Janeen Jaxom
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   Trill (unjoined)
   January 11, 2361
   Pana Valley Region, Trill
   130 lbs
   Trill, Federation Standard
   plays guitar, sings, reads books, and chocolate
Academy Graduate 2384: Starfleet Academy Graduate
  None on record.
n/a 2356-2368: Neo-Kelia Preparatory Academy, Neo-Kelia, Hochlor IV
n/a 2368-2370: Lairia Advancement Institute, Neo-Kelia, Hochlor IV
1st Year Cadet 2381: Starfleet Academy 1st Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
2nd Year Cadet 2382: Starfleet Academy 2nd Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
3rd Year Cadet 2383: Starfleet Academy 3rd Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
4th Year Cadet 2384: USS Miranda, 4th Year Cadet, Cadet Cruise
n/a 2379 - 2381: USS Miranda, Civilian Passenger
Ensign 2384: Assigned, Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Miranda
Ensign 2384: Transferred, Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Reliant
Lieutenant JG 2384: Promoted and Transferred, Lieutenant JG, Tactical Officer, USS Osprey
Lieutenant JG 2385: Transferred, Tactical Officer, Lieutenant JG, USS Galaxy

Janeen grew up in a rural part of Trill on her family's rapeg farm.
She had a typical education scoring higher grades than most. She
inherited her mother's love of music and plays an acoustic guitar
quite well.

The family rapeg farm holds no interest in her. Janeen decided to
leave Trill after listening to her older brother's and uncle's tales
of adventure in space. Her older brother, Jaal, is a Starfleet
commander currently serving aboard the USS Miranda. Her uncle, Jocko,
travels and studies other cultures and societies independently. Janeen
is only the third person in her family to leave Trill.

While Jaal was visiting home, Janeen made her break. Her parents had
expressly forbidden her to leave saying she was too young to go
gallivanting around the galaxy ... like that would stop her. She
stow-awayed on the runabout that Jaal and Taalis used for a visit

Once she was found out, and after a heated discussion with Jaal and
their father, it was decided she could stay on the Miranda for a while
to give her a taste of life on a starship. Then she'd have something
to refer to when deciding whether or not to join Starfleet.

While aboard the Miranda, Janeen became involved in a couple of
adventures on her own (namely Mack & Imanol) while the rest of the
crew dealt with traveling in the Gamma Quadrant, the Borg, the
Arkadians, and a bit of time travel. All that adventure made Janeen
crave more. Her decision to enroll at the Academy was sealed.

In 2381, Janeen reported to Starfleet Academy as a first-year Cadet.
During her cadet cruise aboard the USS Miranda she received a field
promotion to Ensign by Captain Christopher Summers. She finished her
Academy classes while staying on the Miranda as an operations officer.

In mid-2384 Janeen transferred to the USS Reliant out of Starbase Atlantis.

When the Triad war broke out, Janeen was transferred to a ship short
on personnel that would be seeing a lot of action in the war. She was
moved to the USS Osprey and started training in tactics.

During the Triad war the Osprey was tossed from task force to task
force ordered to go where ever she was needed. While the fighting was
going on, Janeen honed her skills as a tactictician. She performed her
job well enough to earn a promotion to lieutenant junior grade by the
end of the war.

At the war's end the Osprey was retired from service and Janeen was
transferred to the USS Galaxy.


In her younger days Janeen came off as a total air head. Over time,
Academy Classes, and the war, she has matured into a fine officer. She
knows her job and performs it well.

Janeen is in awe of everything she sees in space because up until now
she's only heard about it second hand from Jaal and Uncle Jocko.
Unlike her older brother, and partly due to her experience in the
Triad War, she acts instinctively and sometimes without thoroughly
thinking the situation through.


Eyes: green
Hair: blonde

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