Thyago Leandro Domenico Carneiro
Headshot courtesy Sebastian Rulli, photo manipulation Timothy Rose
July 21, 2358
Lua Valley, Xanadu, Titan, Saturnian Confederation
5’ 10” (179 cm)
170 lbs (77 kg)
English, Portuguese (Titanic, Brazilian and New Titanic), Spanish, French, Korean, Kardi.
Dancing, Music (Drums and Percussion), Capoeira, Fashion, Theatre and Acting, Engineering and Space Ships, Linguistics, Flying and Winging, Hiking, Soccer, Carpentry, Cooking
Academy Graduate
2380: Academy Graduate
2384: Combat Action
Presidential Unit Citation, Copyright Ian Dickson, 2005
2384: Starfleet Commendation - Battle of Deep Space 5
None on Record.
  2362: Private schooling in Lua Valley, Xanadu, Titan and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Earth and private tutoring in Paris, France.
  2369: Public education, Lua Valley, Titan
  2372: Public education, Lua Valley, Titan and private schooling in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2376: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2377: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2379: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2382: Assigned to USS Missouri, Engineer
2383: Transferred to USS Miranda
2384: Promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Engineer
2384, July: Transferred to USS Galaxy, Assistant Chief Engineer

Mauricio Antilochus Cruz Carneiro was a politician for much of his life. After graduating from Oxford, he spent a number of his formative years serving on the staffs of various leaders, including the Federation Councilmen from Earth, Mars and the Saturnian Confederation. Later he served in the legislative bodies of a number of levels within the Saturnian government, including the Xanadu House of Commons, Titan’s Third Assembly and the Saturnian Congress, where he was chairman of the Subcommittee on Sol System Relations and the Subcommittee on Foreign Business and Trade. He also served a term as Governor of his home province of Xanadu between his time on the Third Assembly and the Saturnian Congress.

While serving as Governor of Xanadu, he became involved with the super model/fashion designer Adriana Raquel Soldatti after their meeting at a fund raiser. Adriana is the owner and chief designer for Soldatti Clothing, one of the top two highest grossing fashion businesses in the Saturnian Confederation and one of the top twelve in the Sol System.

The two were married in 2356, during Mauricio’s first year in the Saturnian Congress. Thyago was born two years later, in July of 2358, marking Adriana’s official retirement from modeling. His sister, Sanrevelle, was born after another two years, October 11, 2360.

Mauricio was appointed the representative to the Federation Council by the Saturnian Prime Minister initially in 2362. His first appointment lasted until 2369, when his political party was voted out of power. He took a leave from politics to organize and run a non-profit foundation that encouraged the infrastructural and economic improvement of Atlas City, the oldest and one of the poorest settlements on Titan. His party regained control of the government in 2372 and Mauricio was once again appointed to be the representative to the Federation Council. In 2381, his party once again lost power, but his appointment was retained by the new ideologically like-minded Prime Minister.

He and Adriana severed their union amicably following the election of 2372, after sixteen years of marriage, and shared joint custody of the two children. Both have since remarried, Mauricio to a French woman, Aryanne Liliane Renoir in 2380 and Adriana to the native Titan actor/director Evandro Rafael Lima in 2378.

Mauricio was appointed to the Federation Council when Thyago was four. Until the age of eleven, Thyago and his family oscillated between Titan, their estate in Brazil, Earth, and a house in Paris, France. Thyago, and later, his sister, was enrolled into two private schools, one in Lua Valley, Titan and one in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Because of the small student-to-faculty ratio in these schools, his education could be maintained even though he rarely stayed at the same school for a full term at a time. When in Paris, he and his sister were educated by a private tutor who worked with many of the children of Federation Councilmen.

After Mauricio lost his appointment to the Council in 2369, Thyago and his family resided primarily on Titan and only holidayed on occasion to their Brazilian estate. Because his father felt normalcy and the experience of the average citizen was important, Thyago was moved into the public school system, although he was ultimately placed two years ahead of the rest of his peers.

At the age of nine, Thyago began taking lessons in Capoeira during his stays in Brazil, and later, in 2369, enrolled in a Capoeira school on Titan. Because of its influence on the martial art, his interest eventually moved to dance, and he began formal training when he was twelve. Later, he broadened his interests again and began formal musical training at the age of fourteen, concentrating on drums and percussion.

Mauricio and Adriana were divorced when Thyago was fourteen. Because Mauricio was reappointed to the Federation Council, he moved to Earth and resided primarily in the Brazilian estate. Adriana remained on Titan. The custody arrangement was constructed around an academic schedule, so Thyago and his sister would spend the spring semester on Titan with their mother and the fall semester on Earth with their father. The summer was split evenly between the two. On Titan, the children remained in public school, but were moved into a semi-private school during their time on Earth.

Academically, Thyago excelled during his rotations through the private schools. When he was enrolled into the public school system on Titan, his studiousness laxed, both because his advanced placement was still below his current educational level and because the public educational system on Titan is less strenuous overall, compared to the private schools he once attended. His time was also divided amongst a number of extracurricular activities - Capoeira, dance and music, as previously mentioned, but also theatre and his school’s robotics and engineering club. During his semesters on Earth, he worked with the woodworking club at the school there and dabbled in carpentry and furniture making. As is common with boys on Titan, he also joined the local Winging team.

Winging is a self propelled flying sport made possible by Titan’s low gravity and high density atmosphere. Wingers wear a full body suit with a large set of wings attached to the arms which allows them to fly like birds. The sport is really a genre, a collective name for a number of sub-sports, including racing, aerial acrobatics and aerial games. Thyago, because of his background in dance, was especially suited for the aerial acrobatics, but also participated in a number of races. Provided with a personal antigravity unit by his uncle, Dominic Oreias Aquila Carneiro, his practice in the sport was allowed to continue during his stays on Earth.

Thyago also began to develop an interest in linguistics, since he was now mature enough to notice the differences between Brazilian and Titanic Portuguese. He would eventually write his high school thesis on the phonological differences between the two dialects.

Because of his advanced placement, Thyago graduated from high school at the age of sixteen. He decided to hold off college for two years, when he would be the same age as the rest of his peers. Instead, he took an apprenticeship as a maintenance hand with Fiorentino Power, the fusion based utility company that powered half of Titan, following up on the interests he developed in his schools engineering club. He was also tapped by his mother’s company to model their new young men’s fashion line and soon became popular among the photographers, not only because of his looks, but because he often helped set up the shoot and helped repair faulty lighting equipment. Through the trading of political favors, he also received piloting lessons at the Starfleet Advanced Flight School, while not being officially enrolled.

Because of his work, he declined to spend his usual time on Earth with his father during the year 2375. Instead, he spent the entire next year with Mauricio, working under his Chief of Staff. His modeling career also began to blossom, and he began to do shoots for a few companies besides his mother’s.

In 2376, Thyago accompanied his father on a diplomatic tour of the Fruna’lin star systems, along with a number of other Federation Councilmen. They were also joined by his uncle Dominic, who was currently living on Fruna and touring with the celebrity Lok Nitel’rajek as a drummer in his band. The purpose of the tour was to check on how the Federation had affected the Fruna’lin after fifteen years of membership, and how the relationship could continue to grow and benefit both parties. During this trip, Thyago developed his uncle’s tendency to use and abuse Fruna’lin drugs (namely, Awchilora (pentahydroyukelinol)). He also caused a minor scandal when he was caught in a sexual relationship with the Duchess of Dara, the monarch of one of the moons of the system’s outer planets, whose current mate was the Prime Minister of Shrin Chanki, another moon.

OOC Note – During this trip, he also attended a small party honoring the most recent Fruna’lin graduates of Starfleet Academy, including a young Cutter Kara’nin.

Later that year, Thyago decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy on Earth, where he began to focus on Engineering and Communications. He dropped out of the Academy two years later, in 2378, regretting his decision not to pursue a career in the arts. He moved back to Titan, where he resumed his modeling career, started a band and attempted to become a professional dancer.

Refusing to live off of handouts from his wealthy parents, and unable to find artistic success right away, Thyago was forced to take a job with Kim-De Silva Transport as chemical hopper-rocket mechanic to provide the portion of income that modeling couldn’t. Eventually, his band, a percussion-centric pop-electronica group, scored a small recording contract, but it was not renewed when their first album failed to sell as well as desired. His dancing career was similarly unsuccessful; he was only able to land a little over half a dozen gigs over two years. He even dabbled in acting, assisted by his new step-father, Evandro Lima, but this career also failed to take off.

Although his modeling remained quite successful and continued to grow, he decided to give up on making a career of his artistic interests in 2380. Falling back on his technical skills, he joined his uncle on New Titan, in the Nu Aquilae system. Dominic had become involved in the colonization effort there as an urban and economic planner. Thyago was brought on as an engineer and oversaw the construction of the hopperport and assisted in the design of the power distribution network.

Based on the cultural nature of colonies like New Titan, Thyago was able to experience some success, however limited, in his artistic goals. He became a cultural leader of the colony during his short time there and caused the erection of the planet’s first dedicated performance hall. He also continued his linguistic studies and published a number of papers on the differences between New Titanic and other Portuguese dialects.

He decided finish his degree at the Academy and rejoined for the spring semester in 2381. He graduated one and half years later with the summer class of 2382. He was assigned initially to the engineering department aboard the USS Reynolds, a science vessel. Later, in 2383, he was transferred to the USS Miranda.

In June of 2384, he was initially assigned to the USS Atlantis Starbase, but was instead transferred to the USS Galaxy, which had an opening for a permanent Asst. Chief Engineer.

Thyago has always been popular among his peers and has experienced little trouble in making friends, except for a brief period when he began public school on Titan, because of the age difference between he and his classmates. He has been called friendly, outgoing, interesting, fun and very attractive. He argues much of his popularity late in life is partially due to his fame as a model and musician.

He is very passionate and expressive, pouring much his emotion into his arts, music and dance, and has been known to become quite intense when working on these hobbies. Thyago prioritizes his music and dancing above other work, and will often shirk his responsibilities to keep up with his practice.

Philosophically, he is closest to hedonism. He is very eager for new experiences and artistic inspiration. While normally kept under control, Thyago occasionally experiences food, drink and sport to the extreme. He is also extremely social, which is likely assisted by his good looks, however, he has rarely had a romantic relationship last longer than a few months.

Thyago seems well adjusted despite his chaotic childhood and his parents divorce. He remains extremely close to both his mother and father and claims to relish the two different lives he had as a child on Earth and Titan. However, his lack of desire or inability to commit in a relationship may be connected his impermanent home, his parents divorce and/or his father’s and uncle’s similarly loose relationships with women.

Thyago is of average intellect and mental ability, however, his thinking is quite logical and well-ordered, which may explain his attraction to engineering. His tactile memory is quite strong, as is his visual memory, both have which have probably been developed through dance and martial arts. His auditory memory, on the other hand, is quite poor, and he will often forget something told to him after several minutes. He is also terrible with names, and will often result to nicknames of his own creation.

He is extremely self aware and quite conscious of his body, including its abilities and limitations and its current position and movements. Outwardly, he is quite confident in himself and his abilities, yet seems very eager to discover what others think about him and can become defensive when others talk about him.

Besides his hobbies of music, dance and martial arts, Thyago is very interested in fashion and owns a large amount of clothing. He has received a number of verbal reprimands for not wearing his uniform while on duty.

He appears to harbor no racial prejudices, having lived in historically diverse cultures, like Brazil and Titan, and having mingled with a number of his father’s colleagues on the Federation Council. He was raised in a number of Catholic influenced cultures, though professes to not be religious himself. He is very liberal, both politically and personally, often shirking social traditions and taboos in following his whims. Influences of a diplomatic background can be seen in some of his conversation and in his leadership abilities.

He remains close to his sister Sanrevelle, although he may be slightly resentful of her better success as a model and actress on Titan.

Father: Mauricio Antilochus Cruz Carneiro
Mother: Adriana Raquel Soldatti
Sister: Sanrevelle Alessandra Solange Carneiro
Uncle: Dominic Oreias Aquila Carneiro
Step-mother: Aryanne Liliane Renoir
Step-father: Evandro Rafael Lima

Health Blood Type: A+

Genetic Conditions: Both Thyago and Sanrevelle have inherited the effects caused by low-gravity gene therapy, since their parents have been Titan citizens since children. This therapy allows human musculature and stature to mature in normal ways given the low gravity environment on Titan’s moons. This includes height stunting and rapid muscle development.

This was partially reversed in a series of temporary genetic treatments after birth, since both children spent quite a bit of time on Earth. These treatments mostly affected height growth, since a low-gravity treated child would mature to a very small stature in a high gravity environment.

As a result of these conditions, Thyago has reached a normal height, but has some areas of anomalous bone density in much of his skeleton. He is also able to develop muscle tissue at a faster rate than average humans in a standard gravitational environment, but this effect should decline with age.

Previous Major Injuries: Greenstick mid-shaft fracture of humerus (left), complete fractured radius (left), complete fracture ulna (left), clavicle fracture, broken ankle (right), rib fracture (2 total). Concussion (once). Sprained ankle (twice).

Allergic to hymenoptera (bees and wasps).

Thyago is in very good physical condition. He diets well and exercises regularly. His flexibility, agility and dexterity are well above average, due to his life as a dancer.

Some admitted chemical abuse, no clinical dependencies. Notably, Awchilora (pentahydroyukelinol; 2376 - ?), but other recreational drugs, as well.

Thyago is used to going by nicknames, often called Tee, Ty or Teo by members of his immediate family and Leo by his uncle.

His sister, Sanrevelle, is a growingly successful model and actress on Titan, and has begun to work with their model in fashion design.

Thyago Carneiro
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