Madden Jayce
Image courtesy Diane Lane, photo manipulation Timothy Rose
1 September 2346
Opal Sea, Betazed
105 lbs.
Betazoid, Standard
Marksmanship and self-defensive training exervises, holonovels, telepathic manipulations of material objects (spoon bending et al), jazz, Terran Popular Culture
Expert Marksman
2365: Elite Marksmanship
Basic Training
2365: Basic Training Graduate
Valor Cross
2368: Valor Cross
Purple Heart
2367, 2376: Purple Heart
Dedicated Service Ribbon, 10 years - Copyright Pat Weber
2375: Distinguished Service Ribbon, 10 Years
2376: Prisoner of War, Cardassia Prime
Conspicuous Gallantry
2376: Conspicuous Gallantry
Dominion Cluster  - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2004. 2005
2376: Dominion Cluster
2381: Distinguished Service Ribbon, 20 Years
2383: Commendation, Intel Operations in Hydran Territory
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
None on Record.
  2365: Starfleet Basic Training
2361: Assigned, Crewman Recruit, Starfleet Basic Training
2361: Transferred, Crewman, Phaser Gunneryman, USS Calgary
2365: Promoted, Petty Officer Third Class, Phaser Gunneryman, USS Calgary
2367: Promoted, P.O. Second Class, Phaser Gunneryman, USS Calgary
2368: Promoted, P.O. First Class, Phaser Gunneryman, USS Calgary
2371: Promoted and Transferred, Chief Petty Officer , Phaser Gunneryman, USS Saladin
2374: Transferred, C.P.O., Phaser Gunneryman, USS Montgomery Scott
2374: Promoted, Senior Chief Petty Officer, USS Montgomery Scott
2374: Prisoner of War, Cardassia Prime Labor Camp
2376: LOA
2377: Promoted and Assigned, Command Master Chief, Chief of the Boat, USS Castillion
2380: Transferred, C.M.C., Chief of the Boat, DS5
2382: Transferred, C.M.C., Chief of the Boat, USS Galaxy

Madden Jayce was the seventh child and first daughter born to a family in the second highest house of the planet Betazed. Her parents were overjoyed and she was definitely an indulged child with anything a little girl could ever want. Of course, growing up with six older brothers required she learn how to hold her own; it gave her a strong and feisty personality, and the girl quickly developed a habit for not letting anyone walk over her.

Her first three years seemed relatively normal; she was a sweet and bright child. But as she aged, it began to become apparent there was something wrong. She began to withdraw, fall quiet, not be able to sleep through the night, and then began screaming and crying for no reason. Her parents began to take her to specialists, at which point it began clear that Madden's telepathic talents had been present and active since birth, and even at such an early age, Madden's talents had surpassed anyone in her strongly telepathic family.

At this point, her life came to revolve entirely around an ever increasing number. Her psi-rating tested so high that the doctors and other experts were amazed she could function at all. Fearing for the child's sanity as well as for the safety of those around her, the specialists recommended Madden be placed in an institute in the capital city so she could learn how to safely develop and control her abilities. It was a long shot, but at least they would be able to monitor her and step in before she could get out of hand.

Madden's experience at the institute started out rocky. Her psi-rating refused to stabilize; she started out a p3 rated four-year-old, and seemed to add a psi-rating nearly every year, ending up a p8 ten-year-old. Her Psi-rating would finally settle at the age of 16, like for most of her species, although Madden's settled at p11-- an almost unheard of level for a functioning adult.

But as her abilities grew and changed, so did her control; she learned well, and, due primarily to what her 'team' of specialists credited to her inherent good nature, she accepted the structure and telepathic rules of conduct they indoctrinated her with. Consequently, although she surpassed most of her team by the age of eleven, she was able to get the most out of the program. Consequently, by the time she was fourteen she was able to adopt a fairly normal lifestyle. She was able to live outside the institute for long periods of time, returning to it as though it was a normal school and she was a normal child. She easily reentered her family in a normal capacity, began to develop relationships with her peer group, and grew to be a contributing member of society despite what her people saw as a life-threatening disability.

Madden's teenage years ended up being fairly pleasant and uneventful. She had a couple of boyfriends, a few good girlfriends, traveled to various planets in the Federation, and learned as much as she could about the universe off Betazed. Despite the concerns and sometimes not-so-subtle expressions thereof by her parents and Team, Madden began to talk actively about journeying off planet and exploring.

By her eighteenth birthday, Madden Jayce decided she wanted to join Starfleet, but the idea of the Academy didn't sit right. She enlisted and entered basic training just before she turned nineteen. She enjoyed it tremendously, both the physical and intellectual challenges of it. She caught on quickly to various tactical manoeuvres and methods as well as to the more physical aspects of defense and offense. Madden also turned out to be an expert marksman with both hand held and ship-based weapons, learning how to put her strong telepathy to her advantage. It was difficult at first, she was frightened about opening herself too much, a fear that would continue through her career and has often held her back from her full potential.

Along with her tactical skills, Madden proved to be an above average pilot and certainly a force to be reckoned with when it came to hand-to-hand combat. Although she originally considered taking a position in Security, she ended up in Tactics. She liked the mental exercises, the precision, and the attention to detail that the department required, and found she had a distaste for the violence often required when wearing a gold uniform. She also appreciated the opportunity for easier entrance into the Command Structure afforded by the tactical department.

Madden demonstrated early in her career that she had a tremendous desire for advancement. Upon every review each commanding officer reported she far succeeded expectations. She began to advance quickly up the ranks, making a name for herself as being "daringly cautious" -- she wasn't afraid to go into tense situations with guns blazing, but she always had a well conceived and adaptable plan. Her natural instinct toward survival and her creative methods of ensuring it made her stand out amongst the other non-coms.

She served six years onboard her first assignment, the exploration vessel USS Calgary, before being transferred to the USS Saladin, a ship-of-the-line. When tensions with the Dominion increased considerably, the tactical Chief Petty Officer was moved to the much larger Montgomery Scott, a ship newly adapted to be "in the thick of things." Madden fit in well with that crew, was given the responsibility of a response team, and often assisted in away missions, the planning and commencement of drills and other exercises, and the analysis of battle tactics. Both the Chief Tactical Officer and the Chief of the Boat relied on her experience and intuition regarding manoeuvres and she time and time again proved herself to be a valuable asset to the department.

As tensions grew, the Scott and the rest of the 10th Fleet were stationed by Madden's home planet. Her life changed when the Fleet was caught by Dominion Forces, out of of position and unprepared. The Fleet was almost destroyed, and the Scott didn't fair well in the battle. Although the ship wasn't lost entirely, the call came up to abandon ship; the Dominion destroyed dozens of escape pods and captured a dozen others. Madden was in one of the captured pods.

After capture, the Scott's prisoners were taken to Cardassia Prime where they were thrown into one of the war's more infamous prison labour camps. There, they were regularly interrogated and brutally tortured-- sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, usually a little bit of both. When the civil unrest on Cardassia increased, the Dominion moved a bulk of the Starfleet prisoners to a prison camp in the gamma quadrant. They were released upon the Dominion's full surrender and made it back to Earth two years later, in early 2376.

The full details of Madden's two-year internment in the Dominion's POW Camps are unknown, though reports from other inmates, the post-trauma counselors, and medical examinations reveal severe torture; however, she never revealed any information regarding Starfleet tactics or technologies. It was also revealed that she consistently worked to keep up the moral of her fellow prisoners, creating word games to keep their minds working and methods of communication in order to keep tabs on everyone. She attempted twice to orchestrate a destructive escape, though both times she was caught and tortured within an inch of her life for the efforts while many members of her rag-tag teams were killed in an effort to break Madden -- she became a 'mission' of sorts for the Cardassian gull in charge of the camp. But she never broke.

The memories on the camp haunt her and, to this day, she still has nightmares, though she'll never discuss them. Upon her return to Earth, she received numerous medals in recognition of her efforts and resistance to the Cardassian and Dominion threat, and was also promotion to Command Master Chief with the promise of a Chief of the Boat position when she returned to duty. Despite the pursuit by media outlets, she refused to become a "poster child" of a war hero, and twice refused to take a field promotion up into the officer's ranks believing that to be a betrayal of the people she swore to look out for.

She was forced to take a year's leave of absence, half of which was spent at Starfleet medical healing mentally and physically. A team of psychologists were assigned to the POWs, and she reluctantly worked with them if only to regain her position. She was cleared for active duty in early 2377 and assigned to the USS Castillion, where she enjoyed a rather quiet tour.

Madden transferred to DS5 after three years on the Castillion. With tensions growing in that area of space regarding the Hydrans and other threats, Starfleet wanted more experienced war officers on those lines. Madden certainly fit the bill. Almost two years to the day later, DS5 was attacked by assailants known as the Diparthu, and Madden was the only survivor. She locked herself into a Jeffery's tube junction while her shipmates tore each other apart, driven mad by the entities' psychic attacks. Her incredibly strong telepathic shields and talents were able to keep them at bay, and when the Galaxy neared, Madden was able to make contact with Brian Elessidil, a Betazoid counselor onboard. At first, she thought she was safe, but then the same thing began happening on the ship. The Diparthu attacked several members of the team who had rescued her and they, in turn, attempted to break her resolve. When she felt her controls beginning to slip, Madden attempted suicide to prevent the Diparthu from having access to her strong abilities. Although the suicide attempt failed, it succeeded in keeping the Diparthu out of her head.

After the incident, she was asked to stay onboard to serve as the Galaxy's CoB. It was a difficult decision, but after five years of relative quiet, Madden decided it was time for a change. In the uncertain times, she believed that the Ship of the Line could benefit from her knowledge. She accepted the position and has since dedicated herself to the enlisted crew of the USS Galaxy.


The first thing people notice about Madden is she probably should have joined the Marines. She is strong and sure of herself, doesn't tolerate bullshit from anyone, and isn't afraid to muscle her way into a situation. But behind the loud and "cock-sure" attitude of the USS Galaxy's top-enlisted man, is a woman still haunted by her experiences as a POW and the ever threatening realities of her tenuous telepathic condition. She's far from the spoiled Betazoid girl she once was, and she's terrified of ever being caught defenseless.

Like every CoB should, Madden Jayce holds a small amount of fear and a tremendous amount of respect from everyone: her enlisted crew and the officers. The Fleet is rife with stories about her POW days where she became the de facto leader of the prisoners-- many of whom were officers. As tough as she is, people above and below decks know they can come to her with their concerns and that she will address them in the best possible way. She is fiercely dedicated to her people and will defend them to the last. She reviews tactics, drills her people hard, and expects nothing but the best from those who serve under and above her. If she doesn't see that happening, she'll call them on it, loudly, and occasionally, publicly.

Madden is very guarded when it comes to her personal relationships and doesn't confide in many people. She prefers to concentrate on her work and her larger family; Madden has no intention of settling down or having children as she says the new crewmen cycling through the Galaxy every few months more than satisfy her maternal instinct.


Madden's telepathic abilities are very strong, even in terms of Betazoids. While under normal circumstances, her abilities would be completely debilitating, because they manifested early she had the opportunity for extended education to learn how to control them. She can, without too great an effort, communicate telepathically with most species, sense emotions and 'loud' thoughts, and probe people's minds and memories. Although she adheres strictly to the Betazoid traditions of no invasion without permission, if you're thinking it without guard, she probably heard you. In addition to the telepathy, Madden, like most Betazoids, is very empathic, which doesn't always mix well with her elevated psi rating. She is also able to manipulate energy fields to create a 'telekinetic' effect, though she is limited to small objects-- a padd, a handheld phaser, etc., and she rarely uses or reveals this talent.

Because there are so few functioning p11 Betazoids, it is impossible to say with any real conviction where her talents begin and end, and Madden's not talking. She has been raised to consider her abilities to be less a gift and more a dangerous and frightening disability, one that will eventually kill her in some manner. Because of her unwillingness to discuss the realities of her abilities, many rumours have risen. Primary among them exists within the medical and psychiatric community and is based on notes made by her post-POW recovery team: theoretically, Madden has the ability to alter people's perceptions, thoughts, and actions. The CoB will not dignify this rumour with a response, though it has been made clear a number of times that she is afraid of her abilities and the way they might progress. Although their development has slowed substantially, her psi rating continues to increase and change, and Madden has been encouraged a number of times to use medicinal treatments to keep them under control. She has, thus far, refused.

Madden loves dogs, Trill wines and spice teas, peanut butter, Betazoid chocolate, and the colour green. She has seventeen nieces and nephews who she adores, she gets along well with each of her six brothers, and maintains a close relationship with her parents. She is almost always able to get home to Betazed at least once a year, even if just for a few days, as she believes it sets a good example to take care of her mental health. She is relatively easy to get along with, and once they get to know her, most people fall in love with her at least a little. Despite this, the Galaxy's CoB has few people she considers to be close personal friends, Brian Elessidil being one of the few on board. She was once engaged to be married, but then the Dominion War began and she was quickly lost in the chaos; he had just recovered from her loss when she resurfaced and despite attempts, the relationship was over. Perhaps as a consequence, Madden rarely dates and hasn't had a long term relationship since she started on the Castillion.

Madden Jayce