Artim Shivar
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423 (actual) ~ 10 (physiologically)
Juram IV , aka "Miri's Planet" (1960)
100 lbs
Federation Standard, Bajoran, Vulcan, Trill, Klingon
Piloting, Target Shooting, Botany, Cooking, Poker
Michael M.
Trill Institute Graduate - Masters - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2003
2310: Trill Institute of Science - Masters Degree in Microbiology
Trill Institute Graduate - PhD - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2003
2315: Trill Institute of Science - PhD in Microbiology
Vulcan Science Directorate - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2003
2318: Vulcan Science Directorate - PhD in Paleobotany
Top of Class - Copyright Ian Dickson, 2004
2379: Academy Top of Class
Vulcan Sciences Legion of Honor
2380: Vulcan Sciences Legion of Excellence
2382, October: Wounds Ribbon
Battle of Romulus - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2383: Battle of Romulus
2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
2383: Combat Action
2383: Combat Readiness
2384: Combat Action
Presidential Unit Citation, Copyright Ian Dickson, 2005
2384: Starfleet Commendation - Battle of Deep Space 5
Artim was briefly held by Starfleet Intelligence for failing to turn over notes regarding research he'd done in the Gamma Quadrant.
1965: Primary Education, Miri's Planet
  2300: Starfleet Technical School, San Francisco
  2305: BS - Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Earth
  2307: MS - Microbiology, Trill Institute of Science
  2310: PhD - Microbiology, Trill Institute of Science
  2315: PhD - Paleobotany, Vulcan Science Academy
  2325: Basic Piloting Certification, Mars
  2328: Level 2 Piloting Certification, Mars
  2333: Level 3 Piloting Certification, Mars
  2345: Philadelphia Drama School
  2355-66: Professor of Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania
2376: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2377: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2379: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2380: Starfleet Medical School, San Francisco, Earth, Student (Ensign)
2367: Civilian Mission Specialist - USS Al Batani
2370: Civilian Mission Specialist - USS Einstein
2382: Assigned, Ensign, Medical Officer - USS Galaxy
2383: Lateral transfer, Security - USS Galaxy
2383, July: Lateral transfer, Sciences - USS Galaxy
2385: Promoted, Lieutenant JG, Chief of Life Sciences, USS Galaxy
Artim was born into a family of middle class scientists on the planet that shows up on Federation charts as M-2553 or what later became known as Miri s Planet based on the name of the first member of its population encountered by Starfleet. The true name of the planet given to it by its natives has been lost to time. However, a great tragedy awaited the world caused by the advance of science beyond where it should go. When Artim was barely 6 and shortly after he d started school, a virus derived from an attempt to prolong life killed off the entire post-pubescent population of the world, usually in a quite gruesome manner. In an ironic twist of fate, the virus acted on the pre-pubescent population of the planet precisely as the creators intended. It prolonged the lives of the children, slowing their aging to roughly one physical year every hundred calendar years, only to die like their predecessors when they themselves hit puberty.

For three centuries, Artim eeked out an existence with a small group of other children on the ruined world. After awhile, he learned not to think about what had happened and rather focus on just living. They managed well considering. Artim first got interested in medicine and such when he had to treat an injury of a younger child. He had little time for hobbies though, survival was key. However, that all changed in 2264 when the crew of the Starship Enterprise came across the planet. The crew managed to cure the activated form of the virus in the Mirans as they came to be called so that they would no longer die upon reaching puberty. They also brought some months later the aid of a Federation colonization team who saw to the children s needs. A few years later, Artim was one of several Mirans taken back to Earth.

Artim jumped at the chance to leave his battered world, even though he was fully aware that he would be a research subject. He d rather be a rat in a plush cage then a person on that world. He again got more interested in science and medicine during his time under the microscopes. Eventually, Artim managed to get away from the lab and started going to school while living with a couple, both of whom were acadamians in the Terran city of Philadelphia. Having little else to do and feeling quite distant from others his physical age (having centuries on all of them), Artim turned to the books as much as possible, while still being a kid to some degree. He was a good student, and an odd person to be around .

For the next three quarters of a century, in which Artim reached 10 in appearance, he went through phases as humans called them, common in their adolescents. He was at first deeply interested in Microbiology, eventually getting an appointment to the Trill institute of Science where he got his first PhD. He was more comfortable amongst the Trill as they seemed to appreciate the idea of someone being older and wiser then their outward appearances suggested. Eventually though he grew bored of both the Trill and microbes and headed off to Vulcan to pursue Paleobotany, which he claimed he d always been interested in . To do this, he traveled to several ancient world to study plant life that no longer existed, something much more fascinating then bacteria, for awhile. He eventually moved on to a job as a shuttle and later freighter pilot, after that he went to work in children s roles in holonovels and in the theatre, and then went back to acadamia to work as a professor.

Once he was bored of life in Acadamia, he pulled some strings and got a posting as a mission specialist on a Starfleet ship that was going on biosurvey missions near the edges of the Federation and eventually, after the discovery of the wormhole. On one of these missions in late 2372 on a planet called Viricia IV, Artim s team was captured and interred by the Dominion. After several months in captivity, his release was arranged by a Cardassian officer who claimed to owe him a favor (though Artim had totally forgotten him. He returned to Earth where he was again confronted with armed men, this time Starfleet Intelligence, after his notes on Viricia IV (believed to be a key world in White production) and several other worlds. Artim claimed to have destroyed them when he d been captured , a lie which they didn't believe. Artim was again imprisoned, but was later pardoned by the president. when he learned of the action.

All this time in various prison cells and with seeing the devastation brought on the Federation, Artim decided to join Starfleet and train as a doctor. He easily passed the Academy Entrance Exam with the highest score of any prospective cadets. Having obtained sufficient academic credits in scientific fields, Artim s class load was rather small, but he took elective courses in as many varied fields as possible, earning his Level 4 pilot s certification during this time. He had a near perfect academic record, and graduated at the top of his class, a feat he repeated in medical school. In the Academy, Artim was seen much as he was in his younger days, bookworm one minute, life of the party the next. He tried not to look down on them, despite his lack of height and generally respected his classmates.
Artim, though hiding a very deep pain, is generally outgoing and jovial, behaving more like he looks then his real age. Despite this, he quickly withdraws emotionally when threatened or when someone tries to confront his pain. Artim is very difficult to offend, but can't stand people deceiving him or lying outright to him. He generally doesn't like nicknames like "kid" or something similar, though he knows they are inevitable and is patent with people who use them, to a point when he makes it quite clear that he's 41 times older then he looks.
He has a scar on his back from his time in a Dominion internment camp that has never quite healed properly due to his altered metabolism.
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