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September 20th, 2355
Shi'Khar, Vulcan
135 lbs.
Federation Standard (a bit awkwardly at times), Vulcan
Highly skilled practitioner of V'shan, a vulcan martial art.  Avid Collector of Terran Pop Cultural Artifacts.  Accomplished Tri D Chess Player. Amateur player of the Vulcan Lyre.  Compulsive collector of Terran Romance Novels.
Academy Graduate
2385: Academy Graduate
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2385: Starfleet Games Participant
None on record.
2380: Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Xeno-Ethics focus, from Shi'Khar University
2382: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2383: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2384: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2385: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
2385: Assigned, Ensign, Security Officer - USS Galaxy

The youthful T'risia of Vulcan was a fairly ordinary citizen of the large city of Shi'Khar. Her emotional control was certainly sufficient to keep her out of trouble with her parents and teachers. an only child, she was slightly indulged in her fascination with the culture of Earth, and compulsive interest in holovids from the Terran homeworld.

As she got older, her performance as a solid student in the public schools of Vulcan secured her an entrance into the Shi'Khar University, where she studied Philosophy. Her interest was in comparitive species ethics, and she did well academically. Socially, her now compulsive collecting of Terran artifacts, and unusual mode of dress for a Vulcan student, separated her from the native student population. She made fine friends with many of the offworlders, and was well known at the various clubs and fraternities run by Terran students, at least in her opinion. Most Terrans tended to find her interesting, but....a bit off. Her reserved Vulcan composure seemed often at odds with the types of experiences she seemed obsessed with.

After her graduation, she traveled for a period of a year with a privately funded anthropological expedition as its Ethical Consultant. The time was well spent, and at this point she discovered the somewhat troubling defect in her mental makeup that apparently made her quite susceptible to hypnosis, or other forms of mental influence. She was most embarrassed, for a Vulcan, by a few incidents during the year of travel, and does not discuss it with others.

T'risia elected, at the end of the year, to indulge her obsession with Terran culture, and enter Starfleet Academy. As a student, she did not do nearly as well as she did in Shi'Khar, being constantly distracted by the ebb and flow of Terrans, and their lives, right outside her door. Her collection expanded rapidly, and despite the distraction, she still managed the top ten percent of her class. She was not, however, a popular student, despite her best efforts (for a Vulcan).

T'risia's reticence about her unfortunate condition toward outside influence did lead to her consulting a Counselor. The Counseling staff at the Academy suggested that it could stem from any number of things, not the least of which is her compulsive collector mentality, or her over identification with the heroines of novels such as "Trilby" or "Dracula". That same reticence resulted in a "party incident", where an Academy student hypnotized her, and several other students as part of a somewhat racy party gag. She should have known better, and is still attempting to live the somewhat legendary incident down, socially.

She hopes to start over, socially, on board the USS Galaxy. She is highly interested in making new friends, and only slightly less so, in romance. T'risia is undecided as to whether she would wish to be persued by a male or a female, but enthusiastic regardless.


T'risia, like most Vulcans, displays almost no emotions. However, she does have them, albeit greatly repressed. She most often expresses them through subtle banter, or in some cases, not so subtle. She has absolutely no knowledge of what is appropriate in conversation, or not, often blurting out things that are best not addressed. T'risia's quarters are a cluttered hodgepodge of Terran artifacts, from "Beanie Babies" to movie posters. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the collection, and in truth, she has no idea what many of the items do. For instance, she attempted to press one of her uniforms with the Waffle Iron, not realizing it was not similar to her iron.

T'risia has a vast and obsessive collection of Terran Romance novels, which she devours. Any shipment to her will include several...and it is her deepest secret.

Also, even for a vulcan, her ears are a trifle on the big side.