T'Pei Headshot courtesy Audrey Tautou, image manipulation by Timothy Rose
T'Paal, Vulcan
5' 5"
109 lbs
Standard, Vulcan, some Bajoran, some Denobulan
Exobiology, SCUBA diving, Vulcan harp, kal-toh (Vulcan chess), Suus Mahna (Vulcan martial art), Judo

2374: Starfleet Academy Graduate


None on record.

2370: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2371: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2372: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2373: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet

2374: Assigned, Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Veracruz

2382: Promoted and Transferred, Lieutenant JG, Senior Exobiologist, Gamma Vered II Research Outpost

2385: Transferred, Lieutenant JG, Operations Officer, USS Galaxy

2385, November: Promoted, Lieutenant, Chief Operations Officer, USS Galaxy


In 2318, TíPei was born in the Vulcan city of TíPaal. Her father, Sylek is an Astrophysicist with the Vulcan Science Directorate, and her mother TíSira was an ambassador to the Federation, but has since retired and teaches at the diplomatic institute in TíPaal. TíPei spent her pre-pubescent years living with her father and her pet sehlat Mazhyon (sandfire), while her mother conducted diplomatic missions. Her father conducted much of her early schooling in math and science, and as a result, TíPei had an advanced understanding of physics and math from an early age.

TíPei was exceptionally adept at controlling her emotions from a young age. In fact, it quickly became clear that she had above average psychic abilities, and much of her early training focused on increasing this natural ability, under the tutelage of a local priestess, TíLess. As part of her training, she underwent the Kahs-wan at an earlier age than most Vulcan children, at 10, rather than 11. At age 7, she was bonded to a Vulcan boy named Sren, and the two remained close throughout childhood.

By the time TíPei reached adulthood, she was capable of initiating a mind meld without physical contact, and was also capable of mind suggestion to a limited extent with other humanoids. Her heightened abilities made her a prime candidate for the priesthood. However, seeking the approval of her father, she attended the Vulcan science academy in Shi'Khar, specializing in exobiology, and graduated in 2340 with highest honors. Married in 2341, her marriage to Srenís lasted 28 years, during all of which she lived in the city of ShiíKhar. He lived with her intermittently, as he served aboard the Science Vessel Vílara as its helmsman. They never conceived a child.

In 2368 she was serving as a junior Exobiologist at the Vulcan Science Directorate. When the Science Vessel TíVran, upon which Sren was serving, went on a 8-month exploratory mission of the Gamma Quadrant, she accompanied as a civilian scientist. Unfortunately, during the shipís last planetary stop in the Gamma Quadrant, two JemíHadar stowed away on board, and upon the TíVranís return Alpha Quadrant in 2369, they staged a takeover of the ship.

One of the two JemíHadar was able to gain control of the engine room, while the other made his way to the bridge and shot the captain, killing her. He ordered Sren to show him how to pilot the ship. Sren refused, entering a command code which locked the helm. At this point, the other JemíHadar arrived and threatened to kill everyone present, including TíPei. After they had killed two Vulcans without convincing Sren to unlock the helm, the JemíHadar proceeded to torture Sren in front of TíPei and the others present. Their unusually strong psychic bond allowed TíPei to feel Srenís mental response to the pain, and her inadvertent vocal reaction alerted the JemíHadar that there was some sort of link between the two. He decided that perhaps torturing TíPei would have more of an effect on Sren. As the JemíHadar moved towards TíPei, Sren attacked him. TíPei was able to use the JemíHadarís own knife to mortally wound him, but not before he had dealt Sren numerous additional blows. Sren died in TíPeiís arms while the other Vulcans dealt with the other JemíHadar and regained control of the ship.

TíPeiís heightened psychic sensitivity made the brutal loss of her bondmate exceedingly traumatic. She returned to Vulcan barely in control of her emotions, and feeling responsible for Srenís death. She decided to undergo the Fullara to suppress her memory of the events and her emotions. It was clear that suppressing only the memory of Srenís death would be insufficient, for if she retained memories of him at all, his absence would be conspicuous. However, even if it were possible to suppress all memories of him, it would seem odd for her to have no mate. Therefore, in addition to suppressing her memories of the Gamma Quadrant mission, and Srenís murder, she was given memories of him dying from an illness.

Following the Fullara, TíPei began to desire to leave Vulcan, and her xenobiology research made her uncomfortable. Due to her suppressed memories, however, it was not clear to her why. She was encouraged to enlist in Starfleet, with the hope that in a foreign environment, nobody would remind her of the events that had been repressed. In 2370, TíPei entered Starfleet academy. Avoiding science, she chose the Operations track, because it seemed a posting which highly influenced the efficiency of a ship. Her mysterious discomfort with science bothered TíPei, because it was not logical, and although it was enough to keep her from taking the Sciences track at the academy, she forced herself to continue some of her previous work, and took classes in exobiology, exochemistry xenobiology, and astrophysics. In the last of these, she met a younger Frunaílin cadet named Cutter Karaínin, who, due to his drive and commitment to his work, became one of the few students whom she respected. TíPei socialized little, preferring to focus on her coursework, as well as her research. In spite of this, she did have a small handful of friendly acquaintances, including several non-Vulcans such as Cutter.

TíPei graduated in 2374. This was at the tail end of the Dominion war, and she was assigned to the USS Veracruz as an Operations Officer. She was present when the Veracruz assisted the Defiant in transporting survivors from AR-558. During this period, she began to resume her research in her offtime, having overcome her discomfort with it. She served on the Veracruz for 8 years, until 2382, at which time she had been promoted to lieutenant junior grade. At this point, it became clear that scientific expertise was necessary in the Vered cluster. Few civilian scientists were interested in working in such a desolate location. As TíPeiís published works on xenobiology were beginning to attract attention, she was transferred to a science outpost near the New BíHala colony on Gamma Vered II as Senior Exobiologist, with an assistant, a young Denobulan ensign named Relsta. She does not interact much with the locals, focusing on her research on the indigenous marine lifeforms of the planet.


Despite spending almost all of her time in the last 14 years around alien species, TíPei has not abandoned her Vulcan beliefs. She adheres rigorously to the teachings of Surak, no doubt helped by the extensive individual training she received from the priestess TíLess as a child. Unlike other Vulcans, however, TíPei is fairly tolerant of other species and their emotion and illogic, and even recognizes that emotion that is not inherently badófor others. She is willing to compromise certain things, such as eating with her fingers (very occasionally), and attending social functions in at least a perfunctory fashion.

Although she does not realize it, and would never admit it if she did, TíPei has picked up a number of human habits, including an enjoyment of human chess (which she actually prefers to kal-toh) and an appreciation of judo, which she picked up at the academy, advancing to blue belt level by her graduation. Although she was anti-social at the academy and on the Veracruz, she has grown to enjoy the company of Relsta, and the two women have grown very close by Vulcan standards. This has caused TíPei to relax more and even to banter and use a bit of sarcasm occasionally, which she had never done before. Part of the growth of this relationship sprang from a confrontation six months into the assignment, wherein TíPei became aware just how unhappy Relsta (like most Denobulans) was with the solitude of their posting. At this point, she actively endeavored to be more of a companion for her.

While TíPei is generally tolerant of other cultures, she cannot abide by Vulcans who do not behave as Vulcans. She finds them to be a disgrace to their heritage. In addition, TíPei has always had a mistrust of Romulans, whom she views as Vulcans who have deliberately made themselves inferior.

In general, TíPei prefers science, solitude, and work to the company of others. She is generally brisk and in the past, her fellow officers have found her manner to be off-putting. Her manner is not purposefully condescending; however, she believes in stating the truth bluntly, as anything less would waste time and effort.