Man'darr Maivia
Headshot courtesy Dwayne Johnson, photo manipulation Timothy Rose
October 13, 2352
Hana, Maui: State of Hawaii:  Earth
278 lbs.
Federation Standard, Capellan, Klingon, and Rihannsu
Pareses Squares, Billards, Playing the guitar, surfing, swimming, and exercising.
2376: Expert Marksman
2377: Starfleet Academy Graduate - Security and Tactical
2377: Breen Cluster
2377: Battle of Earth
2377: Combat Action
2377: Dominion Cluster
2377: Dominion Campaign
2383: Special Forces Training
2383: Bridge Officer Certification
2383: Purple Heart
2383: Exploration
2383: Section 13
2383: Starfleet Cross
2383: Presidential Unit Citation
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
Copyright to Robert Snow, 2008
2385: Starfleet Games Participant
Demoted to Ensign for Conduct Unbecoming when he nearly killed a Klingon Ambassador, whom he was guarding due to the ambassador's constant badgering of the Federation and Starfleet.

2365: Maui High School

  2369: Vulcan School of Science; Computer Systems Major.
2373: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet

2374: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet

2375: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet

2376: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet

2377: Assigned to USS Intrepid - Security/Tactical Officer

2380: Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.

2382: Demoted and Re-assigned to USS Miranda - Operations Officer.

2382: Promoted to Asst. Chief of Operations

2383: Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.

2383: Promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Operations Officer

2383: Transfer to 101st SFMC Battalion - USS Miranda

2383: Assigned to 21st Marine Force Recon Battalion and 1st Platoon CO

2383: Missing in Action

2383, July: Re-assigned to USS Galaxy 188th Detachment, 4th Platoon CO

2385: Reassigned, Security Officer, USS Galaxy


Man'darr grew up on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and is Capellan. Man'darr knows little about his tribal heritage as his father has refused to speak about it to Man'darr. Being Capellan makes his naturally large and strong as is common with many Capellans. Man'darr loved competitive sports growing up and loved the beach. He would often skip school in order to get some surfing time in. However, his parents found this out and made him go to school or else he would not be allowed to surf. Man'darr was the oldest of three children. However, his brother, sister, and himself got along very well, of course they had the typical sibling rivalries. 
Man'darr was especially protective of his younger sister. Man'darr however, had a short temper and often got into fights with fellow students. Man'darr aggressive nature landed him a spot on his High School's Wrestling Team as well as its Pareses Squares Team. Maivia did well in both sports, winning an Inter-Earth Wrestling Championship in his second year and a Pareses Squares Championship the same year. 
Man'darr's father taught Security courses at Starfleet Academy and Man'darr wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and join Starfleet as well, but his father wanted him to explore the galaxy some before joining as well as get more of an education. Man'darr's father sent him off to Vulcan to attend the Vulcan Science Academy, upon graduating high school. Man'darr's brother in the following year, however, went straight into Starfleet Academy despite his father's objections. 
Man'darr had a hard time fitting into the Vulcan culture, being a short-tempered and emotional. However, Man'darr wanted to make his father proud and focused on his studies, where he began to excel in his major of Computer Systems. Man'darr unexpectedly fell in love with a fellow female Vulcan student, T'Pla. Man'darr felt comfortable around her and she made him feel calm and at peace. However, in his final year at school, he and T'Pla were on a climbing expedition, when a sudden earthquake caused an avalanche and killed T'Pla. 
T'Pla's death devastated Man'darr, however, he was able to finish and graduate the Academy the following month, but he felt empty inside as if he had lost a part of himself. Man'darr, wanting to leave Vulcan and distance himself, left Vulcan immediately upon his graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy and returned to Earth. 
Man'darr, still saddened by his loss, decided to attend Starfleet Academy anyways. T'Pla had supported that decision and he was going to make her, his father, and his family proud by graduating Starfleet Academy. Man'darr was accepted into Starfleet Academy and he majored in Security/Tactical Operations and minoring in Operations. Man'darr, due to his strength and large size, excelled in the combat-orientated classes. 
Maivia also joined the Academy's Pareses Squares Team in his third year and did well. Upon graduation of Starfleet Academy, Man'darr was assigned to the USS Intrepid as a Security/Tactical Officer. Where he performed well and was promoted to lieutenant (j.g). However, during one mission, Man'darr was assigned to escort a Klingon Ambassador to trade talks. The Ambassador constantly insulted Man'darr and Starfleet. This didn't go over well with Man'darr and with his short-temper, struck the Klingon Ambassador and started a brawl. One of which, Man'darr easily won and matched the Klingon's strength. 
This incident caused Man'darr's CO, Captain Jennifer MacTaggert to demote Man'darr back to the rank of ensign and given duties as an Operations officer. His CO felt Man'darr was too short tempered for Security. A year later, in 2382, Man'darr was reassigned to the USS Miranda as a Operations Officer.  In 2383, Man'darr served the Miranda as its Chief of Operations.  However, he did not feel at home with the position and the Miranda's captain felt his talents would be best suited in the Marines.  Man'darr jumped at the chance to be in a combat unit once again.  After serving for a short time aboard the Miranda as a Lt. Major, Man'darr was reassigned to the 21st Marine Force Recon Battalion as the 1st Platoon CO.  During a clandestine operation into T'Kith'Kin Space, Man'darr's platoon came under attack.  Man'darr spent the remaining months, running, hiding, and harrassing the enemy when possible.  Starfleet listed Man'darr as M.I.A., as well as his platoon. 

When another Starfleet Marine Special Forces came across Man'darr, he was almost unrecognizable from the months of living on the run in the wilderness.  He was also the last remaining survivor, having lost his entire platoon during the various battles with T'Kith'Kin Forces.  After two weeks of rest and debriefing, Starfleet saw Man'darr fit to return to duty and was reassigned to the USS Galaxy.


Man'darr is an outgoing and social guy. However, he still has a short temper and when angered is likely to lash out at the person. He often has a hard time making any kind of commitments or relationships with the opposite sex due to losing T'Pla.  But recently, his relationship with Branwen London has eased his anger and he is beginning to feel comfortable with being intimate with a woman.


Man'darr has a tattoo on his right upper arm of his tribal family crest which is a shield with two Capellan Swords crossed behind it and the head of a lion-like beast on the shield.

Mandarr Maivia