Raven Darkstar
Black Hills Tribal Homeland, Montana
295 lbs.
Standard, Blackfoot (Ojibwae Manuata)
Holodeck programs featuring severe weather, perpetuating his scary image, and painting. Indian customs and Lore.
Academy Graduate
2376: Academy Graduate
Battle of Romulus - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2383: Battle of Romulus
2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
2383: Combat Action
2383: Combat Readiness
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
  None on Record.
2372: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2373: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2374: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2375: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2375: Cadet Cruise, Security - Starbase 139
2376: Assigned, Ensign, Security - USS Galaxy
2377: Promoted, Lieutenant Junior Grade
2378: Promoted, Lieutenant
2378: Medical leave, Black Hills Tribal Homelands, Earth
2379: Re-assigned, Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Security - USS Galaxy
2379: Promoted, Lt. Commander
2380: Personal leave
2382: Re-assigned, Lt. Commander, Asst. Chief Tactical - USS Galaxy
2382: Demoted, Lieutenant, Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy
2383, June: Promoted, Chief Navigation Officer - USS Galaxy
2385, November: Lateral Transfer, Chief Medical Officer, USS Galaxy
Raven Darkstar was named so after being born during an eclipse. Per tribal tradition, he was named after the first two things his mother saw after passing the massive babe. He grew up schooled in traditional Native American Beliefs where, like most of the tribe's children, he learned Manuata honor code and deep respect for his ancestry. He was exceptionally large as a teen and found sport in using his strength and stamina wrestling Grizzly bears in the logging communities for sport and money.

Against the wishes of his father, he continued to do so until at 22 he ran into trouble in one of the bars frequented by lumberjacks. Two Starfleet Officers - drunk and irate at loosing money when young Darkstar bested the bear he was wrestling - attacked the Indian. Raven, still fueled by adrenaline, reacted swiftly in self defence - killing one man and sending the other in a coma. Local law enforcement differed punishment to the Tribal Council where it was ruled that Raven - should redeem his honor and that of his victims by joining Starfleet in their place.

He was feared in Starfleet Academy thanks to the mystique surrounding the manner in which he came to be there and by his intimidating size and strength. He excelled in Security Studies where he used adopted the philosophies of "Speaking softly and carrying a big stick" and "Strength through intimidation.", and tended to be somewhat hindered by his standoffishness in other studies.

Before graduation, was assigned to Starbase:139, well known for being one of the more troublesome ports in space, and handled himself with a somewhat lethal precision. Once actually breaking the arms of two people fighting on the promenade to get them to cease. There is no truth, however, to the rumor that he scalped a Klingon for insulting his mother. His time on the station however seemed to jade him to the good things in the universe and he found himself becoming more and more like his name sake: a dark star. The Captain of the Starbase, realizing Darkstar needed more than station life to become a better, well rounded officer, transferred him to the USS Galaxy in the hopes that being out of the "rough neighborhood" he was currently in would have a more positive effect on him.

After many adventures in the far corners of space - many of which had come close to costing the Indian his life, Raven found himself gravely injured at the hands of a Yiridian during the Galaxy's final mission before being decommissioned. Through extensive therapy for nearly a year, he found that most Co's took a dim view of his abilities after such an injury, feeling that he wouldn't be able to return back to form. He was assigned as a watchmen on board a tour ship, then returned home to earth to seek out his path in life. Oddly enough his path sought out him, as Captain John Q. Brhode, now in charge of the USS Galaxy, summoned him and several other members of the original crew back to duty aboard the Galaxy.

After saving the lives of an Away team on board the previously lost USS Defiant by destroying it to prevent the spread of the unidentified anomalies, Lt. Commander Raven Darkstar was promoted to Brevet Commander, a field commission, by Captain John Brhode of the USS Galaxy.

Raven is skeptical and cynical and suspicious of nearly everybody he meets. People seem to fear him and he does his best to feed into this feeling that people will be too intimidated to cause trouble. He is very bright and articulate whenever he can be engaged in conversation which is a rarity.
Darkstar is heavily scarred thanks to his teenage wrestling bouts and wounds he received while on duty. He has a very large and imposing presence about him and has on occasion worn ceremonial war paint as an intimidating measure. He is also usually in the company of Leo Streely, whether he wants to be or not.
Raven Darkstar