exceptional occasions gave him raging hangovers from drinking contests he was challenged to.

Things began to move faster after they left, almost blurring in pace. Making their way to Cardassia in 2288, Adrian enrolled and was accepted into their most prestigious University. After receiving his diploma, they left and arrived on Bajor in 2297 where he learned much about their rich an ancient culture. With the port nacelles in need of repair, they touched down near Angel Falls on Betazed in 2304 and it was during their stay that the young humanoid fell in love with a young woman named Katia Norana, Daughter of the Second House of Betazed. He had never met anyone like her on his Homeworld an inevitably became her Imzadi, most beloved. Before leaving the pair had become close friends. Arriving on Earth, Sonra took an interest in the Federation an enrolled at Starfleet Academy, making Captain in little time, while Adrian took an interest in the academic variety of the planet and enrolled at Harvard. Within that time, several representative of the Federation came to see him, hoping whatever knowledge he had might shed knowledge on what happened on their Homeworld. The El-Aurian simply told them that whatever the survivors of this holocaust told them, it would be no different than what he'd tell them and left it at that.

Graduating in the year 2333, Adrian returned to Betazed and there made his home, later enrolling at the University of the Houses of Betazed in 2349. As typically of his race, Adrian's thirst for knowledge proved almost insatiable as he went back to Earth, enrolling at Oxford University in 2357 and finally the Daystrom Institute in 2363. In his search for knowledge, he also found himself hungering to see the rest of the Galaxy. As a child he had gone as far as the colony worlds, but now here was a chance to see it all. This spark was further fueled by the Battle of Wolf 359 when he almost lost his sister, captaining the Gage. The realization of the dangers involved were weighed heavily with his decision; the Borg, murderers in the eyes of his people had made their presence known, but at least there was a chance, a way to prevail against them. His mind affirming everything and every matter therein, the El-Aurian youth applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Many cadets, such as Jason Cromwell, Machalia Braddox, and David Grear, among others became some of his closest friends and instilled upon him a plethora of nicknames. Due to his youthful appearance he was known as the rug-rat, little-boy, little-guy, which made it all the more amusing if he went to a place which required an ID, and had to explain that his credentials were indeed not fake. For his age, he was thrown the occasional granddad and great granddad, and perhaps had the misfortune (some would call it fortune,) for getting the moniker of 'perpetual hotness' by those female cadets who saw him workout at the gym. However, as much as he privately enjoyed the name, inevitably he gave them no heed. To court and perhaps marry someone who could die relative moments while you appeared ageless was too haunting of a thought to consider.

Choosing the field of Counseling, Adrian An'quinsos graduated at the top of his class and was sent to the USS Andromeda. After what felt like decades of being almost nomadic then becoming accustomed to staying in one place, space-travel was practically had become almost second nature, making his transition upon a starship relatively simple. However the nature that characterized his race was always about him as whether he was uniform or civilian attire personnel seemed drawn to him, to the point that, much to his surprise, even the Captain had a conversation or two with him. It wasn't too often that he was apologized to for being disturbed when he was off duty and it was more than once that people commented that he'd have made a good bartender. In February of 2376, the Andromeda came in from repairs after an assignment in the Badlands. Not surprisingly, the area subjected it to numerous stresses and inevitably the vessel was heavily damaged. During this time, the Counselor was offered a commission to serve aboard the Galaxy, much to his surprise. With a positive response from several friends on his old ship and a promise to write as often as he could, the El-Aurian accepted the commission with high hopes. Later in that year Adrian was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade while serving aboard the USS Galaxy.

In 2377, the El-Aurian was promoted to full Lieutenant, but that was not the only good news to be had. In addition to this Adrian proposed and married Zerhi No'hisyndiosyn, sister to friend and former Co- Ten Forward Manager Gailyn. Not too long after this, the newlyweds were joined by a son toward the end of the year, named Maxim. In 2378 Adrian was finally reunited with his mother, Daenara, who had been teaching at the Vulcan Academy of Science for the past few decades. Unfortunately the festivities were cut short as Adrian was soon assigned for a short time to an Intrepid-Class ship, the USS Commodore as Chief Counselor. After this assignment was complete, he returned; wife and son back to the Galaxy; it was a ship they had truly begun to think of as home. After thier mission to Klingon space was complete, the Galaxy was ordered back to space dock where it was to be decommissioned.

With that venture complete, it seemed the winds of chance were flowing his way as a new commission, the USS Miranda came his way and he took it. Meanwhile during that same year, Adrian had completed the course requirements to receive his Doctorate at Oxford with a nine hundred page thesis on "The Consonantal and Morphological Similarities, Differences, and Mutational Shifts and patterns found within Thirty Distinct Languages of the Beta Quadrant." I wouldn't be out of place to say that he had fun with this thesis being as distinctly thorough as possible. His only wish was that he could have seen the look on their faces when they actually received it. According to at least on source, one Professor was flummoxed, another had a large grin, and two more were speechless; all of this summed up made the El-Aurian rather amused.

In the year 2379, Adrian was given the opportunity to once more join the Galaxy, this time under a new Captain and an added vowel to its name. Despite his sister's thoughts on the matter, words that hinted reservation and uncertainty, the El-Aurian rejoined the Galaxy, finding old and new faces alike on the ship. Additionally, he was joined by his wife, Zerhi and their son, Maxim. For Adrian the commission felt short-lived, and yet within two years he had experienced so much; he had seen the ship off, lived another life (as it were,) met old friends, saw new races, felt time twist, echo, and wrench around him, and remembered all of this and more. Unfortunately around 2381, he had received direct orders; following information on his record, he was to be transferred to the Sovereign Class Ship named the USS Stormwarden, captained by Michael A Strider.

However, this was a new assignment entirely, one that shifted the El-Aurian's department from Counseling to Intelligence, specifically Field Intelligence. It was a classified mission primarily focused upon intelligence gathering, which involved mapping the area, indentifying new races, determining threat level, and relay their findings to Starfleet. The secondary and tertiary objectives were to test the new propulsion systems designed for higher velocities at longer durations of time, along with several new types of torpedoes, and a weapon's array designed for higher optimum yields derived from zero-point energy. The four-year operation would take them away from the familiar territory toward the direction of the Delta Quadrant. Adrian's presence was three-fold; he had knowledge and awareness of the sector, he could serve in a diplomatic function (and gather intelligence while doing so,) and he his El-Aurian reticence spoke volumes. Some vaults just couldn't be breached, much less accessed regardless of skill and his knowledge in psychological conditioning made this even more so.

Regardless the mission was beneficial to the El-Aurian, a welcomed change as it put much of his own knowledge to the test. It wasn't so much as knowing the races that inhabited the area as it was how outdated his knowledge was. In several instances, his memory was without fail, in others it was found a particular race had migrated to another system, went extinct, destroyed their own planet, or was assimilated by the Borg. When the Stormwarden was conducting tests, Adrian was busy gathering as much data as he could about the local systems, working backwards, forwards, sideways, and sometimes anew. He frequently spent his times off duty sometimes deconstructing and reconstructing information regarding languages, cultures, and history, then melding it together in a cohesive report that made sense and was as detailed as the El-Aurian could possibly make it. Beyond this, it wasn't too often that he found himself in Ten Forward with one crewman or another, them talking and he listening, taking a break in the gym or the holodeck, or going over the information he gathered with the Captain. Moreover, not surprisingly, Adrian played various key roles in talks with newly identified species as he served as a mediary as well as unofficial Ambassador; it seemed the El-Aurian homeworld might be gone, but the ancient Listener name had not.

Yet, with this name came good and evil, which was especially apparent toward the end of their mission when they encountered the Vorenedians. A rather insidious species, Adrian was very well aware of them as they had tried to capture El-Aurians for study; the intelligence gathered neighboring worlds was rather nebulous, with a simple statement to not venture into their territory. Despite what his advisement, Captain Strider was very confident that whatever the situation, the Stormwarden could handle could handle the challenge. Therefore a mission which began in opening talks and benevolent thoughts, turned slowly into a case of missing crewman, plans, and a failed attempt at sabotage. One rescue attempt and a few sabotages of their own later and the Stormwarden broke orbit and began putting those experiments to the test against three ships. Through a combination of maneuvering, tactical skills, and great luck, the Stormwarden had won and set course for Sector 001 under maximum warp. Though everything proved successful, the El-Aurian was unamused by what happened, which transpired into a long conversation centered on recklessness and a certain disregard of people who knew better.

Upon returning in 2385, Adrian matured greatly, drawing upon his experiences from that mission to reflect upon the world around him. It hardened him, perhaps for the better, but never changed the core of who he was. His wife Zerhi was now on Risa with her brother Dyfed, their son Maxim was now eight, and the newborn son he had seen shortly before he shipped out, Gracian, was four. His brother Eldred was out exploring the Alpha Quadrant, his nephew Riall had recently graduated Starfleet Academy and was currently stationed aboard the USS Damocles; it seemed that the rest of his family were doing fine as well. Yet, it seemed that even the El-Aurian male couldn't even remain in one place for long. Barely a week later, had he been issued new orders and a reassignment back to his old ship, the Galaxy with his old position. Zerhi was fine with his decision, just glad alone that her husband was back. However, Maxim wasn't so inclined to see his father leave so soon. After much convincing from the boy, and an approving nod from his mother, Adrian agreed to bring their song. Together the pair left Risa and headed for the Galaxy-A…


Cool, calm, and collected typically describe the demeanor belonging to Adrian An'quinsos. A reticent person, he's naturally friendly with a love for friends, family, and as typical of his people, a good story. He has a surprisingly gentle side infused with a caring nature that can generally disarm people. The racial reputation of being a Listener has helped his image as a Counselor; people tend to see more than just the external, youthful appearance. But looking young and being young are two different things, as this individual is highly, mentally disciplined with an equally high ordered mind. Yet, it is not surprising that the El-Aurian can be quirky, if not enigmatic, of which he is aware of this fact and yet tends to remain naturally in that 'role.' Even during the most intense situations, Adrian is capable of maintaining a remarkably high level of awareness, calm, and patience.

Beyond this, Adrian does occasionally become agitated, which can become more or less noticeable depending on the strength or proximity of an extra-temporal disturbance. And though difficult to anger, if provoked about or by certain something or someone, he will walk ominously away, or respond in what some would refer to as the El-Aurian way of doing things. Like his people he is incredibly tight-lipped and private about his experiences, the knowledge shared only with El-Aurians, and on rare occasions, selected/close friends. If hard pressed into revealing information he will speak about as much as is needed and no more or less. True to his friends he is a fiercely loyal person, staying at their side to the end. Above all, he is ever-faithful to his precious Zerhi, protective of her and his children. After all, to threaten him is one thing, to threaten his family is another and Adrian doesn't respond well to threats of that nature.

The dislike, distrust, intolerance, and even outright hatred for the Q are a racially-shared trait. However the reason, much less the cause for this is unknown and neither side will give explanation to this feud. However, the race-shared hatred for the Borg that runs deep in their veins is known, Adrian inclusive in this. His father was killed, people slaughtered without provocation, and homeworld irreparably destroyed. He gives no pretense concerning his feelings about the Borg, and would kill one on sight if given the opportunity. Yet, beneath that hatred lies fear, fear that that this holocaust would happen again and see an end to them. On occasion, these thoughts have been known to awake vivid memories and haunting nightmares of the day his race was sundered and scattered throughout the galaxy. It's not something typically discusses with those outside his race; some wounds just never heal.


Adrian is a tall, fair complected humanoid with somewhat short blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Possessing a lean-muscular physique, he's stronger and older than he actually looks. Due to his phenomenal lifespan, the El-Aurian appears to be in his very late teens. With a highly prodigious intellect and knowledge on countless worlds (alphabets and languages) still undiscovered by the Federation, his race-shared passion for learning has resulted in impressive academic achievement and strong degrees in his chosen fields of study. Moreover, Adrian has written and submitted various papers over the years to those institutions he has studied under in one pseudonym or another.

Originating somewhere on the borders of the Beta and Delta Quadrants, they appear to have a limited form of empathic ability and are well known for their unexplained ability to draw out and comfort others. It's theorized this is a residual telepathic effect but is yet unproven. Their seeming reticence draws from their racial character; natural lore keeper, they use their phenomenal lifespans and memories to collect the stories and life experiences of various sentient beings. With intuitive senses extended far beyond the realm of normal linear time, El-Aurians have an awareness that supersedes the normal flow of time and space, and while they might not be capable of explaining their sensing abilities, they detect time changes that would be impossible for nearly all other species to pick up. It is unknown what else this race is capable of; however it is clear they make Q and Q-like beings uncomfortable, looking upon them as imps and witches. However, neither side with give reason as to their reason for this.

Although they can fight when necessary, the El-Aurians are a peaceful race. Adrian himself is a master in two distinct forms of El-Aurian Baguazhang with all the proficiencies that come with it. Bearing many similarities to Terran Baguazhang, both incorporate similar flow and style, with El-Aurian Baguazhang incorporating a greater variety of palm and fist strikes, throws, defensive posturing, and overall motion. Moreover, Adrian has had plenty of time to study and incorporate the techniques of other worlds, defending himself more than adequately when needed

Wife: Zerhi An'quinsos- currently on Risa with her brother Dyfed
Son: Maxim; with Adrian aboard the Galaxy.
Son: Gracian; with Zerhi on Risa.

Father: Salyavin An'quinsos: Deceased
Mother: Daenara An'quinsos: Professor, Vulcan Academy of Science

Sonia An'quinsos: Fleet Admiral, 11th Fleet
Kailen An'quinsos: Professor of History, University of the Houses of Betazed
Jaina Norana: Ambassador for Betazed
Eldred An'quinsos: Married to Selara, currently traveling the Alpha Quadrant

Riall An'quinsos: Ensign, Engineering, USS Damocles

Adrian An'quinsos