Ayanna Hinanat
1/2 Betazoid, 1/2 Terran
April 1, 2351
Beirut, Lebanon
125 pounds
Arabic, Federation Standard, Betazoid
White Magic, Holistic medicine, Aromatherapy
2376: Starfleet Academy Graduate
None on Record.

2360-2365: Institut Villa Pierrefue Finishing School, Montruex, Switzerland

2365-2368: Universite de La Rochelle – Pre Law, La Rochelle, France
2368-2373: University of Akron – Universal Law, Akron, Ohio, Earth
2373-2378: Starfleet Academy – Starfleet Law/Judgeship Program, San Francisco, California, Earth
2378 – 2384: Circuit court judge for Deep Space Stations for Starfleet. Service to Deep Space Stations 6, 7, 8, and 9.
2384: Assigned to the USS Galaxy as Chief Liaison Officer/Mobile Judge for Starship Fleets

Ayanna was born to Imanai and Aban Hinanat in Beirut, Lebanon. At least, that is what Aban believes. Imanai holds a secret close to her heart which is that Ayanna is actually the lone daughter of a trade merchant.

Imanai ran a quaint holistic shop of medicine on the outskirts of Beirut as a way of supporting her family. She is trained as a medical doctor, yet believes the power of the heart and mind can heal all of what ails a person. The woman is a Betazoid, and uses her telepathic strengths to create cures from herbs that assist in specific medical and mental afflictions. Due to this ability, her shop grew to attract quite a bit of attention.

All this attention was not of her husband. Aban, a dilithium crystal scientist for Starfleet left his wife and young daughter at home focusing entirely on the advancement of his career and crystals. Left to widow the empty hours to herself, Imanai found herself dotting attention on Ayanna and at an early age, teaching her the craft of white magic along with honing her daughter's skills as a empathic telepath.

The true biological father, Ayanna knows little about except his name. To this day, he struts around the galaxy trading his wares and weaving his spells with various girls in various ports of call. She will daydream of the day where she can meet him in person. The woman, now grown, longs to set her vision on the man that gave her life. She longs to meet the one that gave her green eyes instead of black, and gave her stubbornness that only one of the same could appreciate.

At the age of ten, Ayanna found she was up rooted as her father was transferred to Deep Space Seven. Along with the move, came the trade merchant. As her mother set her sites on a bigger store of holistic and magical medicine, Ayanna gazed at the stars lost in her own thoughts of who her father was. Aban was promoted, and rightfully so. A unique patch of gasses a short distance from the station proved to be filled with possibilities. With hard work, Aban harvested the various gasses, combined them, and infused them with dilithium crystals. This resulted in a dilithium plus crystal, and skyrocketed him to new heights within the scientific community of Starfleet.

With her father wrapped up in his career, and her mother obsessed with her biological father, nothing was left for the young girl. She felt out of place, at least in a half sense. Half of her was missing. She was raised Lebanese, looked Betazed, yet her eyes held the mystery of who she was really was. With this feeling of abandonment came the push to be defiant of those that raised her. At thirteen years of age, Ayanna started to get involved with the 'wrong' crowd around the station. She attempted drugs, stayed out past curfew, and did everything a rebellious teenager would do when crying out for help.

Disturbed by their daughter's sudden tendencies, her parents decided it was best to send her somewhere where she could concentrate on becoming a lady of refinement instead of the hooligan she was turning out to be. Much to her chagrin, Ayanna found herself transported to the best finishing school in Switzerland. Not thrilled, to say the least, Ayanna gave up the fight and settled down into a life of schedules, manners, and studies.

With the years passing quickly, the young girl turned into a woman of refined grace. She found her obsession early on. Ayanna desired someday to judge. She felt if she could judge others for their transgressions, she might actually come to understand why her mother would do such a thing to her father. She would readily admit now that it was a stupid thing to base a career on, but at the time, it was what she felt she had to do in her heart.

Upon graduating Akron University Law School with a degree in Universal law, Ayanna set her sites on Starfleet. From what she had witnessed of her father, she knew she would flourish in an environment such as Starfleet could offer her.

The years at the academy where uneventful to say the least to Ayanna. She was aware that she did not fit in most of the time due to her practices in white magic and holistic medicine. The gifts given to her by her mother were appreciated only in certain circles and not the general population. Becoming a loner was easy for her as she spent a large majority of her time to herself concentrating on spells and studies.

In her junior year, she was approached by the academy to participate in a pilot judge program. The invitation to become mobile judges was only for a few, and due to her law degree and certification to practice law, Ayanna was a given for this program. During her third and fourth year at the Academy, she was exposed to the ins and outs of being a judge for Starfleet. Night up on night was spend studying statutes. If this happened, what was she able to do occurring to Starfleet? The Starfleet Law Guide became her best friend, her lover, and her confidant. Yet, as graduation approached, Ayanna felt satisfied that she had given all she had to give and was looking forward to reaping the benefits of having the title 'Judge'.

The woman was quick to find out though, that although she had the title 'judge' there was not much prestige behind it. The next two years after the academy came with struggle. Being a mobile judge, she was assigned the deep space stations and held specific jurisdiction over these stations. Cases that looked simple were often riddled with universal law. Not only did she deal with Starfleet, she dealt with lawyers from other planets. Her animosity towards attorneys in general grew as her experience with them did.

The internship was a pain on many levels. Once completed, she could breath and for her work was rewarded with a position on the USS Galaxy to which she could be proud to have. At least, she prayed so.


Ayanna is quiet and reserved for the most part.  Her timid smile can be replaced at a moment's notice with fire behind green eyes.  As a judge, she values equality, yet also understands that no issue of law is truly black and white.  Her hope is to talk to her biological father one day and she is often caught staring out into space.  She stares, with the one small hope that maybe he is searching for her too.


Her mother and father are still stationed on DS8.  Both run their respective lives without knowing the secrets that the other holds. 

Ayanna's hair is black and her eyes are green.  She has a tattoo of vines and white lilies creeping up the length of her back.

Unbeknownst to Ayanna, her biological father is Deltan, making her half Deltan.

Ayanna Hinanat