Corran Rex
Headshot courtesy Harrison Ford, Image Pat Weber, 2007
Trill (Joined)
Nov. 7th, 2349 (Rex is 5000+ standard years old)
Boarn, Trill
210 lbs
Standard, Trill, Romulan, Klingonaase, Tzinketh; A wide variety of other languages that he's mostly forgotten.
Dom-jot, computer systems, history (reminiscing), piloting, many wide and varied other interests.
Academy Graduate
2374: Academy Graduate
Pilot's Flight Cross
2374: Pilot's Flight Cross (Passed the Level 5 pilot's exam)
2374: Pilot's Wings (Passed the Level 8 pilot's exam)
Dominion Cluster
2375: Dominion War Service Ribbon (For service in offensive/defensive actions during the Dominion War)
2381: Battle of Havras
2383, February: Wounds Ribbon
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2383: Battle of Romulus
2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
2383: Combat Action
2383: Combat Readiness
2383: Conspicuous Gallantry
2384: Dedicated Service Ribbon, 10 Years
2386: Triad War Service Ribbon
Cadet Rex was reprimanded as a participant in the longtime Academy tradition known as a 'panty raid'.
Boarn public schooling system
  2365: MIT, Earth
  2369: Symbiosis Institute
2370: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2371: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2372: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2373: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2373: Midshipmen's Cruise - USS Fearless
2373: Assigned, Ensign, Fighter Pilot, Starlight Squadron - USS Kelvin
2374: Transferred, Ensign, Fighter Pilot, Rogue Squadron - USS Miranda
2375: Transferred, Ensign, Operations Officer - USS Kelvin
2375: Promoted, Lieutenant j.g., Operations Officer, USS Kelvin
2377: Leave of Absence
2379: Lieutenant j.g., Assistant Operations Manager - USS Galaxy
2380: Transferred, Flight Officer, Squadron Commander, Vanguard Squadron - USS Galaxy
2380: Promoted, Lieutenant, Squadron Commander, Vanguard Squadron, USS Galaxy
2382: Promoted, Major, Squadron Commander, Vanguard Squadron, USS Galaxy
2384, March: Lateral transfer, Lt. Commander, Chief Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy
2384: Leave of Absence
2385: Major, Squadron Commander, Defender Squadron, 1st Starfighter Wing, Starbase One
2385: Lateral transfer back to Starfleet, Lt. Commander, Chief Engineer, USS Galaxy

Corran Alansin grew up in the Leran Manev capitol district of Trill, have been thoroughly educated - and showing great aptitude - for working with computer systems. He was a quiet, studious child, taking his education and being a potential host to a symbiont very, very seriously. Corran had a habit of taking things very literally, and jokes often went over his head. His life was largely unremarkable in its averageness, aside from the distinction of his excellent scholastic performance, until at the age of sixteen, he traveled to Earth to attend M.I.T.

His exposure to the many different cultures present at the renowned school opened his eyes, and Corran began to (as his roommate, a human named Bryce Prewitt called it,) "lighten the hell up." He finished his studies at MIT, gaining a degree in computer sciences, and publishing his first paper on the capabilities of bioneural systems over the standard isolinear ones. He was, at the time, looking forward to a long, and probably rather boring, career as a computer scientist. He'd entertained flights of fancy of joining Starfleet, but space travel left him with a rather debilitating case of space-sickness, which had effectively cancelled those ambitions.

When he returned home to Trill, Corran was pleased to find that he had been selected to be joined to the symbiont named Rex. Rex, at that time, was just under five centuries of age, and one of the most distinguished symbionts in Trill history. (Even if his last host had been known as something of a womanizer, and even more importantly, had had a less-than-legal career as a "free trader".) UPDATE - SEE LATER FOR NEWER INFORMATION REGARDING THE REX SYMBIONT.

The joining process was completed, and when Corran Rex opened his eyes for the first time, he saw the world in a whole new light. The quiet studious core of Corran was still there, but he was astonished to find he suddenly seemed to have acquired (along with the memories and experiences of Rex's eleven past hosts) a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor. Also now present was a pure and simple love for the craft of piloting, particularly small craft such as Starfighters. No longer was he content to simply while away his life in some computer lab - he now sought even more adventures. And, more importantly - he no longer suffered from space sickness. Entire new vistas were opened for the newly joined Trill.

So, naturally, Corran applied, and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. During his time there, he became noted as a prankster, and was even once reprimanded for participating in a panty raid against some of the female Cadets. Rex maintains that to this day, he was merely exploring the possibility of an alternative lifestyle.

He specialized in Flight Operations while at the Academy, supremely interested in the new Starfighter program that was being built. He minored in engineering and computer systems, the memories of past lives easily pulling him through the difficult courses. Rex graduated in the top twenty percent of his class, and went on to his midshipman's cruise aboard the USS Fearless. His Middie cruise emphasized a heavy learning in both tactics and piloting, and after he was officially commissioned as a Starfleet Officer, and won one of the coveted slot aboard the USS Miranda's Rogue Squadron.

Then the Dominion War broke out. The time was as chaotic for Corran as it was for any Starfleet Officer, and Rex saw many combat situations during the War. The Miranda had been a front line ship for nearly the entire war, and it's Starfighter unit, Rogue Squadron, saw many a harrowing mission in those years. Unlike many, however, Rex had the advantage of having seen it all before, so he's coped with thing much better than many have. After five centuries of life, not much happens that surprises him.

After the Miranda-A was destroyed, Rex was transferred to service aboard the Starship Kelvin. He briefly considered going on leave until the commissioning of the Miranda-B, but decided it would be better to move on. He accepted an to transfer to the ship's Operations department, as that, along with Tactical, is one of the two departments that are practically required for Command-track officers to pursue. Rex was promoted

to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He had a relationship with Lt. Commander Tara Reynolds, the Chief Tactical Officer. His relationship with Lt. Commander Reynolds proceeded for quite some time, though the pair eventually went their separate ways once Tara accepted the position of First officer aboard the Starship Colorado.

It was during this time that the riots on Trill took place with the revelation that the Symbiosis commission had systematically hidden the fact that a much higher percentage of the population was capable of joining. President Lirisse Maz then voluntarily relenquished her symbiont, bringing an end to the violent bombings which cost the lives of hundreds of symbionts. A moratorium was issued on new joinings for an indefinite period of time. There have since been very few new joinings while the symbiont population attempts to rebuild itself.

His posting aboard the Kelvin ended abruptly in 2377, when he took a medical leave to return to Trill, after the Kelvin's CMO diagnosed him with T'Rex's syndrome, a degenerative condition afflicting joined trills that has similarities to Alzheimer's in humans. In this case however, the symbiont occasionally 'forgets' who it is bonded to, causing a prior host to assume control and become the dominant personality. While there is no memory loss - the other personalities are perfectly aware of what's going on - there is no set pattern to when this may occur. Lieutenant' Rex took two years off from Starfleet, learning how to cope with this new aspect of his life, even as it made clear one thing: He would be the last host of Rex.

In 2379, Lieutenant' Rex transferred aboard the USS Galaxy to become her Assistant Operations Manager. He served quietly and steadily for several months, though his condition flares up more occasionally now. His last host, Vorrin, is nearly always a voice in the back of his mind. He does, on occasion, appear to be arguing with himself because that's exactly what he's doing - in a more literal sense than most.

In early 2380, Corran became aware that the position of Commanding Officer for Vanguard Squadron, the Galaxy's starfighter complement, had become available. Galaxy was issued a dozen Bonzai-class Starfighters, and charged with creating a squadron out of her own crew. Corran volunteered for the assignment, which was part of the establishment of the newest formal branch of Starfleet - the Starfleet Starfighter Corps. He put in a request for transfer to command of the fighter unit, and it was approved on the basis of his prior flight experience and combat time.

From there, Corran did what few ever have the opportunity to - build a first-rank combat unit from the ground up. He relished the opportunity, and put his long experience into the matter, extensively training the Vanguards personell until they had solidly formed the ability to work as a unit. Unfortunately, their first trial by combat would come against no enemy, but fellow Starfleet officers in the "Paradox Incident" over Quentin. Though the timeline was changed, Rex was among those who remebered the original timeline in it's entirety, and swore to never let a situation get so far out of hand again.

A year later, when the Galaxy and Miranda were assigned to diplmatic talks with the Breen, Corran was tasked to a side mission with Lieutenants Grey, Kara'nin and Geluf. They were then stranded on a desert planet for what seemed to them to be weeks, but thanks to a timeflux, resulted in their return to the ship only days later, immediately before the disastrous battle of Havras. An organic compound in the local water proved almost as disastrous to the away team itself, producing myriad effects on each of them. In Corran's case, however, it was a boon - the compound acted as a stabilizer on the bond with his Symbiont, effectively curing his T'Rex's Syndrome. He had to maintain constant doses to keep it stable, but the net effect did much for the Lieutenant's state of mind.

Several months later, he witnessed first hand the horrifying crash of the Federation starship Akula into his home city of Leran Manev, the Capitol of Trill. Already on the scene, Rex served first as Starfleet liason to the Trill President during the coordination of local releif efforts, and reported back aboard Galaxy in time for the confrontation with the terrorist behind the attack. During the battle, Rex rammed his fighter into the bridge of the rogue Starship Patton had taken control of, disabling the vessel and forcing Patton's surrender. That action gained him notable celebrity among his homeworld's population as hero - something they'd desperately needed. The revelation of his past relationship - when they'd both been students of the Symbiosis comission - with Trill President Lirisse Durghan also added to this luster.

The greatest revelations and tragedy of Corran Rex's life was yet to come, however, months later when the Galaxy encountered a race that Rex had an unknown history with: The Dithparu. A sentient species of energy creatures that are praticularly skilled at manipulating telepaths, the Dithparu took over many of the crew of Deep Space Five, resulting in the slaughter of every man, woman, and child aboard that outpost. When Galaxy arrived to investigate, they tried to do the same to it. One of the keys to their defeat came, however, from Rex himself.

Rex discovered, when he became host for several of the Dithparu - Patient Zero, in a way - that the degenerative syndrome which had caused him so many problems with the bond between Corran and Rex wasn't a disease at all. Instead, it was the side-effect of a memory blockage technique employed by the Symbiosis Comission on Rex five centuries before. Rex wasn't only five hundred years old - he was actually between four and five thousand years old, one of the oldest Trill symbionts known. But nearly a thousand years ago, he too encountered the Dithparu, and had been driven insane. Five centuries in the caves of Mak'ala did nothing for Rex's madness, and the Guardians eventually elected to wipe the symbionts memories. The serum Corran had devised, however, on top of this new encounter with the Dithparu shattered that memory block, and Corran learned he wasn't the thirteenth host of Rex - he was the forty-second.

Corran has slowly discovered the rich memories he is now heir to - Rex has been many things. Leader. Warrior. Explorer. Cop. Engineer. Scientist. Doctor. Soldier. Murderer. His very first host participated in the bombing of the Trill colony of Kurl, helping to kill nearly a billion of his own species. This is among the most difficult memories Corran now has to live with, as are those of Lazlo Rex - a psychopath who murdered forty-seven women in the span of several months. But there are positive memories as well. Rex has a long history of military and political service, and with each new life, Rex hopes to redeem himself for the actions of those of those hosts that he'd rather not remember.

It has taken Corran Rex some time to deal with all these revelations, and it is a process he's still undergoing. He's remembered several things about his past - some of which, he'd much rather forget. And several other things that some of the others that are among the oldest joined Trills cannot realize he knows. To that end, he takes great pains to downplay his newly recovered four millinea of memories.

Some months later, Corran and Lieutenant Krieghoff took some leave time to discharge an obligation of Corran's from his last life: Investigating the murder of Vorrin Rex's partner, and securing Rex's old freighter, the Marianne. The Marianne now rests in Galaxy's main shuttlebay, with a few technological goodies Rex has been careful to keep out of the hands of anyone yet.

Corran was also awarded Starfleet's prestigous Medal For Conspicuous Gallantry for his leading role among the fighter pilots in the 1st and 2nd Battles of Romulus, helping to beat back the Hydran invasion of that system.

Recently, Corran has elected to transfer from his position as CAG to the Galaxy's Bridge, to serve as Chief Tactical Officer. Though he'll always remain a fighter pilot to some degree, Corran knows that, if he wants to command a Starship again (something it's been a few lives since) then he needs to be back on the bridge.

An incident with a an ancient Vulcan artifact in 2384 left Rex all but crippled as he manifested full-blown telepathic abilities. This development was all but crippling, and Rex had to leave the Galaxy in order to learn how to cope. After learning several techniques from Vulcan and Betazoid masters on controlling these abilities, Rex discovered over time that they waned - the effect from the artifact had been temporary.

He returned to active Starfleet service afterwards, and was assigned as a squadron commander on Starbase One for the final months of the Triad War. After the loss of much of his squadron, Corran has decided to return to active fleet duty, craving the stability and the sense of home he'd found aboard the Galaxy. After recertifying as a qualified engineer, Rex accepted the post of Chief Engineer, and came home.


Corran has been categorized as a womanizer, but it's not entirely accurate. At his age, he simply doesn't have any hangups about sexual activity, which is something he quite enjoys. He has had a number of liasons with members of the Galaxy crew, though carefully avoiding anyone under his own direct command. (The sole exception is one fellow officer, Padma Xiaz. Both Corran and Padma have a history together, pre-joined, as well as the fact that in a previous life, the host of Rex was the wife of the host of Xiaz. It's complicated) He's funny, sarcastic, but when it comes down to business, absolutely serious. A new facet of him has emerged since he's regained the rest of his memories, one noted on by some subordinates. When it's necessarry, he can be almost as efficient a killer as Victor Kreighoff. This partially comes from the knowledge and skills of his own past lives, but he remains one of the very few people to have little adverse effects in the security officer's presence, and has instead become friends with the taciturn officer.

A simple description of his personality is all but impossible, as elements of his past hosts are constantly manifesting themselves. Corran Rex also has a tendency towards being scatter-brained, a side-effect of his various interests, and the fact that aspects of his pasts hosts will still randomly manifest. Thanks to the removal of the memory block, they no longer take outright control, but his bond is still not as "pure" as most Trill would consider. The Symbiosis commission on Trill beleives this may never change, due to the fact that Rex is now one of the oldest known living symbiotes. It is still very possible that Corran will be the last host. After forty-two lives, Rex may finally be done.

1- Jacen Rex - Junior tactical officer, helped bomb Kurl. Committed suicide.
2- Benvolian Rex - Politican. Advocate of the Regression, the dismantling of much of Trill's higher technology
3- Vellura Rex - Army General, forcibly "regressed" a group of Trills opposing the Regression. Absolutely brutal.
4- Hanzo Rex - Army General, spent entire career making up for Vellura's mistakes. Very noble, restored the military's Honor code.
5- Jola Rex - Therapist, speacializing in post-traumatic stress
6- Buran Rex - Leran Manev P.D. Detective, Homicide.
7- Lazlo Rex - Very short-lived joining. Sadist, murderer - killed over 47 women in a span of six weeks.
8- Cartan Rex - Physician, Leran Manev Hospital, Emergency Room
9- Grisso Rex - forensic scientist, L.M.P.D.
10- Trojanus Rex - politican, argued for the repeal of the Regression act. Neurotic and unstable - OCD.
11- Tolnedra Rex - Businesswomen, one of the most successful of her day. Built a worldwide financial investments empire.
12- Ellenza Rex - Co-Founder of the Symbiosis Institute, helped develop the process to regulate joinings.
13- Delmar Rex - Aerofighter pilot, Northern Continent Alliance
14- Baraban Rex - soldier, hatchetman for the Symbiosis Institute who "cured" bad joinings. Partnered with Gard.
15- Keira Rex - reclusive biologist, broke several laws regarding symbiote research, trying to find where the Kurlans went wrong.
16- Carolus Rex - member of the organized crime syndicate in Leran Manev
17- Bentar Rex - Reformationist leader, sponsored serveral initiatives to re-develop Trill technology
18- Jezra Rex - Noted writer, poet and playright
19- Falluane Rex - Astronaut, pilot for the new orbital shuttle fleet
20- Galvan Rex - Archeologist
21- Cilu Rex - Singer/Actor, 2-D star
22- Gryph Rex - Engineer for the Space Defense Initiative, later part of the Coalition that reunified the Trill government.
23- Galile' Rex - Physicist
24- Paolo Rex - con man, scoundrel, grifter
25- Angelo Rex - private dectective
26- Jayson Rex - design engineer, Trill Spaceflight Systems. Helped build the first hyperjump-drive ships. (Limited FTL capability)
27- Verona Rex - 3rd President of the United Trill Government
28- Lefayne Rex - bumbling idiot, never accomplished anything
29- Jalen Rex - Trill scientist, rediscovered warp drive. Very shy, unable to talk to women.
30- Dantelli Rex - Captain, Trill Expeditionary Fleet. Ship encountered the Dithparu. Rex's memories blocked after this encounter and Dantelli's death, five centuries spent in the symbiont pools.
31- Venara Rex - very short-lived joining, high-risk (and very good) thief
32- Nomar Rex - Law enforcement officer, Federal. Hunted down one of the last joined serial killers in Trill history.
33- Mekaela Rex - T.E.F. Captain of the TES Surveyor, made first contact with Betazed
34- Remy Rex - successful businessman, very good at making money. Not especially constrained by the law.
35- Vorzin Rex - politician, very conservative, unlike most of Rex's hosts.
36- Jaal Rex - Security Officer, Trill Expiditionary Fleet. Participated in 1st Contact w/the Federation
37- Lanet Rex - "salvage expert" - essentially, a fortune hunter
38- Jenee Rex - Writer. Wife of Larlan Padma
39- Esanza Rex - Doctor - developed treatments for T'Rex's Syndrome
40- Baledra Rex - Starfleet Engineer, Chief Engineer, USS Excelsior
41- Vorrin Rex - smuggler, con man, pilot, entepreneur.
42- Corran Rex - Fighter pilot, Starfleet
Corran Rex
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