Ella Marie Grey See credits at bottom of page.
   May 1, 2356
   Santa Clara, California, Earth
   5’ 5 ”
   135 lbs
   Standard, Universal Sign Language, Written Klingashi
   People-Watching, Holo Novel Programming, Building and Disassembling Things, Listening to music, Piloting smallcraft
Academy Graduate 2379: Academy Graduate
Battle of Havras 2381: Battle of Havras
POW 2383: February: POW - By Hydrans over Tru`Haran
Battle of Romulus 2383: Battle of Romulus
Presidential Unit Citation 2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
Combat Action 2383: Combat Action
Combat Readiness 2383: Combat Readiness
Combat Action 2384: Combat Action
Battle for Deep Space Five 2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
Starfleet Games Participant 2385: Starfleet Games Participant
  None on record.
1st Year Cadet 2375: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2nd Year Cadet 2376: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
3rd Year Cadet 2377: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
4th Year Cadet 2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
Ensign 2379: Assigned, Ensign, Engineer - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant JG 2379: Promoted, Lieutenant JG, Engineer - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant 2380: Promoted, Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Engineer - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant 2383: Promoted, Chief Engineer - USS Galaxy
Flight Officer 2384, January: Transferred, Flight Officer, Vanguard SAR - USS Galaxy
Flight Officer 2385, February: Promoted, Flight Officer, Deputy CAG - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant 2385, February: Promoted, Lieutenant, Deputy CAG - USS Galaxy

Ella Grey was born into the wealthy Grey family, daughter to Marcus Grey, founder of Grey Tech, a company which specializes in manufacturing nifty gadgets and technological wonders on a microcircuit level. She took an early interest in building things, from robots to mini-star ships, but her parents were much more interested in seeing her become an opera diva. Ella was thought to be one of the Federation's up and coming starlets, having been blessed with what her mother called the "voice of an angel." Her debut recording on "Corgan Productions" went Latinum a year after release.

Even though Ella was not really interested in becoming the leading mezzo-soprano of the universe, she remained submissive to her parents wishes and worked hard to perfect her gift. She began touring on Earth and on some off-planet concerts in Sector 001. On stardate 50304.08 Ella Grey went backstage after a dazzling performance on Earth Lunar colony Copernicus and simply disappeared. She was found in an alley, two days later, beaten and nearly strangled to death.

Only few people know that during those missing days, she had been kidnapped and tortured by a man named Jeremy Flitt, her self professed number one fan, and his friend, a nameless thug. Ella usually refuses to discuss what happened during her disappearance.

In fact, she refuses to speak at all.

Since awakening in the hospital, Ella has not spoken. It was a conscious decision, on her part, chosen for personal reasons. Her parents could not understand and were baffled as a new Ella emerged, refusing to take any interested in her past, save for her childhood dreams.

But there was one last action that was connected with her past. Ella, convinced that she would not be able to move forward while the two men who had kidnapper still live, hired a mercenary to kill them. The mercenary, Daro Cole, taught Ella many things while he searched for them and Ella adopted many of his ideals. Daro finally located the pair and killed the thug but Ella hesitated in ordering the death of Flitt. In the end, Daro damaged the ears of the crazed fan so that he could never enjoy sound again.

Ella joined Starfleet, more out of the opportunities it allowed her than belief in the ideals of the Federation. At the Academy, She excelled in her Engineering studies. She also was offered a position on Red Squadron, the elite precision flying team, but she turned it down. She refused to speak the entire time she was in the Academy. Since the diversity of the student body has been expanded, no one thought this strange. Most of her classmates thought she was from a telepathic or non-vocal race and simply accepted her as she was. She did not form any close friendships, preferring a solitary lifestyle.


Ella Grey is ambitious. She has many goals set for herself and has no qualms about working around people to complete them. Ella does not really trust people, figuring that all people are manipulators on some level, so why shouldn't she be? She is not deceitful, really, but one should not take everything she "says" at face value either.

She is more friendly since the Academy but usually keeps some part of herself distant from even her closest friends, which are few. Her closest confidant is Laura Harper, the family's maid/cook. Ella prefers flings to steady dates, finding so-called romantic relationships, at best, tedious.

Ella prefers to communicate through sign, facial expressions, computer PADD, or an old fashioned pen and paper. She is very good at expressing emotions so that people will understand what she will not say. She is also good at expressing emotions that she does not really feel.


Ella still will not speak. One wonders if she ever will again.

In March 2382, Ella was fitted with a voice actuator that imitates vocal speech.

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