Chris Daniels
Christopher Rigara Daniels
Headshot courtesy Shawn Ashmore, image manipulation by Timothy Rose
April 24, 2360
Dakara, Risa
185 lbs.
English, Trill, Bajoran
Triathlons, baseball, soccer, reading, drawing, Risan Mythology, Studying tactics and strategy.
Chris V.
2382: Starfleet Academy Graduate
Exploration Ribbon
Combat Readiness
Wounds Ribbon (x2)
Delta Quadrant Service
Breen Defense Ribbon
Borg Campaigns
Battle of Romulus - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
Battle of Romulus
15 January 2382:
Fourth Year Cadet Christopher Daniels is formally reprimanded for breaking several Starfleet Academy regulations on multiple occasions in regards to dormitory behavior, socialization policies, and breach of conduct expected of a future officer in the Starfleet Naval Forces. Cadet Daniels has repeatedly and knowingly ignored these regulations, choosing on no less than 5 occasions to disobey them, causing damage to Academy property and disrupting the Academic environment the Academy strives to create. Cadet Daniels is aware that these infractions bring into question his ability to serve as an officer. Cadet Daniels' academic record, service performance and recommendations on his behalf from the faculty are an integral part of our decision to retain Cadet Daniels as a Cadet at Starfleet Academy, with the understanding that, with a few months until graduation, he is on an extremely short leash. - Capt J.R. Westingbrook, Vice Commandant of Cadets, SFA

2379: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet

2380: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet

2381: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet

2382: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet (Degree in Strategic Operations and Planning)

2382, June: Assigned, Ensign, Research Assistant, Fleet Tactics Department, Starfleet Battlelabs, Colorado Springs, CO

2382, October: Transferred, Ensign, Tactical Officer, USS Miranda

2383: Promoted, Lieutenant JG, Tactical Officer, USS Miranda
2384: Promoted, Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Miranda
2384, March: Transferred, Lieutenant, Tactical Liaison Officer, Starbase Atlantis and Chief Tactical Officer, USS Reliant
2384, October: Transferred, Lieutenant, Tactical Officer, USS Galaxy
2385: Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Galaxy

Chris Daniels was born to then LtCdr. John Daniels and Mezia Daniels in 2360. He has younger fraternal twin siblings; Bralin, his brother, who opted to go to the University of Hawaii, and his sister Ezzie, who followed in Chris' footsteps. His relationship with his parts is typical of a 24 year old, but his relationships with his siblings are greatly different. Chris is extremely close to his sister, while he and his brother have barely spoken in nearly 6 years. This stems from Bralin's stance and vocalization against the Federation, which came to a head when their sister announced her intention to join the "family business" and enter Starfleet.

Daniels' father is a career tactical officer and his mother, a human born and raised on Risa, was a physical therapist who would often work for the ship's medical department when she was allowed to accompany him. Chris was born on Risa in his mother's hometown of Dakara while his father was aboard the USS Carroll. However, he only spent 2 years in Dakara, being raised by his mother and grandparents before his mom joined John aboard their new assignment, the USS Galaxy in late 2362, following the births of the twins. Chris grew up on the Galaxy for the better part of 10 years. He has, however, made frequent trips back.

After his time on the Galaxy Chris' father was assigned to Starfleet's Tactical Warfare School on Mars as an instructor, and then later as the Deputy 9th Fleet Director for Strategic Operations. Chris would stay on Mars until he graduated from high school.

Growing up lots of people saw a lot of so called potential in Chris. He proved to be intelligent, while at the same time incredibly outgoing and adventurous. He proved to be a pretty good athlete and did a lot of different sports, meanwhile balancing his time between all his other school commitments. However, as he grew up he began to enjoy life's distractions more than school, and slowly learned that he couldn't simply "slide by" and get good grades. Sometime in his junior year Chris decided that he, like his father, wanted to serve among the stars. He got his act back in gear, applied for admission to the Academy and was accepted, barely, being one of the last 100 accepted.

Once there, Chris flourished in the Tactical Department. He was finally challenged mentally and physically and somehow found a way to manage his social life, which seemed to be one of the more active amongst Starfleet Cadets.

Chris' early success in the Tactical field of study prompted him to be part of a new concentration created in direct response to the aftermath of the combination of Borg, T'Kith'Kin/Triad and Dominion threats. The program was called Strategic Operations Planning and 15 members of the class of 2382 were picked for it. The concept was to introduce these cadets to large scale strategic planning and tactical coordination and analysis.

Chris loved the program and graduated the highest out the 15, earning him a spot as a research assistant for 5 months at the Starfleet Battle labs in Colorado Springs while he waited for his assignment to the Miranda to open up. There he worked on Fleet Deep Space Defense with Capt. Tamka Arneson and Dr. Sylas Methenau. He published one paper while there, "Critiques and Improvements on Fleet Coordination During the Dominion War."

Once aboard the Miranda he was immediately placed in the ship's Tactical Analysis Group. He cut his teeth in an alternate reality, one where Vulcans had become the dominant species in the quadrant. After dying in that reality, they were returned to their own time.

Chris then became the chief of Combat Control and Strategic Analysis in the Miranda's new Combat Information Center. From this posting, he has overseen two major battles against the Borg and Triad forces. Working in conjunction with Lt K'aa, the two inexperienced officers managed to organize and run the tactical department when the senior officers were both incapacitated during the Borg Encounter. During the battle of Romulus, Chris was the primary CIC controller, providing live battle updates to both the Miranda and Admiral Murdock, who set up camp in the CIC itself.

After the Battle of Romulus, with the ship's crew in flux, Daniels was promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. During this time he nearly received a second reprimand for abusing a prisoner. However, his department head threw it out in exchange for Chris' pledge to never be that stupid again.

He held this position for only one mission, as the Miranda's crew was disbanded in March of 2384. Chris had several recommendations amongst his one reprimand, and was plotted for a Tactical Chief Spot. Seeing as analysis was in his blood, he opted for a role as the Fleet Tactical Liaison for Starbase Atlantis and Chief Tactical Officer of its attached starship, the USS Reliant.

Again, this was a short tour for Daniels as the recent uprise in Triad activity saw Starfleet revamp its Fleet Tactical manning. Not content to sit behind a desk for the war, Chris volunteered for reassignment to the fleet, and got it, being reassigned to the Galaxy.


It is safe to say that Chris Daniels has grown up a lot since being commissioned as an Ensign. At the Academy, he was notorious for his "play hard" mentality that brought him to the brink of expulsion. Now, as his workload constantly increases, he plays less and less. He has matured into a respected officer in just over two years of service.

For most of his career he has dated Ensign Janeen Jaxom. The two are attempting to make their relationship work from across the galaxy. His closest friend is his sister, who keeps in nearly daily contact with.

In recent months he has shown a penchant for overworking himself before a battle, the most notable case being before the first battle of Romulus, he had to be ordered to stand down and sleep before doing severe damage to his body after being awake for 40 hours straight.

Since the Battle of Romulus Chris' personality has become a bit darker. Some have accredited it to the stress, others the potential of blood lust after being so immersed in combat for so long, however, even Chris is not sure. The most potent example is during the final mission aboard the Miranda, he assaulted a young smuggler caught transporting Federation weapons technology to the Breen. It is safe to say, however, that the jovial young man Chris was is definitely a more serious, contemplative person. That isn't to say he can't cut loose anymore. He can often be found during his off duty time in a bar or lounge, having a grand old time with pretty much anybody.

Lately, he has become more interested in the study of Riisan mythology and religion. His mother was always very involved in the religion of her native world, one which is studded with imagery and legends, but he had always brushed it off. He is quiet about why he has acquired the sudden interest, only his closest friends and family really know why.

Chris enjoys many sports to include soccer, running and various forms of martial arts. He attempts to draw and almost always has music on in his room, which includes a wide variety of tunes from the 19-24th century. He's also an avid fan of the James Bond Holonovel series. He also designed a holodeck program of Risa's Rodona Beach, a locale he goes to when he needs to get away from reality.


Family: Mother - Mezia Daniels; Father - Capt. John Daniels, Director of Strategic Operations, 9th Fleet; Brother - Bralin Daniels, Xenobiologist, Davenstar Medical Conglomerate; Sister - Ensign Ezzie Daniels, Engineering Officer, USS Pericles

Chris has two scars on his body. The first is a wound down the middle of his back from a tree climbing accident. His mother chose to leave the scar on him so it would serve as a reminder to him to not jump out of 70 foot trees when there's branches sticking out, even if its just a holodeck. The second is his first "War Wound," a stab wound he received in the Delta Quadrant from a rogue group of Klingons and Romulans who did not want to return to the Alpha Quadrant.

Chris is also petrified of atmospheric flying. He once received a ride in an old Earth C-130 Hercules, and vowed he'd never fly anything that close to the ground again.

Chris Daniels