Bartholmew Thrasybulus
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   Oct 20 2365
   Federation colony Silencia 7 in what is later Occupied Cardassian Space
   180 lbs
   Federation Standard, Cardassian
   medieval terran history esp chivalric ideals
Academy Graduate 2385: Starfleet Academy Ribbon
  Three for fighting with other cadets, each time it was ruled 'self defence' but the offenders/attackers were never censured for bullying.
1st Year Cadet 2382: Starfleet Academy 1st Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
2nd Year Cadet 2383: Starfleet Academy 2nd Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
3rd Year Cadet 2384: Starfleet Academy 3rd Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
4th Year Cadet 2385: Starfleet Academy 4th Year Cadet, San Francisco, Earth
Lieutenant JG 2385: Assigned, Ensign, Navigation Officer - USS Galaxy

Born aboard the colony transport in 2368 en route to the federation Colony belt near the Bajoran border. The colonists included Bart's parents Johnathan Thrasybulus and Marjorie VonGraffenburg. Johnathan had served as a Starfleet Marine and had retired due to his dislike of combat. Barts mother Marjorie was a logician who had studied with Vulcans before settling down to a married life. The majority of the colonists were neo-Luddites, that is they rejected most technology in favor of archaic ways. They had purchsased colonication rights to a continent on a planet named Silencia 7 in the newly acquired 'Badlands' area near the Cardassian and Bajoran Zones.

When Silencia 7 was captured by the Cardassians and no Starfleet aid came, the loss of Marjorie drove Barts father Johnathan insane. Leaving the boy with Maquis resistance in the Badlands, Johnathan became a terrorist in Federation Space, trying to draw attention to Starfleet disregard for the Federation citizens left behind during the Cardassian wars. Known as 'the Cat' Johnathan Thrasybulus was killed by Jem hadar attackers during the Dominion War. It is suspected Starfleet Intelligence actually set him up, but nothing was ever proven. The Latinum bounty on The Cat's head was never claimed, but it is rumoured to have been so large that grown Ferrengi would cry at the thought of collecting it.

When the Maquis children were re-integrated into federation society, Bartholmew was one of the oldest. It was decided to 'rehabilitate' him, as his views were understandably shaped by the Maquis he had spent so much time with. The boy was mindwiped and went through severe rehabilitation on an unknown Federation penal asteroid. The exact process is classified, but it did not work exactly as planned and Bart is subject to some flashbacks, and the 'control' blocks deep in his psyche sometimes have unintended sideaffects.

He has discovered a huge bias against his father, who he cannot remember now, and has suffered persecution as a result of his infameous forbearer.

The boy went through Starfleet Academy and quickly proved an apt study for Navigation and Tactical. His leadership skills were constantly rated as 'sub par' but it is arguable that this is due to instructor bias after Thrasybulus' ties to his father were discovered.


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