Andrus Suder
J. Andrus Suder (Andy)
Courtesy James Purefoy, Image Manipulation Timothy Rose, 2007
May, 2346
175 lbs.

Betazoid, Federation Standard, Romulan, and Vulcan

Reading, history, racquetball, theft

Unknown although Andy has mentioned that he's taught
history before. It is unlikely, however, that he obtained a degree in
order to teach.


Not much is known about Andrus' early years other than he was raised by loving parents who also happened to be thieves. Andy learned the arts of the con early on, took them to heart, and made a good career for himself.

In Andrus' twenties, he befriended the Romulan theif Tekia (Tekkie) and pilot Eric Wise. The three were inseparable until Andy betrayed them during a job. Andy later tried to make amends but they were rejected.

For twenty years Andrus moved from job to job, not unhappy but never quite at peace with himself either. Then he discovered a way to make-up his past mistake. Posing as a junior aide to the Betazoid ambassador on Romulus, Andy smuggled out Tekia's dissident brother, even though she would never know that Andy had been the one to help him.

Needing passage out of Romulus, Andy blackmailed his way onboard the Galaxy and is currently working as the ship's librarian.


Andrus has, in his opinion, a healthy blend between the instincts (and cynicism) of a thief and the compassion of an empath. He can have an air of calm about him but also tends to be excitable when stressed, which happens often. Since Tekia and Wise, he is more cautious about who and when he decides to con but Andrus also will also do whatever he thinks is necessary to survive.


Eyes: Black
Skin: Tan
Family: J.T. Suder - mother, Navas Suder - father (surnames are aliases)

Character entrance was in the episode 'Catalyst.'

He is temporary guardian to the Romulan defector Tae'ben (engineering npc).

Because he tends to be a bit excitable, Andy picks up bad habits per job/mission as a way of relieving tension. Examples include knuckle cracking, excessive swearing, tormenting Saul Bental, and more than excessive amounts of caffeine consumption.

Ella Grey - Andrus Suder's Character Owner
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