Valentina 'Eve' Kyznetsova
Headshot courtesy Winona Ryder, body Paramount, Image Manipulation Timothy Rose, 2006
Terran w/ Cybernetic implants
Siberia, Russia - Earth
160 lbs
Federation Standard, Russian
Cats, Nature, and Music
Starfleet Academy Graduate
2382: Starfleet Academy Graduate
Battle of Romulus - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2383: Battle of Romulus
2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
2383: Combat Action
2383: Combat Readiness
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
  None on Record.
2374: Federation Integration School, Earth
2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2379: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2380: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2381: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2382: Advanced Intelligence Training
2383: Assigned, Ensign, Intelligence Officer - USS Galaxy
2383, December: Promoted, Lt. JG, Intelligence Officer - USS Galaxy
2385, November: Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Intelligence Officer- USS Galaxy
Eve was born in the city of Moscow sometime during the Earth's 1700's. Sometime during her late teens she was "abducted by aliens." These aliens were not there for a nefarious purpose. Indeed, they recognized that one day humanity would encounter the Borg, and had the potential to beat them. They were determined to create a cyborg of their own using a human template in order to fight the Borg.

Initially they met with major successes: Eve went online on schedule and appeared to go through her paces with all the precision they had hoped for. Then something went wrong. Eve had gone "rogue" and berserk, rampaging through the interstellar laboratory, destroying equipment and killing personnel. It took the combined force of 12 EMP grenades to stun her. She was placed in a stasis tube while the remaining doctors and scientists worked feverishly to discover the source of her abnormal behavior.

Essentially, Eve had suffered from a cybernetic version of a mental breakdown. Many of her components were removed or replaced, and she would require a complete purging if her memories. It took nearly a century for this work to be completed, Eve only being taken out of stasis long enough to operate, then plunged back in to await her next transformation.

Finally it was done. After the last adjustment and her memory purged, Eve was placed back in stasis for the last time while still unconscious as the memory purge ran its course. She would remember none of these events, not even of her life on Earth.

Nearly 500 years later, Far Reach picked up a faint repeating transmission. Though untranslatable, it was determined that it was not of random origin and the USS Saturn-B was dispatched to investigate, manning Far Reach's defiant class USS Fearless as the Saturn was undergoing repairs. The away party discovered Eve, her stasis tube was about to go offline and the ship was beginning to loose structural integrity. They arrived with Eve back to the Fearless just before the two mile long starship broke into pieces. Unfortunately, they were only able to recover a small portion of the head researcher's log files, to which the above has been discerned.

Shortly after arriving at Star Base Far Reach, Eve was whisked off to Earth, where after lengthy paperwork and testing she was granted a full citizenship. Immediately upon confirming this, she went straight to school: she had 600 years to catch up on, and her mind was a relative blank slate. She took her time, absorbing everything she could and applying each new lesson to life.

Once her schooling was complete - she learned at a rapid and aggressive rate, devouring everything she could get her hands on - Eve applied for admittance to SF Academy. This was approved surprisingly quickly - surprising until one discovered just who had snatched the capable young woman up - Intelligence. She was the proverbial blank slate, no real social programming at all.

Her years at the academy were eventful, to say the least. She learned quickly, almost consistently scoring high marks, and several times she was accused of cheating. However, everything came up clear and clean - she was simply a "natural" jack of all trades. Ace of all trades might have been more appropriate. She majored in Engineering with a minor in sciences - she had the mechanical thumb, no pun intended, and was nearly a wiz at working with any sort of machinery.

Intelligence training was grueling, but she waded through it with all of the enthusiasm she had previously displayed. Due to her technical bent, she was graduated in the field of Technical Operations, or Tech Op. The USS Galaxy was to be her first posting, a major achievement for one straight out of training.
Eve hates the Borg, though it is unclear as to exactly WHY. Given her origins, it has been posited that it is a "leftover" from the programs that had been wiped during her memory purge, but this remains conjecture.

With her implants improving memory storage, recall, and analysis, as well as her lack of a "perfect" understanding of human society and behaviors, Eve had been nicknamed the "Organic EMH" by her classmates. She is fast and efficient, wasting no time on small talk or frivolities

Being that she has no memories of anything, she has the disadvantage of being an "outsider" to what should be the "normal" behaviors of the human culture in general. Her peers have been wary of her ability to absorb and utilize with surprising accuracy any information she comes across.

Please see appendix a.

Eve appears to have a natural gift for medicine, and so far she has excelled far beyond anyone's expectations.

None on record.

Eve has developed a habit of mimicking Vulcans. She has found their calm demeanor soothing, though she has not followed in the footsteps of emotional submersion. After all, SOMEONE needs to maintain a sense of humor in the field, no? Eve has had to study humanity from the outside, as she has no memories of anything from before the crew of the Saturn rescued her from a stasis tube. As such, she often exhibits curiosities about human nature. She is a hands- on-learner; she can get things from a book, but actual experience is so much more valuable a teacher in her mind. She also keeps largely to herself. Weather this is a natural characteristic of her psyche or something deeper is unknown.

"Eve is possessed of a sharp intellect and a bright mind. However, she has no memories whatsoever of her past or herself. Not even a name. She knows certain skills and abilities, those that one would be expected to know such as how to speak, walk, and eat, but little beyond that. She is a completely blank slate, in a vulnerable and impressionable state."

- LtJG Jason West, Counselor - USS Vindicator

"After interaction with the crews of the USS Vindicator, USS Saturn, USS Guadeloupe, and Star Base Far Reach, as well as her integration schooling and various other personnel, Eve has developed a finer sense of the way things work in the galaxy. However, she still has much to learn about her species. Other than this, she is mentally stable, far more than I would expect for her current condition."
- LT Anne Maslovitcz, Counselor - SF Academy

Eve loves cats, nature, and music, classical the best. Though she certainly has the potential, she had not yet determined if she should apply herself to the playing of an instrument. She has remarked to possibly taking one up,

Neurological Components: Chips and artificial neuron enhancements and replacements. These make possible the interface between Eve's cybernetic components and her biological nervous system. There is a marked increase in memory storage and recall as a side effect.

Ocular Replacements: Provides perceptive range comparable to the LaForge Ocular Implants. Standard setting is for human normal visual spectrum, but can be adjusted with a thought. The cornea of these implants is violet in color.

Aural Devices: Augments, and in a few sections replaces, cilia in inner ear with aural receptor chips. Natural balance and direction sense is improved in addition to the expected hearing benefits. As with ocular implants, aural devices are normally set to the normal range of human hearing, but can be altered at a thought.

Human bones laced with non-ferrous alloys to provide greater tensile strength. Back and ribs incorporate additional load bearing structures. Spine includes bio-cybernetic interface components similar to those within her brain.

Completely artificial limbs are attached to Eve's torso at the shoulders. The shoulder joints have been reinforced to take this into account. The entire limb assembly contains tactile sensor receptors, providing the full range of sensation an organic limb would provide.

Artificial from the knees down. Knee joint assembly is reinforced to accommodate higher torsion and stress patterns. As with the arms, the entire limb assembly contains tactile sensor receptors, providing the full range of sensation an organic limb would provide.

Artificial limbs have a higher strength potential than similar organic analogs. However, the strength settings have been reduced to a setting comparable with her organic capabilities to facilitate ease of use and adjustment. It is possible to increase the setting manually, however the stresses produced as a result would prove fatal to Eve after prolonged use without some form of SIF reinforcement to her biological self.

All cybernetic components show some similarity to Borg implants. However, these are of a more benign nature. Eve CAN function without her cybernetic components, but she would be blind and unable to move. Her components are hardened against EMP and EM damage and interference, but a large or powerful pulse stands a chance of overloading her interface chipset; the effect would be similar to hitting her with a phaser on heavy stun. Nanites are present in her body, but they are all clustered around her cybernetic-neurological interfaces. It appears their sole function is to maintain the operation and integrity of these chips. Should one of them be damaged, the nanites would move to repair it as quickly as possible.

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