Elrin "Vixen" Kit'ari
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May 1, 2362
Lisara Island, Kit'sar
5' 2"
132 lbs
Federation Standard, Kit'sarin
Poker, Dog Breeding (especially hounds)
Michael M.
SFFC Academy Graduate - made by Robert Snow, 2008
2383: SFFC Academy Graduate
Academy Graduate
2383: Pilot's Flight Cross
2384: Combat Action
Presidential Unit Citation, Copyright Ian Dickson, 2005
2384: Starfleet Commendation - Battle of Deep Space 5
Copyright to Robert Snow, 2008
2385: Starfleet Games Participant
None on record
  2368: Primary School, Starbase 144
  2370: Starfleet Integration School, Earth
2379: SFFC Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2380: SFFC Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2381: SFFC Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2382: SFFC Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet

2383: Assigned, Fighter Pilot, Deep Space 5

2384: Assigned, Fighter Pilot, USS Galaxy


Elrin was born into what he knew from the beginning was not going to be a normal life on Kit'sar, a planet on the edges just outside Federation space. At the time of his birth, the Kit'sarin were just beginning their exploration of thier stellar neighbors having just developed warp drive the year before. Both of his parents were involved in the project, his mother an engineer and his father a pilot. Though the other members of their clan encouraged them to leave him home with them, Elrin's parents decided to take the barely 2 year old Elrin with them when they were both selected to be on the same exploritory ship.

Being the only child on the ship, Elrin got little formal education in his youngest years but did receive a wealth of real world learning. From a very young age he proved to have above average intellegence and extraordinary reflexes. His father always joked that his son would make a far better pilot then he was someday. He would never see if he was right.

Elrin was waking up for what he thought was going to be another normal day when he saw his mother rush into the room, a bright red rucksack in one hand and a metal staff in the other. In a matter of a minute Elrin was stuffed into an escape pod and sent away. It was only then he realized what was going on, their ship was under attack from an unknown vessel (which he later found out was a rogue Ferengi Maruder). A moment after he was in the pod the ship exploded above him, killing all aboard. Elrin for his part drifted in the pod for a couple days until he was rescued by a runabout sent out on a survey mission from Starbase 144. Not knowing what to do with the strange alien the commander of the mission, a half-Betazoid stellar cartographer named Nora Lillis, decided to take Elrin back to Starbase 144. Though her CO was pissed, Nora was permitted to adopt the young Kit'sarin on the condition she work with him to locate his planet. Elrin, who at the time would not talk to anyone but Nora, worked with her for nearly a year to find Kit'sar but since he knew little about stellar charts, particularly from the Federations' perspective, and the fact that Kit'sar was obcured by a nebula they had no luck in finding the planet. Thus it was decided that Elrin would become Nora's ward and they were both sent to Earth.

Ten years later the still shy Elrin was accepted into Starfleet academy after gaining the reccomendation of several commnd officers and scoring near the top in that years entrance exam. The academy turned out to be both an exciting and scary place for the still withdrawn Elrin. This was especially considering the rather social nature of the pilots he was studying with. Still, Elrin excelled if for no other reason then he studied more than socialized.


Though he's adapted since being rescued, Elrin is still a rather shy and withdrawn person around most species. He's a bit more comfortable around Caitians and the like. Elrin's also extremely afraid to offend and apologizes profusely whenever he feels he's insulted someone.


The Kit'sarin are an original species. I'll be happy to put together a more formal profile in the near future but, basicly they are a rather peaceful clan based, meritocratic, vulpinoid society. At this time the Federation is in preperations to make formal first contact after only recently locating the planet.

Elrin Kit'ari