Brian Elessidil
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41 ( May 29th, 2342)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Earth
6' 1"
185 lbs
Federation Standard, Latin, Betazoid, Vulcan
Music, Piloting, Reading , Cooking, Racquetball
Academy Graduate - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2004
2370: Starfleet Academy Graduate
Expert Marksman

2372: Elite Marksmanship

Exploration - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2004

2373: Exploration Bar

Commendation for Excellence - Operations and Navigation - Copyright Pat Weber

2373: Flight Commendation

Combat Action

2377: Combat Merit

Combat Readiness

2377: Medal for Courage Under Fire

Commendation for Excellence - Counselling - Copyright Pat Weber

2378: Counseling Commendation

Thieved from USS Miranda. :)  Thanks, Pat!

2378: Trelane Incident

2378: Bridge Officer Certification
Purple Heart

2379: Purple Heart

Act of Distinction

2379: Act of Distinction

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2379: Toral Incident

Dedicated Service Ribbon, 10 years - Copyright Pat Weber
2380: Dedicated Service Ribbon, 10 years
Thieved from USS Miranda. :)  Thanks, Pat!
2380: Battle of Galvanis
2383: Commendation, Intel Operations in Hydran Territory
Battle of Romulus - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2383: Battle of Romulus
2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
2383: Combat Action
2383: Combat Readiness
2383: Legion of Merit - Officers
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
  None on Record.
  2360: BA, Music, Peabody School (Earth)
  2364: MA, Sociology, University of Pittsburgh
  2373: PhD, Psychology, University of Betazed
2366: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2367: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2368: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2369: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2370: Assigned, Ensign, Helmsman, USS Agincourt

2372: Promoted, Lieutenant jg, Helmsman, USS Agincourt

2373: Detached Duty, Lieutenant jg., University of Betazed

2377: Assigned, Lieutenant jg., Counselor, USS Galaxy

2378: Promoted, Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Galaxy

2378: Transferred, Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Miranda

2378: Promoted, Lt. Commander, Asst. Chief Helmsman, USS Miranda

2378: Lt. Commander, Chief Helmsman, USS Miranda

2380: Transferred, Lt. Commander, Chief Counselor, USS Pendragon

2380: Lt. Commander, Chief Counselor/Second Officer, USS Pendragon

2382: Assigned, Lt. Commander, Asst. Chief Counselor, USS Galaxy
2383, September, Brevet Promotion, Captain - USS Exeter
2383, December: Promoted, Commander, Asst. Chief Counselor - USS Galaxy
2384, March: Promoted, Chief Counselor - USS Galaxy
2386, January: Promoted, Acting Executive Officer - USS Galaxy

Brian was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Earth) to Betazoid parents Eldon and Baranna Elessidil in May of 2342. As professors of Anthropology and Music, respectively, at the University of Pittsburgh , Brian's parents raised their children - Brian, an older brother, and a younger sister - during the traditional academic year on Earth; for the remainder of the year, the family would return to Betazed to expose the children to Betazoid culture among relatives and friends. As a child of two cultures and two intelligent, encouraging parents, Brian developed a wide range of interests and talents, allowing him to excel at virtually everything he undertook.

His early years were filled with an avid interest in music and languages. Spending most of his time on Earth, he was exposed to the music of many Terran cultures, and started studying piano at six. During the part of the year he lived on Betazed, his aunts and grandparents taught him many Betazoid songs, helping him to eventually develop a fine singing voice.

After high school, Brian was accepted into the Peabody Conservatory of Music, where he pursued and received a degree in music composition. Almost immediately upon graduating however, Brian's attention turned more in the direction of his father's interests and he earned a degree in sociology.

Even this change in direction could not hold his focus for long. Always fascinated with space flight, Brian decided to undertake what he considered at the time to be the ultimate challenge: training as a flight control officer in Star Fleet Academy. He excelled at his studies and upon graduation was assigned to the USS Agincourt where he served for three years.

During his tour of duty aboard the Agincourt, Brian once again felt drawn to something else. Capitalizing on his Betazoid empathic abilities and his natural disposition as a compassionate listener, Brian requested a leave to pursue a doctorate in psychology at the University of Betazed .

His first assignment as a counselor was to the USS Galaxy in 2377. By early 2378, Brian had proven himself a capable counselor and was granted a promotion to Full Lieutenant while serving on board the USS Galaxy. Later that year, he transferred to the USS Miranda.

His years serving onboard the Miranda were ones of personal searching and self-discovery. After a difficult period during which Brian felt unsuccessful as a counselor, he requested a return to Flight Control. Seeing the potential benefit of having a former counselor serving in another department, Captain Elaithin Jii offered Brian the position as Assistant Chief of Flight Control and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Shortly thereafter, Brian was required to assume the duties of acting chief, which ultimately became permanent.

Brian did eventually feel the need once again to make a difference in people's lives. After almost two years as Chief Flight Control officer, he realized what he had all but forgotten: despite his capability as a pilot, his true gifts were as an empathic and caring listener. Ready to start fresh and return to counseling, with the help of his friend and mentor, Cmdr. Karyn Dallas, Brian was re-assigned as Chief Counselor aboard the USS Pendragon in 2380.

Early in 2381, Captain Matthew Hodgson, citing Brian's command capabilities, asked him take up responsibilities as the Pendragon's Second Officer.

In mid-2382, while on routine exploration in an uncharted sector of the galaxy, Brian, along with many of the crew of the Pendragon, came under the influence of residual alien telepathic energy. During that mission, he led most of the affected crew in an attempted mutiny, nearly leading to the destruction of the ship. When the ship's medical team developed a way to block the telepathic effects, Brian and the rest of the crew slowly returned to normal. Owing to the alien influence, the mutinous officers and crew were completely exonerated of all charges; but the realization of what he had done, which included killing two crewmen, caused Brian to request extensive counseling himself during the two months that the Pendragon was docked for repairs.

With most of the Pendragon's senior staff, including Captain Hodgson, seeking transfers elsewhere in reaction to what had occurred, Brian too requested re-assignment. Unable to pass up the opportunity to work again with Counselor Dallas, he requested and was granted a transfer to the USS Galaxy as Assistant Chief Counselor.

In late 2383, Brian was assumed temporary command of the USS Exeter (with a brevet promotion to Captain) during the Battle of Romulus, for which he was awarded the Starfleet Legion of Merit.

Upon Karyn Dallas' promotion in March 2384, Brian took over the Chief Counselor role in her stead due to his excellent service record and proven skills.


Brian is versatile, open-minded and energetic. Always fascinated by learning new skills or ideas, his interests are diverse, as his background suggests.

He is multi-faceted, known to be both outgoing and reserved, laid-back and serious, focused and unfocused. He has come far in his personal growth from an unsure, self-doubting junior officer to an experienced and confident counselor. His natural empathic abilities and excellent listening skills have enabled him to make many friends and to help many of the people with whom he has served.

Despite his gifts and his experience however, Brian still deals with the old issues of self-doubt and anger that occasionally surface.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Light Brown

Father: Eldon Elessidil, 62
Mother: Baranna Elessidil, 61
Brother: Cmdr. Quinn Elessidil, 39
Sister: Trenata Corr, 31

Brian Elessidil
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