Paul David McAllister
Image courtesy Jamie Hyneman
February 28, 2350
Starbase 44
200 lbs.
Federation Standard, Klingon
Music, computers, food (cooking & eating), volleyball, mysteries
2370: Julliard Medal for Outstanding Musical Performance
Starfleet Academy Graduate
2379: Starfleet Academy Graduate
2383: Commendation for Excellence in Intelligence (details classified)
Failure to maintain acceptable physical conditioning (weight).
Conduct unbecoming a Starfleet cadet: fraternization with a senior officer in the chain of command.
Wanton destruction of Starfleet property; dismissed on determination that smashing his trombone on stage was a legitimate action in keeping with a covert operations persona.
Absent without leave, USS Gameau.
2355 – 2366: Basic education via private tutors and variety of post schools
2366: Entered Julliard School
2370: Julliard School, B.M. in Piano with Jazz Studies minor
2372: Julliard School, M.M. Orchestral Conducting
2374: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2375: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2376: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2377: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2379: Assigned, Cadet Cruise, Intelligence Trainee, USS Black Elk
2380: Assigned, Operation Classical Gas – “The Hiram Davis Experience”
2383: Assigned, Lieutenant, Intelligence Analyst, USS Gameau
2385: Demoted, Transferred, Ensign, Intelligence Officer, USS Galaxy

McAllister's father was a member of the diplomatic corps; his mother a performer. Diagnosed with a rare and untreatable form of dyslexia as a child, McAllister found that he could attain a rudimentary ability to read if he kept one eye closed, and began to wear an eye patch. Because of his disability, and his musical abilities, McAllister developed an acute hearing sense that allowed him to remember most everything he heard.

McAllister's father traveled quite a bit, so his early education was mostly by private tutor. To this end, his parents engaged an odd sort of teacher, a Klingon named Kempach. Along with the basics of a child's education, Kempach taught young McAllister how to fly, to fight, and a good deal about honor.

Paul’s mother recognized early that her son was a musical prodigy, and personally supervised his studies in piano and tenor trombone over his father’s objections that the boy concentrate on the more practical matters of the 3 R’s: reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic.  The course of young McAllister’s education caused many fights among his parents, eventually ending in their divorce.  Paul chose to stay with his mother while his older sister Holley continued to live with her father.

At age 16, McAllister applied and was admitted to the Julliard School, where he majored in the performing arts.  During his senior year, Paul joined the retro-country group Nasal Ned and the Nine Nasty Nosepickers, to the chagrin of his instructors and his entire family.  Paul still receives minor royalties for the band’s one and only hit “I’ve got Tears in My Ears From Crying on my Pillow Over You.”  Only Kempach approved of this venture, as when translated into Klingon, the song bears a passing resemblance to early Klingon opera.

In 2370 at age 20 McAllister received a Bachelors of Music from Julliard, and enjoying a life of little to no responsibility beyond music, immediately began working on his Masters in Orchestral Conducting.  Julliard allowed this only on the promise that Paul end his association with Nasal Ned.  McAllister agreed, and two years later completed his studies.

On graduation, McAllister was invited to become the principal keyboardist for the popular neo-rock orchestra TANSTAAFL and was near the end of a successful USO tour when he received news that changed his life forever.

His parents, reconciled since Paul’s graduation, were killed and his sister abused when the Borg attacked their diplomatic transport.  It is still officially unknown how Holley McAllister escaped the assimilation process.  Holley was found near death, badly beaten, a depleted phaser in her hand.  On hearing the news, Paul’s heart filled with a desire for revenge.  McAllister left TANSTAAFL to seek an outlet for his hatred and grief.

McAllister entered Starfleet Academy in 2374 with the intention to specialize in security and tactics.  He had briefly considered the Fleet Marines, but recalled his father had always referred to them as “space-going bellhops,” and besides, Paul was smart enough to realize that when going up against the Borg, it would be better to have a fully operational starship as opposed to a fully charged phaser rifle. 

Paul was doing well in his studies, but fell for one of his instructors -- Lt. Kathryn MacKenzie. Unfortunately, Kathryn also fell in love with the young Cadet, and in his third year their affair was found out.  More on the strength of his father’s record than his own accomplishments, Paul was allowed to remain at the Academy, but was forced to repeat his third year as punishment.  Lt. MacKenzie was not without connections of her own, and was able to salvage her career by transferring to an exploration vessel. McAllister was forced to transfer from the security program to intelligence on the orders of some unknown benefactor.

McAllister, as is typical of the young who feel they have been slighted, vowed to get back at the Starfleet who had taken his love away by doing poorly in the intelligence program, despite having an aptitude for analysis and covert operations.

McAllister was saved from his own folly by Kempach, who in several messages and one memorable visit managed to convince McAllister of the error of his ways. McAllister has since delegated Lt. MacKenzie to favored memory status.

Paul’s cadet cruse on the USS Black Elk was unremarkable except for receiving a commendation for his root cause intelligence analysis of a Breen attack.  On graduation, McAllister received his commission as an Ensign, and was assigned to Operation Classical Gas.

Much of Classical Gas remains classified.  The operation was a successful attempt by Starfleet Intelligence to utilize touring music and theater groups to gather information and perform operations in areas where traditional methods were found lacking.  McAllister’s band, The Hiram Davis Experience, was one of the more successful intelligence teams taking part in the operation.

In 2383 McAllister, now a Lieutenant was assigned to the USS Gameau when Operation Classical Gas was dismantled.  While serving as an analyst on the Gameau, Paul learned that his father had not been assimilated in the Borg attack that had taken his mother and driven his sister crazy; the elder McAllister had forewarning of the attack and fled, citing diplomatic secrets that could not fall into Borg pinchers.  He left behind his family to avoid suspicion, returning after the attack and finding, to his surprise, his daughter Holley in the ship’s wreckage.

Paul, enraged at his father’s actions – and a bit peeved that Starfleet would sanction such behavior, went AWOL from the Gameau in search of his father in 2384. With the clandestine assistance of members of the Hiram Davis Experience, McAllister was able to track down his father; their reunion was explosive.

The record would state that Captain Peter David McAllister, Starfleet Liaison Corp, died in a shuttle explosion.  His son, Lt. Paul McAllister was light-years away at the time of the explosion, turning himself into Starfleet Security for being AWOL.  Although investigated for the murder of his father, being in custody in another sector of space proved to be an adequate alibi.

Paul was demoted for being absent without leave to the rank of Ensign and transferred to the USS Galaxy.


Dislikes: The Borg – and leery of cybernetic persons and androids; believes melding flesh with metal is just asking for trouble. Absolutely hates cats. Believes holographic computer interfaces are the wave of the future. Not very fond of brussel sprouts, bullshit, or universal translators. Hates paperwork.

Likes: Playing the piano, computers (particularly holographic programming), games of all sorts, piloting racing craft, lots of coffee, acting, and blowing stuff up. Loves food (cooking & eating), except for brussel sprouts. Attracted to red-haired women. Thinks Romulan women are sexy; might have hormone overload if he ever meets a red-haired Romulan female.

Limitations: Ever since the Borg murdered his parents and abused his sister, Holley, McAllister has a deep hatred of the Borg, which he tries hard to overcome. Additionally, his sister never fully recovered mentally from the shock, and remains in the care of a Federation rehab facility. His libido tends to get him in trouble as well, as does his tendency to push the Starfleet weight limits. McAllister also has a rare and incurable form of dyslexia, which he has worked hard to overcome.

Strengths: Extremely loyal to his friends and comrades. Keen, above average hand-eye coordination; "flys by the seat of his pants." Can be very charming and diplomatic when called upon, relying on learned skills as an actor and musician with The Hiram Davis Experience. Good at organization, excellent skill with projectile weapons, but only an average shot with a phaser. Excellent tactical and investigative skills -- loves mysteries.

Special Abilities: Speaks fluent Klingon. "Audiographic" memory -- remembers up to 90% of what he hears, word for word, as long as it is a language he understands.

Quirks: Talks to himself. Classified as having a possible addiction to danger, loves rough and tumble sports and situations; favorite sport is volleyball.  Has large handlebar mustache with accompanying sideburns -- often when out of uniform dresses with an eye patch over one eye and a mechanical parrot over the opposite shoulder, just for fun.

Hobbies/Interests: Holographic simulations, mysteries, games, music.


Paul is bald as an egg; call it a fear of haircuts – letting anyone that close to your throat with something sharp strikes him as stupid.  He has dark brown, almost black eyes.  His love of food has him continuously fighting to maintain an acceptable weight.  McAllister has a dry wit and at times can be quite sarcastic; however, he does make fun of himself on a regular basis and despite the pain in his life he loves to laugh.  His BS tolerance is extremely low, and this places him at odds with senior officers when he can no longer contain his contempt.

Paul’s mechanical parrot is fully functional and has limited recording capabilities.  Paul also has a German Shepherd Dog named Buddy Holley, and hopes he will be allowed to keep him at his new posting.

Paul McAllister