John Ramirez
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   March 13th, 2355
   San Francisco, California, Earth
   6’ 2”
   234 lbs
   English, Klingon, French, Rihannsu
   Baseball, Flying, Drums, Darts
Academy Graduate 2380: Starfleet Academy Ribbon
Academy Graduate 2380: Pilot's Flight Cross
2379 Engaged into a Fight with Fellow Starfleet Academy Cadet Dave Sanchirez – spent a night in the Miranda’s Brig
1st Year Cadet 2376: Starfleet Academy 1st Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
2nd Year Cadet 2377: Starfleet Academy 2nd Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
3rd Year Cadet 2378: Starfleet Academy 3rd Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
4th Year Cadet 2379: Fourth Year Cadet, Midshipman Cruise - USS Miranda
Ensign 2380: Assigned, Ensign, Flight Control Officer - USS Miranda
Lieutenant JG 2381: Promoted, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Flight Controller - USS Miranda
Ensign 2382: Promoted, Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Flight Controller - USS Miranda
Ensign 2382: Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Flight Controller - USS Miranda
Ensign 2384: Transferred, Lieutenant, Chief Flight Controller (USS Reliant) / Space Traffic Control (USS Atlantis)
Ensign 2384: Transferred, Lieutenant, Officer Exchange Program - Attached to Romulan Star Empire
Ensign 2385: Transferred, Lieutenant, Administrative Assistant - Federation Embassy on Romulus
Ensign 2385: Transferred, Lieutenant, Tactical Officer - USS Galaxy

Growing up near Starfleet Headquarters John Ramirez always wanted to follow his parents, and his older sister, into Starfleet. When his younger brother was born he felt that he needed to do something amazing to impress his parents. He began learning the old ways of magic tricks. During one such attempt at practicing his new found hobby he almost killed his little brother and that brought to an end his brief flurry with magic.

What made him decide to join Starfleet I hear you ask. Well at the time of his application into Starfleet Academy his Father had just been promoted to Fleet Captain and given Command of the Sovereign Class Vessel USS London. His mother had just returned to Starship Duty as Captain of the Norway Class Vessel USS San Diego. And his sister had just graduated from the Academy, and immediately signed up by Fleet Captain John Ramirez Sr.

As a Cadet, Ramirez was educated in the Flight Control Career Path, and spent a great deal of time in the Academy’s Simulator. The defining moment in the young Cadets career in Starfleet thus far was winning the Distinguished Pilot's Flight Cross award, whilst still in his first year at the Academy. He logged 80 hours a week (of his own time) in the simulator, that was more than what the other 1st year Cadets were doing in a month as part of their training. He requested that he be allowed the use of a real vessel. His instructors allowed that use and he continued to be consistently logging hour after hour in flight training. He was even flying more hours than the 2nd Year Cadets. His instructors gave him the medal almost as a way to curve his eagerness, as he didn't seem to be getting much sleep or completing the written tasks required by the course.

After this he regularly used a real vessel but was asked to help teach cadets in the Simulator room. He was also asked to complete all assignments otherwise he would be booted out of the Academy. As you can tell he is still here so he clearly caught up on his work. Ramirez played catcher on a Baseball team at the Academy in his 2nd year. The Team went on to win the Pacific Tournament hosted by the Academy. Ramirez was shipped out to the USS Miranda in the First Semester of the 2379/2380 School year, to serve on his Training Cruise. He was present on the Miranda for its involvement in the October 1st Bombings of that year.

Taking to the Miranda as a Flight Control Trainee he begrudgingly took to conducting flight exercises in the Holodeck. He worked with several of the Flight Control Officers, including Ensign Faraday, and the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer at the Time, LT (JG) Sebastian Davoust. 3 months into his training cruise, on the run up to the New Year celebrations of 2379/2380, Ramirez discovered that his Girlfriend was pregnant, and he was going to have a son. However he wasn’t so lucky, and the following week, the ship that she served on was found destroyed, lost with all hands. He took it badly, and started a fight with his friend and Roommate Cadet Dave Sanchirez. That incident caused him to have to spend a night in the Brig, a formal reprimand in his record, and a week ban from duty.

Following the New Years Celebrations, Ramirez took to the Bridge, as a part-time officer, sharing the Delta Shift with Cadet Sanchirez. When the Flight Control department took a slight shake-up he moved into a full time role as the Gamma Flight control Officer. During the Miranda’s first mission of 2380, Ramirez had a brief doubt over the future of his career, and for some time considered a career change. However he soon realized that he couldn’t do much else. He was officially granted the rank of Ensign, and his full time assignment to the Miranda secured whilst the Miranda began exploring the Gamma Quadrant. He looks forward to continuing his service to the Miranda as one of many Helmsmen.

After the Miranda’s mission to the edge of the Galaxy, John and the Miranda headed for Starbase 212, before receiving orders to accompany the USS Galaxy to Breen. During the ships time in Breen space, John was captured and held by the Breen for a short time on one of there ships, along with exchange officers from the Miranda and the Galaxy. When things took a turn for the worse in the Havras system, John aided the Galaxy crew in securing civilians in shelters in preparation for Combat, as that had been where he’d been beamed to after getting off the Breen vessel.

During the Refit to the Starship Miranda, Ramirez took a Temporary Assignment to the USS London, as a way to keep busy Following the Miranda’s previous mission – SEE CLASSIFIED PORTION OF FILE: STARFLEET COMMAND AUTHORIZATION LEVEL 13 REQUIRED. [STARFLEET AMENDMENT – CLASSIFIED PORTION OF FILE NOW AVAILABLE FOR GENERAL VIEWING]. He operated in the ships Flight Control Department, helping to ease some of the crew shortages the London was experiencing at the time. During the Three Months he spent on board the London, his relationship with his father began to improve, as they spent more time with each other, getting to know one and other, something Ramirez felt they should’ve done when John was still a Child.

During the Miranda’s transit to Earth for a publicity appearance, the ship was hit by a temporal anomaly, and many of the crew were sent into various portions of Earths past. Ramirez ended up in the year 2005, spending only a single day in that time period, where as many of the crew had spent weeks, months or in some cases years. When he returned to the ship, he was promoted to Assistant Chief of Flight Controller with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. The post of Asst. Chief also made him the Acting Chief for some time, although he was deemed to inexperienced for him to be made full time CFCO.

Shortly before the Miranda’s return from Atlantis Station to Earth for the 2382 Federation Day celebrations, Ramirez stepped down as Acting Chief, allowing the new Chief to take full time control of her department again. John silently regretted having to leave the position, but he had achieved a new respect for the position that he one day hoped to return to. During that fateful Federation Day, Ramirez was sent to the Daystrom Institute on Io with an Away Team of Science Officers, who were instrumental in preventing Section 31 from achieving their goals at the Science Institute.

As a reward for these actions, the Miranda’s crew, including Ramirez, received several Starfleet awards. John also received a promotion to Full Lieutenant. Shortly after, his superior accepted a position off ship, and Ramirez was returned to the Chief Flight Controller Position.

In mid 2383, whilst John and the Miranda were in the Delta Quadrant, his father died when his ship, the USS London, was in combat with a T'Kith'Kin ship in the Atlantis Sector. John performed well during the events that followed, serving the Miranda as its Primary Flight Controller during both the Battles for ch'Rihan. While on shore leave on the very world he'd protected only weeks earlier, Ramirez and the Miranda's Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Shiarrael t'Khianalmae, spent a night together, conceiving a child.

It was later learned that the two were expecting twins. Although this was hardly the way that either of them had intended things to happen, it did form the beginnings of a long term relationship between the two. In 2384, when the Miranda was transferred out of the Atlantis Sector, John was stunned to learn that he'd been transferred, being sent to the USS Reliant. Shia too, left Miranda, heading for Starbase Atlantis. Fortunately for John, the Reliant was attached to Starbase Atlantis, and he would likely have an additional job aboard the large Station.

Ramirez spent time on Atlantis and Reliant wondering what there was for him to do. He was a Flight Controller. On a Starbase. To him, it made very little sense. And he knew that he couldn't simply rely on being at the helm of the Reliant on the odd patrol to help him advance his career. He took a departmental switch, transferring into the Tactical Department. He was appointed as Reliants Head of Tactical, although he retained no Departmental Seniority on the Starbase itself. Despite that, John found that he actually enjoyed the Career shift, wondering why he hadn't done it sooner.

Just before the turn of the year though, Shia began to grow frustrated with Atlantis. At one point, following a rather stressfull day dealing with the impossible, she even declared: "Screw this Crazy Station!" After some discussion, the pair decided to head for ch'Rihan, and Shia officially retired from Starfleet. John applied for a position with the Officer Exchange Program, and initially found himself assigned to the Rihannsu Home Fleet on Romulus, as a helmsman onboard an aging, yet still quite capable d'Deridex warbird. This posting proved to have little to offer, as the fleet rarely left the system, and most ships were docked more often than not.

But being a Flight Controller wasn't what John wanted to do anymore, so he requested an alternative assignment. He served the Home Fleet in various capacities, aboard a variety of its vessels, including as a weapons officer, and briefly as an engineer. None of the assignments he was given proved satisfying, and slowly, John realised that he was only staying within the ch'Rihan system because of Shia, and that he wanted more.

In late 2385, John's Officer Exchange Program posting came to an end, and the Romulans declined to offer an extension. To stay on Romulus, with his Family, John requested a position at the Federation Embassy. He didn't care what he would have to do, as long as he didn't have to leave Shia and the Twins. He was assigned the remedial duties of an Admin Assistant. After less than a month, John grew tired of the mundane assignments he was given. Although he wanted to leave, he didn't want to do it without Shia.

With her support, and an arrangement with the Romulan Diplomatic Corp, the two decided it was time to return to the Federation. John requested a Starship posting, hoping to return to the duty that he signed up for. The Galaxy beckoned for the two, and with their twins in tow, John accepted a position in the Galaxy's Tactical Department.


John Ramirez is a career minded individual who has the desire and determination to follow in his Parents footsteps, although the recent birth of his own children have made him realise just how important it is to enjoy everything along the way. At one time, Ramirez was a protocol bound Officer on duty, even in front of his friends, but over time he mellowed out, learning with time that being an Officer to the Letter wasn't always the best way to operate. Everything he does, he does for his family.


Has a tattoo of the Starfleet Academy symbol on his left butt cheek. The result of a drunken booze up during his 3rd year at the Academy. Following the death of Fleet Captain Ramirez, John's father, Ramirez saw what he believed to be visions of his father, who would occasionally talk to him, and guide him. When he joined Altantis however, his father's "ghost" - for lack of a better term - stopped revealing himself. John is still unsure whether what he saw was real, or merely his sub-conscious attempting to deal with the loss of a parent.

Mother: Captain Elena Reynolds-Ramirez, Commanding Officer USS San Diego; Father: Fleet Captain John Ramirez Sr (Deceased); Sister: Lieutenant Commander Diana Ramirez, Second Officer USS London; Brother: Paul Ramirez, 15 year old Child living aboard USS San Diego; Partner: Lieutenant Commander (RET.) Shiarrael Laiir t'Khnialmnae, Rihannsu Liaison Officer USS Galaxy; Son: D'Nalus Anthony Ramirez, 18 Month old Child, twinned to Anna; Daughter: Anna K'Ves Ramirez, 18 Month old Child, twinned to D'Nalus;

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