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   Belerion (Terran)
   Bath, Belerion Kingdom
   170 lbs
   Federation Standard, Belerion, Caitian
  Hylian, Terran Soccer, Sailing, Scuba Diving
  2375: Battle of Bath Campaign Medal (Awarded to all military participants of the campaign)
  2375: Battle of Bath Campaign Medal (Awarded to all military participants of the campaign)
  2382: Kings Jubilee Commemorative Medal (Awarded to all serving members of the Marines prior to standing down of the Belerion Military)
Purple Heart 2385: Starfleet Medical Academy Graduate
  None on record.
n/a 23??: Lord Grey Preparatory School
n/a 23??: Dumbarton Teacher’s College. Bath, Belerion Kingdom
n/a 2374: Basic Marine Qualification. Hengist Head, Belerion Kingdom
n/a 2375: Medical Assistant Qualification Level 3. Hengist Head, Belerion, Kingdom
n/a 2380: Doctor of Medicine, Belerion University of Medicine. Colchester, Belerion Kingdom
n/a 2382: Testamur Orthopedic Surgery, Royal Inland Hospital. Colchester, Belerion Kingdom
4th Year Cadet 2383: Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth
n/a 2375: Assigned 2 Commando, Royal Belerion Marines
n/a 2376: Territorial Reconstruction Team, Bath, Belerion Kingdom
n/a 2377: 3 Commando, Posted HMBS(His Majesty’s Belerion Ship) UNDAUNTED
n/a 2377: Academic Leave
n/a 2380: Commissioned from the ranks to Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Belerion Marines. Billet Military Surgeon
Ensign 2383: Commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet. Assigned to USS Cordova, Medical Officer.
Ensign 2385: Assigned USS Galaxy. Medical Officer

Simon Roberts was born on Bath. A pleasant, sub-tropical world that is part of the Belerion Kingdom. The Kingdom itself is a collection of a dozen or so planets near the Cardassian/Federation boarder. It has always been on friendly terms with the Federation, but The Kingdom had many boarder clashes and territorial disputes with the Cardassian Empire.

Roberts was a young school teacher when the Dominion War started and joined the Belerion Marines; the combat arm of the (space) Navy. Though he didn’t much care for the aggressive nature of the Marines a number of his friends were joining and he put his name down in the hopes of being deployed with them. Because of his previous education he was offered a billet as a Medical Assistant and was sworn in as a Recruit in 2374.

Roberts completed training as a Medical Assistant and was tasked to 2 Commando in late 2375 which was part of the force sent to reinforce Bath. Simon spent the war tasked to the Commando unit where he served as a front line medic and part of a casualty evacuation team.

With the end of the war, Roberts stayed on Bath a decorated war hero and a Master Corporal. The Belerion Military then spent the first years after the war helping rebuild the planet and Roberts worked in a field hospital; often with those who were left physically disabled due to the War. With his term of service coming to a close, Simon chose to remain within the Marines and took advantage of the reopening of the schools and university’s. He decided to enroll and further his schooling and chose to become a physician.

He graduated from the Belerion School of Medicine in 2380 and given a King’s Commission as an officer in the Belerion Marines. Simon was trained in reconstructive and orthopedic surgery and outside his usual duties still continued working with mine and explosive victims that survived the Dominion War.

In 2382 the Belerion Kingdom became a full member of the Federation and as such its military forces were stood down. Those serving within the current Navy and Marines had a choice of either resigning, becoming members of the local constabulary or accepting positions in Starfleet. Simon chose the latter and In 2383 was commissioned as a Lieutenant J.G. He attended Starfleet Medical for an additional year and then was assigned to USS Cordova as a Medical Officer, Orthopedic Surgeon.

In 2385 he transferred to the USS Galaxy.

Simon Roberts is a rather funny and generally an all right person to get along with. He enjoys his job and the people he gets to meet, which is why he chose a career in medicine. When angry or on the rare occasion stressed, the Marine in him comes out and has been known to be quite vocal or otherwise be verbally aggressive to people. He usually feel guilty after, knowing full well that he is no longer a Marine and is a Physician. He never had a serious relationship, mostly because the job as a Marine didn’t allow for much in the way of meeting people.

Starfleet was nice, in that it allowed him to meet others that have similar likes and dreams. He dated a women for a number of years but when he was tasked to the USS Cordova the relationship fell away due to the distance. Simon grew up close to water and was sailing and fishing at an early age. So when he is able to get on the holodeck Simon tries to spend it on, near or under the water! He has a secret passion for painting in watercolours and though he thinks he is rather horrible at it, but still tries to get better.

Mother: Maureen Roberts

Father: Daniel Roberts (Deceased)

Sister: Carol Roberts

All former Royal Belerion Marine officers who chose to accept a Starfleet Commission are dually commissioned officers in the new Belerion Constabulary. Though Starfleet does not recognize this officially, Roberts holds the rank of Sub-Lieutenant in the Constabulary and is qualified for the billet of Ship’s Surgeon.
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