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   c. 1956 (Earth calendar)
   Miri's Planet (M-5229)
   64 lbs
   English, Vulcan, Andorian, some Tellarite
   Martial Arts (Suss'mahna and Ushaan), Competitive Sports (Parrises Squares, Hoverball, Racing), Ion surfing
SFFC Academy Graduate 2378: SFFC Academy Graduation
Combat Readiness 2378: Pilot's Wings
  None on record.
n/a c. 1960: Post-Industrial Early Childhood Education
n/a 2266: Enrolled, Miran Foster Care & Education Program
1st Year Cadet 2375: SFFC Academy, 1st Year Cadet
2nd Year Cadet 2376: SFFC Academy, 2nd Year Cadet
3rd Year Cadet 2377: SFFC Academy, 3rd Year Cadet
4th Year Cadet 2378: SFFC Academy, 4th Year Cadet
Flight Officer 2384: Starfleet Advanced Fighter Tactics and Weapons School
Pilot 2378: Reported, Pilot, Vulcan Sector Defense Command
Pilot 2381: Assigned, Pilot, Wraith Squadron, USS Miranda
Flight Officer 2382: Promoted to Flight Officer. Lateral transfer as Squadron XO, Renegade Squadron, USS Miranda
Flight Officer 2383: Transfer, Assigned, Port Control Officer, Starbase 325
Flight Officer 2385: Transfer. Assigned, Vanguard Squadron, USS Galaxy

Naota’s story begins, as with all surviving members of his race, three hundred years before the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 discovered a nameless planet in the Beta Quadrant whose humanoid inhabitants had destroyed themselves in a botched attempt at prolonging life which ended instead in a viral outbreak that swept across the planet and corrupted every sexually mature being alive. Ironically, in children the virus worked as it had been intended and granted them unnatural long life. Surviving with only the slightest passage of time as they struggled against the elements and the zombie-like creatures birthed by the plague’s final phase, in which it twisted the bodies of its victims into monstrosities driven mad with rage. For centuries, the children eeked out a meager existence; with the sole reward for survival being the knowledge that when one of them grew into puberty they would become one of the monsters. By the time the Enterprise arrived the dwindling population numbered only in the hundreds, but this was the start of a new chapter. (ref. TOS, episode 8: “Miri”)

Naota was one of some sparse hundred to have walked out of the hellish trauma and into the Federation occupation set up by Captain James T. Kirk’s order to provide education and medical care for the stricken population of Miri’s Planet. Literally overnight, Naota was lifted from the decimated ashes of a post-industrial society and into an age of space exploration. Comprehension escaping him at such modern marvels beyond anything imagined in his time, and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Naota was particularly violent case in acting out against the Federation caretakers. Through a creative combination of Vulcan emotional counseling and Andorian physical activities, Naota was able to be educated and socialized into Federation society. Though not an attentive or especially talented student, it was discovered that Naota had an intense interest in flight -- both suborbital and interstellar. This revelation gave his educators a means by which to focus his energy and attention; culminating in Naota achieving a degree in physics and licensing as a civilian pilot.

After news of the massacre of Setlik III, Naota applied to Starfleet Academy with the start of the Cardassian Wars but his initial application was denied. With the rejection from Starfleet closing that door, Naota instead made a name for himself as an amateur stunt pilot in several trans-stellar rallies, eventually becoming a professional racer. The Second Federation-Klingon War threatened to halt the racing circuit however, and the outbreak of the Dominion War shortly after stopped it completely. Embittered at his earlier rejection, Naota was convinced to apply a second time due to the Starfleet need for capable flight controllers, though he chose to apply with the Starfighter Corps Academy in order to avoid what he described as a slow death behind a bridge console. Accepted on this second application, Naota earned his SFFC pilot's wings and graduated from the Starfighter Corps Academy in the winter of 2378. Despite his misgivings about ever becoming a bridge officer, Naota did pursue pilot certification for all manner of Starfleet vessels, including the capital ships.

First assigned to the Vulcan sector on point defense, the newly commissioned Pilot Naota was able to reconnect with the Vulcan counseling he had received a century prior on his homeworld in addition to furthering his study of the Vulcan martial art, Suss'mahna. His second assignment, three years later, was squadron duty onboard the Federation starship USS Miranda-C with Starfleet's Wraith Squadron. The following year, a promotion to the grade of SFFC Flight Officer moved him to executive officer of Renegade Squadron.


Upon first meeting him, most people would come away with no doubt as to how the boy earned the callsign "Brat". Brash, obnoxious, and outspoken are three attributes that do not combine well socially - but therein lies the subconscious purpose behind their employment. While most children, before adolescence, are likened to puppies for their eagerness for attention, Naota is more akin to a porcupine. Independent, strong willed, and shielded by the barbed quips. Though still retaining a child's innocent nature, including a deeply seated need to belong, the psychological scarring three hundred years of disaster have bred in him a demeanor that causes him to be defensive around people; preferring them at arm's length in order to avoid the interpersonal entanglements which he associates with pain or loss.

Though he will continually buck against authority and decry the status quo, Naota was raised to be a patriot. With no memories of his life before the viral outbreak that plunged his world into a post-apocalyptic waste, Naota has no other family aside from the United Federation of Planets. It was humans who picked him up out of the ash and cleaned him up. It was Vulcans who reintegrated him into society. The Andorians focused his anger into their children's games. And the Tellarites gave him wings with which to fly, as their shorter racial stature made it easier for him to operate Tellarite designed craft over that of the other races.

Naota's fascination with Andorian Ushaan, with its rigorous code of honor, is off-set by his own predisposition to stack odds in his own favor whenever possible. Naota is the type to bring a gun to a knife fight or an ushaan-tor to a fist fight, believing that the ends justifies the means -- in this case compensating for a Miran's lack of size, mass, or strength. Indeed, if he ever appears to be unarmed then one would be wise to bet that not all is at it appears to be.


Having received what is best described as a "classical Federation education", Naota is comfortable with the four languages of the Founding Races though he considers English to be his first language as it closely resembles the language of his home planet and he admittedly has trouble with Tellarite, being only marginally conversational with it.

Being trained in Suss'mahna, Naota is capable of performing the Vulcan nerve pinch; though his short stature makes delivery of this neuropressure manuever improbable on most species.

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