Cianán Tierney
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Angosia III
6 feet
161 pounds
Angosian, Federation Standard, Vulcan
Running, Meditation, Contact Sports
Alex P.
Marine Graduate
2369: Marine Basic Training
2384: Combat Action
Battle of Deep Space Five - Copyright Robert Snow, 2008
2384: Battle for Deep Space Five
None on record.
2359: Angosian Private Science Academy

2362: Angosian Medical Training (Equivalent of MD)

2367: Federation Rehabilitation Training

2369: Starfleet Marine Corps Medical Training, San Francisco, Earth

2374: Assigned to Special Forces Operations, Earth
2380: Assigned to Vulcan, SFMC Condition Training and Operations
2384, July: Transferred to USS Galaxy, 188th Furies Special Ops

The one thing that Cianán Tierney cannot remember is his childhood. He has a vague recollection of a sister and a baby brother, but that’s about it.

Cianán is an Angosian soldier and was taken in the name of patriotism and the State from his parents. The Angosians are pacifists by nature, but as violence spread throughout their planet the government resorted to genetic, chemical, and psychological engineering to create a master race of soldiers designed to bring peace back to the planet. The soldiers were taken from their families in the name of peace.

Cianán’s programming began the moment he was taken from his family. He was given a cocktail of drugs that altered his body at the cellular level. Because he had yet to go through puberty he was a prime candidate for the programming. Through the pharmacological interventions his body matured into the perfect being with heightened senses and abilities.

Simultaneously to the physical effects of the drugs, he was also altered through psycho-pharmacological means. His inhibitions were suppressed, his emotions dulled, and his autonomy stifled. Drugs, coupled with intensive brain-washing turned him into the perfect soldier.

Early on Cianán was considered a gifted child and as such was not just trained as a soldier, but a medic. It wasn’t his duty to help is fellow soldiers, but to help the civilian officers and leaders that committed the atrocities in the name of peace.

Thanks to the drug enhancement Cianán has a perfect memory and carries with him the 132 deaths he personally caused. More rarely he will also reflect on the 217 lives he saved.

After the end of the Tarsian War, the soldiers were treated as criminals. Angosian society feared them for who they were. Their programming could not be easily erased and as a consequence were relegated to a prison on a distant moon.

Time on the moon was not peaceful. The prisoners were programmed to evade capture and escape at all costs. There were countless deaths until the fateful day that Roga Danar escaped and found the Enterprise. Cianán was the decoy for the operation and faced severe punishment in isolation. He still bears the scars on his back that his body attempted to heal. The prison officials always used an anticoagulant agent that prevented the superior healing factor in Cianán’s body to work.

When Angosia III applied for entry into the Federation the soldiers were freed and acclimated back into society. In sounds wonderful in theory, but in practice it wasn’t so wonderful. Most families, like Cianán’s loved their children but feared what they had become. Cianán to this day has no family and doesn’t know who he is. The soldier is comfortable taking orders and doing his work, but not acting on his own.

Cianán excelled in the marines and honed his medical skills to become a combat medic with full medical credentials. Upon graduation the Angosian opted for an assignment on Earth where he continued to grow as a marine and as an individual.

It wasn’t all easy for Cianán. He had a number of reprimands and injured many in drills. As such his superiors recommended a temporary assignment on Vulcan. On the peaceful logical planet Cianán did not at first feel comfortable. It was quiet and the soldier was constantly on guard for sabotage. It never happened. The Angosian experienced an unparalleled piece on the planet.

After his encounter with the Vulcans Cianán returned to the Fleet to take a position on his first official vessel, the Galaxy.


Cianán at times seems distant. He is extremely loyal once trust is earned and due to his training defers to command well. Cianán was engineered to hide his emotions. His mind is difficult for telepaths and empaths to read and purposefully so – his mind is a constant struggle between instinct and the reprogramming. He can be quick to act and offer no apparent regret or remorse for undesired consequences due to his actions.

Cianán’s very being was suppressed and replaced with the perfect machine. He has no sexual interests and has never pursued them. While most sentient beings have existential periods in their lives, Cianán has not had one. He has never had the opportunity to find himself. If left to mature Cianán would have most likely been a gifted child and continued on to make a profound mark on Angosian society. That part of him can still be found.

Due to the engineering experienced by the Angosian soldiers, Cianán will be required to participate in therapy for his time in Starfleet.With the programming aside, Cianán is not an evil person but often misunderstood. His mind in all accounts is a machine – programmed to process behaviors, not to analyze deeply. On the other hand, Cianán is also under all the chaos of his mind deeply lonely.


Like all Angosian soldiers Cianán has superior abilities. They include:

Internal systems: Cianán has a natural healing factor that distorts his genetic makeup. This has unintended consequences such as a blood type that cannot be replace, only regenerated by himself. Because of his genetic flux he cannot be traced by sensors. Cianán’s respiratory and circulatory systems have compensatory processes that allow extended stress without negative effects on other systems. Cianán’s nervous system can mask pain and decrease reaction time.

Psyche: Cianán’s mind was purposefully imploded through psycho-pharmacology. As such empaths and telepaths receive a wave of strong emotions that can be difficult to translate. His raw emotions have been known to make some telepathic species physically sick.

Vision: Cianán has beyond perfect eyesight and can typically see in near pitch dark.

Olfactory: Cianán can process faint smells similarly to a tricorder reading.

Auditory: Cianán has enhanced hearing.

Cianán Tierney
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