Miramon Terrik
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   June 27, 2349
   Musilla Province, Bajor
   158 lbs
   Bajoran, Terran, some Latin
   Cooking, Tri-Dimensional Chess, Tai Chi, Bajoran Springball, Reading (classical literature)
   Alex H.
Academy Graduate 2378: Starfleet Academy Ribbon
Battle of Havras 2381: Battle of Havras
Commendation 2383: Commendation, Intel Operations in Hydran Territory
Battle of Romulus 2383: Battle of Romulus
Combat Readiness 2383: Combat Readiness
Combat Action 2384: Combat Action
Battle for Deep Space 5 2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
  None on record.
1st Year Cadet 2373: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2nd Year Cadet 2374: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2nd Year Cadet 2375: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Repeat Second Year
3rd Year Cadet 2376: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
4th Year Cadet 2377: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
Lieutenant 2383: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth - Lieutenant, Postgraduate Studies (Counselling)
Ensign 2365: Asst Helmsman, Bajoran Freighter K'Lyn (Until 2372)
Ensign 2378: Ensign, Junior Navigation Officer, USS Valdemar, NCC-26198
Ensign 2381: Ensign, Navigation Officer, USS Galaxy
Lieutenant JG 2382: Promoted, Lieutenant JG, Chief Navigation Officer - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant 2383: Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Navigation Officer - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant 2383, August: Transferred, Counseling - USS Galaxy
Lieutenant 2384, February - Transferred, Counselling - USS Exeter
Lieutenant 2385, September - Transferred, Navigation - USS Galaxy

Born in 2349 on the 3rd planet in the Bajor system, Miramon was the third child of a service engineer and a scientist, his siblings being one older brother and an older sister.

Bajor had been occupied under the rule of the Cardassian Union since 2328, and as a child Miramon was born into a period of extreme political strife and was witness to several atrocities during the time he spent on Bajor during the occupation. Even with his sympathy and understanding of the plight of his own people, he considered the Bajoran resistance a waste of time, since the Cardassians clearly had more resources and territory, while the Bajoran people were divided and spread throughout the Quadrant, having fled during the original occupation decades beforehand. The only real threat to the occupation was through guerrilla warfare, and Miramon believed that such warfare was both dangerous and difficult to continue without the resources that were needed by the Bajorans - resources that could have been put to better use helping others to survive, rather than for killing. As a result, he considered the resistance to be useless, and therefore never joined in an active role.

When he was 16 years old, Miramon left his family home (having had several difficult years amongst his family, all of whom were very much pro-resistance, though they weren't open about it) and enlisted aboards a merchant vessel that was chartered by the Cardassians to transport ore from the mining facilities on Bajor to various Cardassian-held territories in the outlying sectors of the system (since the Bajoran wormhole had yet to be discovered). However, during this time, the ship did undertake several passively resistant moves, like smuggling Bajoran refugees away from the planet, when they felt they had opportunity. These actions were the kind Miramon did support, and he continued to do so throughout the occupation.

Primarily serving as an operations officer aboard the freighter, following some basic training whilst aboard, Miramon eventually moved on to train in the piloting of shuttlecraft and, eventually, to piloting the freighters themselves, and as a result was already a capable pilot prior to joining Starfleet. However, due to the nature of the freight and the ships themselves, Miramon also learned a sufficient amount of technical information to assist his progress at the Academy later on - since most of the freighters were both old and constantly short-handed, the crew learned how to double up in certain areas of work, to ensure that they get to their destinations (and back again) in one piece.

The occupation of Bajor ended formally in 2369, when Miramon turned 20 years of age, and as a result, the freighter crew returned home to Bajor to assist with the rebuilding efforts - shipping both people and much-needed supplies back and forth to the planet under Federation protection and supervision. The Bajoran spent 4 years running freight in this way, occasionally spending time on Bajor to assist with the ground efforts, and also reuniting with his family after years apart, making a few attempts to reconcile with them. Although these efforts were welcomed, the Bajoran nonetheless has never felt comfortable around his family, and thus chose not to remain on Bajor permanently, as his parents wished.

It was during this time, with the Bajoran people coming constantly into contact with Federation personnel that assisted with the rebuilding efforts that essentially gave Miramon the drive to do something with his life other than freight and transportation - albeit in itself a good career, but not one that Miramon found either mentally or spiritually rewarding, since the Occupation was over and their work was no longer as critical to life as it had been when they smuggled people as well as transported cargo for the Cardassians. As a consequence, Miramon really felt like he needed a change of lifestyle, and though there was a large amount of work to do rebuilding the ecosystem and cultural centres of Bajor, it was inevitably the interraction with Starfleet that pushed him to make a decision.

As a result, Miramon made an application for Starfleet Academy in 2372, and though it was recommended that he should apply for NCO training, given his age in comparison to the standard Academy entrant age, he nevertheless made an application to take officer training, since his skills obtained on merchant freight would have held him in relatively good stead for doing NCO work, so he felt that he could make a good start on training at a higher level. He was accepted in 2373 after successfully passing the final entrant selection exams at San Francisco.

Since Miramon was one of the oldest cadets at the Academy at that point in time, he was forced to work hard in order to fit in and keep up with some of the younger cadets that had been groomed for Academy entrance, but his experiences aboard Freight ships had kept him physically fit, and also established a regimen of discipline to which he was well suited, since schedules had often been tight under Cardassian supervision, with penalties severe for those falling behind. Although he managed this with ease, his weakness in racial studies as a result of little contact with other races other than Bajoran and Cardassian until the independence of Bajor led him to fail the exams for both Xenology and Xenobiology, requiring that he stay back on a year in order to retake the exams, which he eventually passed in 2375.

Though this was a particular setback, Miramon chose not to drop out of training and moved on to gain a major in Helm and Navigation, with a minor in Engineering, much of which he'd learned doubling-up as a some-time engineer aboard his old freight ship. The Bajoran graduated with a full pilot's license for the navigation of ships of Nebula-class configuration or lower. Upon later transferring to the USS Galaxy, he was required to upgrade his license to include ships of a larger configuration, which he promptly did under the supervision of Lieutenant Savoie.

Upon graduating from the Academy towards the latter half of 2378, the Bajoran was assigned to serve aboard the USS Valdemar, an Ambassador class starship as a junior flight control officer. During this period, he consolidated his flight abilities with larger starships, and also regularly piloted shuttles from orbit-to-ground operations, since he was well experienced in piloting smaller ships, something noted in his service jacket as being a particular strength in the field.

In 2381, Miramon placed an application for a transfer to the USS Galaxy in order that he could upgrade his piloting license and also to serve on a larger ship of the fleet, thus being relieved of the less interesting duties that he undertook aboard the USS Valdemar, since the smaller ship was not as well equipped to enter the more dangerous and exciting fields that a larger, better equipped starship would have been able to.

The following year, with his commanding officer stepping aside, Miramon was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and stepped in to fill the slot left vacant by his CO, becoming Chief Navigation Officer for the USS Galaxy. This particular move was, at the time, something of a good career move for him, since it moved him closer to the possibility of one day obtaining a command rank, given that he was now senior staff. Early on in 2383, he was promoted to Full Lieutenant, in addition to being awarded a commendation for the actions he had taken as part of a group undertaking covert operations in Hydran space, under orders from Intelligence.

However, as time wore on, the prospect of command was no longer one that the Bajoran felt particularly inclined towards, and as a result, he took a brief leave of absence from the Galaxy, returning to Starfleet Academy to complete an intensive course of retraining as a Counsellor, allowing him to serve more within a sphere of work he could enjoy and relate to. Upon successfully completing the course, he was returned to the Galaxy to serve in the new position for which he had trained.

In 2384, several members of the USS Galaxy were temporarily reassigned to the undermanned USS Exeter, Galaxy's Chief Counsellor Brian Elessidil commanding, with Miramon going along to serve as the only Counsellor aboard ship for the duration. Following the completion of that mission, a new crew was assigned to the Exeter, and Miramon chose to request a permanent reassignment rather than return to the Galaxy, and was granted permission to remain aboard the USS Exeter.

Over a year later, Miramon reconsidered his position within the Counselling department, having had several occasions to pilot shuttles as part of an away-team while serving aboard the Exeter, and made the decision to return to his former career path. As such, he formally requested to return to the Command division, under the heading of Navigation, swapping out his teal uniform for a red one, and was reassigned to USS Galaxy. At the time of his transfer, his piloting license for vessels larger than a shuttlecraft had expired due to a lack of piloting hours, and he therefore is working to reacquire it, in order to allow for permanent bridge duty.


Despite the aloof tendencies developed during his youth, Miramon has slowly become more and more comfortable around other people, his attitude towards life becoming more relaxed and contemplative as time goes on. He has, slowly, managed to overcome many of the prejudices of his younger years, although some of them still remain - especially regarding Cardassians, or at least, those of their race that tend towards what he feels are arrogant militaristic actions. But, nonetheless, he does still tend to only judge people as he finds them, since he feels that to do any less is to act contrary to his principles of fairness and objectivity.

His spirituality has slowly developed, as well. Although he will never quite be as spiritually inclined as the rest of his family, or indeed as many Bajorans, he nonetheless maintains faith in the Prophets, although more according to the beliefs of the Ohaluvaru, in that he believes the Prophets to be teachers and guides, rather than gods. Unfortunately, this particular stance created more tensions between him and his family, since they are all orthodox believers - his brother being a member of one of the many religious temples restored since the Occupation. Nonetheless, he doesn't allow that to concern him overly much - he feels secure enough in his faith, even enjoying the divurgence between him own values and those of his relations, since it is simply another way he continues to assert his own independence from them.

The Bajoran is generally calm and perhaps even nonchalent at times - he has a significant amount of patience, and doesn't mind listening to others talk for hours, simply because if they feel good, he usually does, too. He is generally possessed of self-assurance in his own abilities, so he does very little with regards to trying to demonstrate them, and is simply content with himself. This latter tendency is probably one of the motivations towards pushing him to Counselling, rather than Piloting, since he likes others to feel at ease and to be content with themselves.

He isn't, however, often one for taking the advice of others - especially doctors. His tendency to rely upon his own capabilities and beliefs is likely one of his most significant weaknesses, since he is of the belief that, should you want something doing, it is better to do it of your own accord than to rely upon the actions of others to achieve your own goals. Consequently, he can be both stubborn and willful, but usually moderates these tendencies by acknowledging advice, but determining his own course of action independently.


Physical Profile
Although considered somewhat tall by some, both due to his actual physical height and the postures he tends to adopt, Miramon is nonetheless of an average height for a Bajoran male, augmenting his natural slenderness with a careful regimen of calisthenics and a good diet. He also practises several physical arts - he picked up Tai Chi while at the Academy and practises at least once a day, when he wakes on a morning. He also has a particular love of Bajoran Springball, although ironically he didn't pick this up until after he'd left Bajor aboard the freighter K'Lyn.

He keeps his blond hair relatively short and neat, and tends to ignore the temptation to grow it longer, since he considers it a nuisance at anything longer than his usual cropped length. His icy-blue/grey eyes are something of an unusual colouration for his race, but this is the result of a genetic abnormality that has been present in his family for several generations - he shares the characteristic with his mother, as well as his maternal grandfather.

Miramon is also severely allergic to Earth Cats, but only discovered this upon actually obtaining one to keep him company. Given this, he has a medical prescription for an immuno-suppressant that helps him to deal with the allergy, thus allowing the cat to remain present in his quarters (much to the regret of several shredded uniforms and a potted plant that was inevitably overturned).

Miramon's first love has always been cookery - his mother, having to raise several children together, was often working in the kitchen, and occupied her youngest son by teaching him some of the things she did in the kitchen, passing onto him a particular enjoyment of the culinary arts. He started off cooking Bajoran foods, and later learned to cook other foods, especially when he first entered the Academy. He particularly enjoys cooking Italian, as well as the odd Vulcan dish - although mostly because the latter take a lot of time to prepare properly.

As a result of this preference, Miramon is also highly averse to the use of replicators - aboard the Galaxy, he commandeered a spot in the Hydroponics Bay in order to grow fresh produce for use in his cooking, and will only use replicators if he has no other choice. He now maintains a decent-sized cooking area in his quarters, having converted part of his own living space to provide for it.

He also enjoys reading - and indeed, is known to be a very voracious reader, often sitting down for hours at a time to go through whatever text is his choice of the moment. His preferences in this regard vary extensively - he reads everything from Bajoran religious texts to Vulcan philosophy, although he has a particular preference for classical Earth philosophy, hence why he has taken to trying to learn something of Classical Latin (despite having pretty much ignored the class teaching it at the Academy).

His other interests are also relatively quiet activities. He first started playing Tri-Dimensional Chess with his older sister on Bajor, since she was an avid player throughout their respective childhoods. His work aboard the K'Lyn allowed him to continue this later on, since he and his crewmates could often take days at a time to make their next move, often having several games on the go at the same time. His Tai Chi practice is often done privately, although he still attends the odd class held aboard the Galaxy, when the crew has sufficient time to have one.

Contrary to Bajoran custom, Miramon tends to use his birth name of Terrik as a term of address rather than the use of his Family name. This was done as the result of the rift between him and his family, and also as part of his integration into Starfleet, where he felt the reversal of the names would only serve to confuse his fellow officers, were they not familiar with the custom itself. Though this has served to put him in bad stead with several Bajorans while he was at the Academy, nobody has since questioned the point, since very few people are actually aware of the custom itself. It ought to be noted that he doesn't insist on people doing this - he responds to Miramon as much as he does to Terrik, so the point is merely for convenience.

As he has explained to several people, he prefers being called Miramon regardless - so those that are aware of the custom would inevitably refer to him by salutation and birth name, whereas those that didn't would call him 'Lieutenant Terrik' when using a salutation, or just call him Miramon colloquially.

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