Victory Headshot Felicia Day, body paramount, manip Kat Andrews
May 21, 1701, activated 1723
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
200 lbs
English, Primogenitor
Horticulture, Cycling, Cooking
Starfleet Basic Training
2379: Starfleet Basic Training Graduate
2384: Combat Action
Presidential Unit Citation, Copyright Ian Dickson, 2005
2384: Starfleet Commendation - Battle of Deep Space 5
None on Record.
  2376: Federation Integration School, Earth
2379: Starfleet Basic Training, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2379: Nurse's School, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2381: Assigned, Nurse, USS Victory
2384: Transferred, Nurse, USS Galaxy

What little of her past she knows is a scattering of broken images and memories that offer almost no information as to who she was before she had been taken. What little she does know is that she was born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1701 and was abducted in 1719. Every other memory she has originates from after her abduction.

She has been able to piece some information together about what happened to her after she was taken and before her awakening. She was taken by a race of people known as the Primogenitors. She knows very little about them other than what they did to her and used her for. She had been taken so that her brain could be used as the central processor for a weapon system.

A rebel faction, discontent with the government, their overuse of their nations resources and the disbelief of the foretold transcendence of their race to a higher plain existence, plotted to overthrow the government in the most efficient and effective manner they could find. Having discovered some information about the E.V.E. project decided to develop the same form of weapon against their own government For this they too chose to abduct a human from Earth as the basis for components to this cybernetic weapon system.

Unlike E.V.E. though, their scientists believed a more formidable and rugged weapon would be achieved if the entire body was artificial, with the brain acting as the central processing unit rather than replacing the limbs and integrating massive amounts of biomichanical implants. This also let to a much quicker built and easier maintained system, since the only biological component was the human brain installed in the head. And so shortly after her abduction her brain was removed, installed into an artificial frame, her original body disposed of.

The new body, when completed appeared almost exactly like her original had, this was done to delay or prevent any negative reaction when she awoke the first times after the procedure Eventually almost all of her original memories were wiped, reprogrammed with the needed software for the Primogenitor rebel's to operate their new weapon in the way they saw fit. Memories, free will, personality were all replaced with combat training, tactics, computer and weapons use, a strict code that dictated a chain of command she was to follow at all times, and finally a target list which she was to be unleashed upon when she was completed

It took Four years to complete her. And when she was done she was loosed on her first mission, a deadly killing machine sent to bring devastation on her creators enemies. A task which she proved more than suited to. Her first mission was a resounding success She assassinated several key members of the government's ruling council and their families. The sheer brutality and violence of the assassinations was on such a level that it shocked the Primogenitor government and people to the core.

But, something the scientists who had built her had not accounted for happened then. Some small scrap of her former self, still remaining buried deep within her brain resurfaced. Realization of what she was being made to do, what she had been turned into caught hold. Though she did not know who she was anymore, she was revolted and sickened to be used in such a way.

When this realization fully took hold she went berserk, wiping out the rebel base staff in it's entirety, from the scientists that had created her to the commanding officers of the rebel organization. When all was done the base was bathed in blood and she was the only one left standing. The weapon that had been created to overthrow their government had instead annihilated them.

After wiping out her creators she endeavored to learn who she was before she had been turned into the weapon she now was. Her search through the base's computer banks provided very little information due to the damage to the data banks that had been caused during her rampage. She could find very little recoverable information about herself, nothing of her home world, no name, no personality, nothing more than information about her original biological body.

One piece of information she did stumble upon though was reference to another person from her home planet that had been abducted, experimented on and changed as she had. This person, taken and changed into a weapon by the government she had been built to destroy had been the inspiration for her creators. The information on this person was badly damaged, all she could extract was the project name, E.V.E., a badly degraded file image of the woman's face and hints that the project was still active and conducted aboard a laboratory starship.

With no home, no identity, no life, she decided to find E.V.E. If she could find someone else like her, maybe she could find answers to the some of the questions that plagued her mind. Where was she from? Who had she been? It was not much to go on, not much to live for, but it did give her a purpose, at least for a little while if nothing else.

For some time she remained in the devastated rebel base, attempting to find more leads to the location of the E.V.E. project or make some connection. Finally, on the fifth day since she had avenged herself it came to her. During her assassination mission she had killed one of the high ranking directors of the Government science commission. In his office had been a holographic star chart that had shown the location of all the governments laboratories and research facilities. She had taken a few moments to examine the chart, pure curiosity, and had taken note of a projected course of a mobile research starship. Proposed stopovers and ports of call for re supply and refueling. No specific dates of arrival, projects or any other applicable information had been stated on the chart. It had to be the same ship, it was the only such vessel she had seen listed on the chart.

She had always been gifted with terrific memory, though after the tampering that had been done by her creators she had not known until the moment she had remembered the chart, in very clear detail. She decided that locating and pursuing the research ship was her best course of action. If it were not the same vessel that E.V.E. was on, she might at least be able to get another lead. First though she needed to find it. Taking one of the small spacecraft from the rebel hanger she set off.

Time drew on as she went about her search. Traveling across Primogenitor space from one planet to the next hoping to catch up with the research vessel when it was making a stopover. On at least two occasions she had just missed the ship, these misses, while frustrating also gave her hope that she was on the right trail. Finally, after nine and a half months of searching she came upon the research vessel in deep space, between ports.

The research vessel immediately challenged her IFF beacon. Not having the proper transponder codes and authorization her ship was designated a hostile and the research vessel immediately opened fire. Within a few short minutes her ship had been crippled, its power core overloading and close to detonation. She knew she only had one chance to get to the research vessel. She could withstand hard vacuum, her only biological component buried safely within her armored skull she decided to get her stricken ship as close as possible to the research ship and bail out, jumping the remainder of the distance. From there she could enter through an airlock or maintenance hatch.

Managing to get within eight hundred meters she blew her small ships canopy and kicked off into the cold of space. The rush of escaping air and the force from her kicking legs propelled her away from her ship just before it exploded, flames and molten debris swirled about her for seconds as she crossed the gap. The research vessel's rail guns continued to fire, tracking her as an incoming projectile. Unable to dodge, accelerate or avoid the incoming fire she was struck. A rail gun shell impacted center of mass, causing significant damage to her chest and torso, also knocking her off course. Darkness took her immediately as her systems switched to emergency protocols She never made it across. The impact altered her trajectory enough to sent her spinning away at great speed.

Badly damaged, her bodies internal systems began to shut down, one by one, all available power was rerouted to her brain's life support system. She was put into a deep cryogenic stasis, her body deactivated all power routed to maintaining her sleep. After a long while, when her hibernation was stabilized her internal system began to dole out small amounts of power to her auto repair system. Very slowly it began to fix the damage that the rail gun shot had caused. Very slowly.

For over six hundred years she drifted in deep space, asleep. It was in late 2376 that a chance encounter would change everything for her. The refit Excelsior class starship, USS Victory, on a routine mapping assignment stopped to conduct a detailed scan of a local asteroid belt. After so many centuries drifting in deep space, the velocity she had been propelled to after the rail gun hit had never slowed. Cutting across space in a relative downward direction to the plane of the system her inactive body struck the Victory, piercing the dorsal hull just to the starboard of the impulse deflection crystal. She narrowly missed the fusion reactors as she continued into the starship. Her velocity was so grate that she slammed through deck plating, support structure and anything or anyone else that she came across as she traveled through the starship, leaving a path of destruction in her wake. Lucky for the crew of the Victory she missed the photon magazine and warp core. Finally she came to rest just short of the main deflector dish.

Badly damaged the Victory began to limp to the nearest Starbase and sent investigation teams into the base of the damaged sections to find out what had hit them. Buried deep at the bottom of the effected area was the damaged cybernetic body. Most of the damage from the rail gun hit had been repaired over the centuries but massive amounts of new damage had been caused by her impact with the USS Victory. She was taken into one of the science labs to be studied as a engineering curiosity and ancient alien artifact. In the new pressurized and safe environment of the science lab her internal systems were able to divert a great amount of power to her repair systems rather than maintaining her stasis. Additional support was given when the Victory's crew attached external power in an attempt to activate her once they had discovered that she was not a completely artificial construction.

In the weeks that it took the Victory to reach a Starbase her repair systems, aided by external power from the starship and some from the science and engineering crew, had managed to repair a majority of the damage and the crew risked activating her before they made port

Her first awakening was traumatic. Her last memory had been launching herself across space and taking a direct hit from a ship mounted rail gun The sheer terror of the moment that she had never been able to express came rushing out. She did not know where she was, or what else had happened to her let alone how long she had been out for. The combination of all of this caused her reaction to be violent and destructive. The crew of the Victory had established a high level forcefield before reactivating her, a wise preclusion for their own safety that paid off. She managed to destroy the biobed she had been laying on and most of the hardware within the forcefield before she began to calm. Eventually she fell into a terrified depression. She could not speak the language of the people who had her trapped within their invisible barrier and it took her some time to recognize their faces as being of the same race she had originally been.

Once she did though, she began to respond with great curiosity to them, if not a good deal of fear and uncertainty. She learned Federation standard at an alarming rate and discovered who exactly the people aboard the Victory were and that she had once been one of them, Human. The Chief Medical Officer, after making an examination of her brain tissue had determined this.

Despite the efforts of her own repair systems and Starfleet engineers there had been several systems within her body that had been unrepairable. Most notable were her optical sensors. Too complicated and delicate for Starfleet engineers to comprehend how to repair, and too badly damaged during her collision with the USS Victory for her own repair systems to fix, she was forced to take up an old solution. The damage lay within her optical sensors focusing units. Unable to properly focus her vision was left blurred at range more than a few inches from her nose. To compensate for this she had been made a pair of glasses by the Victory's Chief Medical Officer. The old trick worked and she continues to wear them to this day.

After arriving at port The Victory was ordered back to Earth for repairs, the damage too great for the starbase's facilities to mend. Their new guest too was ordered to be taken to Earth, so she remained aboard the Victory for another month while the starship traveled home. During this time she learned as much as she could about Humans, Earth, the Federation. She felt a great well of sorrow building up deep down within her. All of the damage she had caused, the people she had killed aboard the Victory during her impact. Memories of her short life between her abduction and the failure of her quest crept back into her mind. The people she had killed so long ago out of cold blood. It all seemed as if it had been recent events in her life even though it had been over six hundred years.

Her mission to five E.V.E. long failed, the Primogenitor a memory so long forgotten, she had nothing. She felt she had a great debt to atone for. She had killed, both intentionally and accidentally. All she had caused in her life as she knew it had been death and destruction. She felt sick knowing those had been her only accomplishments. She did not want that to be her legacy. By the time the Victory had arrived at Earth and put into spacedock she had requested to join Starfleet. They were the only people she had known that had shown her kindness and compassion even though she had caused great hardship on them.

At first the Federation council was unwilling to permit her to apply to the Academy. They were more interested in the technology built into her artificial body. But legal precedent that had been set down with the android Data years before and support from the command crew of the USS Victory won out. In the last weeks of 2376 she was enrolled in the Federation Integration School on Earth.

Before her admittance to Integration school she had to choose a name. She had never been named by her creators, nor did she know what her original name had been. As a sign of thanks and respect to those who had been so kind to her she choose the name Victory, after the starship she had begun her new life by crashing into.

Integration took just under three years. At that time she enrolled in Starfleet Enlisted training courses at the Academy. She had decided she wanted to do more than just join the people who had helped her. She no longer wanted to cause destruction, but rather the opposite. She chose the medical field for her profession. If she could save lives she could maybe in some way make up for all the deaths that she had caused.

Victory graduated from Enlisted training and subsequent Nurses School in 2381 and was assigned immediately to the USS Victory of all ships. The Admiral in charge of the Bureau of personnel at the time had been one that had opposed her admittance to Starfleet and thought it might be fitting for her to serve aboard the starship she had almost destroyed. Despite the ill intent Victory was pleased to be assigned to the ship for her first assignment as a Nurse in Starfleet. Most of the same crew had remained aboard even after the starships repair and refitting and she was happy to be with them again.

She served aboard the USS Victory for the first four and a half years of her career as a nurse. Finally she knew where she fit in the universe. In 2384 that changed though, in a disastrous event. The Victory, on a stopover to Deep Space Five while between missions was caught in the Hydran assault and capture of the starbase.

The crew summoned back to stations Victory rushed to rejoin the people she now considered her family aboard the starship. But she did not arrive in time. As she approached the starship had already launched in a vain attempt to help defend the station against the overwhelming assault force. She watched from the airlock view port as the USS Victory charge into battle, phasers and torpedoes firing madly as she put up a valiant struggle. But the out modeled Excelsior class cruiser was overpowered and lost. Detonating in a blinding ball of flame and debris that Victory's enhanced visual sensors allowed her to watch in horrifying detail as the ship she called home, the people she had grown to care for, were all swept away by fire.

All resistance crushed, the station soon fell. The defenders were quickly and lethally dealt with. Everyone else was rounded up and executed, save for those quick enough to go into hiding. With the destruction of her ship Victory had joined the starbase's medical staff. When the invading forces had gotten too close to the infirmary and the chance of any prisoners being taken next to none, the medical staff and everyone else they could muster went into hiding, Victory with them.

When the USS Galaxy liberated the survivors of Deep Space Five Victory immediately requested assignment aboard the starship.


Victory's personality has changed dramatically over the years. Her original personality was lost when her memories and personal identity had been wiped by the Primogenitors. The personality she had been reprogrammed with, bloodthirsty, relentless and unforgiving, is a part of her she loathes and despises and represses. When she first began to integrate herself into Federation society she chose a pacifist outlook on life. She deplores violence of any kind unless absolutely necessary and prefers to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts at all costs. Deep down she still struggles with the more violent and angry tenancies that were programmed into her sub conscious. To everyone she projects a calm and kind demeanor. She enjoys spending time with her friends and has been known to have a decent sense of humor.

She is keenly interested in Horticulture, and spends a lot of her free time in the hydroponics bay or botanical section tending to the gardens. She also enjoys cycling, mainly on the holodeck, though she does have a bicycle for shore leave. Cooking is another interest, though she does not need to consume food, and is unable to except for very small quantities, she loves to cook and has become quite good over the past few years.


Tech Specs:
Victory's entire body is artificial. Constructed over six hundred years ago by the alien race known as the Primogenitor after abducting her from Earth in 1719. She is physically stronger than a human by ten fold. On top of increased strength her artificial muscles grant Victory increased speed and dexterity.

Optical Sensors:
Her optical sensors give her the ability to see a wide variety of the visual spectrum. Visible light, infrared, ultra violet, x-ray, which aid her very well in the medical field. Her optics focusing systems are permanently damaged, requiring her to wear glasses to see clearly beyond four inches from her nose.

Auto Repair System:
She has a comprehensive auto repair system. While not fast it is able to repair most damage done to her body if given enough time and energy. Due to some of the extreme damage she has taken of the centuries her auto repair system has failed to repair some of her components, optical sensors most notably.

Though she can be concidered physically stronger than Eve, she is not as fast. Also her systems were less built for long term operation than short missions before returning to base for maintinence. Victory has to pay close attention to her physical condition, her systems are prone to breaking down over time and her auto repair systems are slower and capable than those built into Eve.