Allison (Alli) Jimsdottir
Image Unknown
July 20, 2365 (see notes)
Lake Mývatn, Iceland, Earth
5' 4"
115 lbs.
Icelandic, Standard, and a smattering of Dutch
See Notes.
Chris D.
2382: Starfleet Basic Training Graduate
2383: Combat Readiness
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
None on record.
2382: Starfleet Enlisted Personnel Basic Training - Berlin, Germany
2383: Security Specialty School
2383, August: Assigned, Crewman, Security - USS Galaxy

Allison grew up on the frigid shores of beautiful Lake Mývatn in Iceland as the sole child of a single mother. Her family is quite rich, an unusual status in a world without money. Fortunately for Allison this has provided her exceptional opportunities in the fields of art and education Under the watchful eyes of her parent, she grew up filled with a burning curiosity about the nature of the world around her and the universe at large.

She divided her youth between exploring Iceland's natural beauty, and joining in the latest teen hang-out where she was always quite popular and the center of attention.

As a child she developed an interest in music, and was provided with some of the best tutors in the Federation in the field of Classical Guitar.


There is more to Allison than meets the eye. On the surface, she is a bubblegum popping airhead, with no real clue as to what's going on around her.

Her interests lie more in popular culture and the latest gossip rather than Galactic Politics or climbing the career ladder.

It would be a mistake however to dismiss her as a flake, for despite her youthfulness she possess a very refined mind, and is capable of making surprisingly astute observations.

She appears to put very little effort into her work, but her laziness is more a boredom with things too simple for her, rather than real lethargy.

She alternates between bubbly, and moody, can take offence easily, and has been known to pout when things don't go her way.


Alli is the very picture of a pale skinned Icelandic girl. Thin blond hair frames sharp Nordic features and a big goofy smile.

Her nose tends to turn red easily when embarrassed on angry which sometimes bothers her.

The most remarkable thing about Alli is of course the fact that she is only 16 years old. Most of her crewmates suspect this fact, but it has not been officially proved as of yet.

Enlisted personnel in Starfleet are not held up to the strict recruitment mandates as are the officers, and lying about your age to join the Navy is hardly a new idea.

This age disparity at times puts her at odds with those around her. She possesses a small pink-jewel encrusted electronic organizer that she consults frequently in planning her day.

Allison has received Classical Guitar Training, although she has chosen to apply those talents towards playing Rock and Metal. She is an accomplished swimmer having grown up on the frigid shores of Lake Mývatn, however her main interests lie indoors, with fashion, dance, and popular music.

Allison Jimsdottir