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   Joined Trill
   August 2353
   Capital City, Trill
   5’ 10 ”
   120 lbs
   Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan
    Nanoscience (nano-particles and nanotechnologies), computer systems design, advanced mathematics, drama, holovids, springball, target practice, driving anything that goes really fast, blowing things up, sharp objects, personal exploration and experimentation
Trill MS  2372: Trill Science Academy Masters Completion
Trill PhD  2376: Trill Science Academy PhD Completion
Academy Graduate  2381: Academy Graduate
Combat Action  2383: Combat Action
Combat Action  2383: Presidential Unit Citation - Battle of Romulus
Purple Heart  2385: Purple Heart
2377-2380  Numerous reprimands for various incidents including conduct unbecoming, indecent insubordinate activity, and conducting inappropriate relations with a superior officer
2381  Disobeying orders and talking back to a superior officer
2382  Inappropriate relations with wingman in contrary to squadron protocol
2384  Inappropriate relations with a superior officer
 2358: Capital City School for Science and Mathematics
 2370: Trill Science Academy, Nanoscience Doctoral Track
 2376: Symbiosis Institute
 2377: Trill Engineering School, Post-Doctoral Fellow
2nd Year Cadet  2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
3rd Year Cadet  2379: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
4th Year Cadet  2380: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet
Pilot  2381, June: Assigned, Pilot, Crimson Squadron - USS Carlsbad
Pilot  2382, December: Transferred, Pilot, Vangard Squadron - USS Galaxy
Flight Officer  2383, June: Promoted, Flight Officer, Vanguard Squadron - USS Galaxy
Flight Officer  2384, July: Transferred, Flight Officer, Iron Angels Squadron - USS Malory
Lt JG  2386, January: Transferred, Lieutenant JG, Operations Officer - USS Galaxy

Padma Jatar was the youngest of four children born to societal misfits Otivya and Dartan Jatar. Both of her parents are militant anti-symbiosis activists, who believe that the ‘honor' of joining is a form of slavery. Both parents have been in and out of prison for their protests, and her mother, an unstable schizophrenic when not on medications, has spent a large part of time (when not in prison) in hospitals.

While her brothers fit into the family's psychoses well, Padma was always different. Kooky in her own way, she dreamt of being a ‘contributing member of society', outside of her family. Upon her parent's arrest for conspiracy when she was four (they were eventually released), an uncle took the opportunity to place her in the Capital City Science and Mathematics School for Youth in hopes that she would be trained as a scientist. It fit her well. Inherently shy, she didn't think twice about spending her time in a lab. Her mind worked well with the structure of science, and she enjoyed the attention to detail it required.

Joining had never been something she had thought too strongly about. But, unlike most of the Trills who actively sought and rigorously prepared to even apply for joining, she was approached by the Symbiosis Committee, having become known as a “rising star” at the Trill Science Academy. Reluctant to agree to the rigorous training required for the joining, she was especially cautious because of her family's consistently vocal and often violent objections to the practice. Thus, she specifically requested joining with the Xiaz symbiont, never believing the commission would actually select her --especially given the family she came from and the fact that Xiaz had only before had male hosts.

Xiaz, an older symbiont, has a strong personality and a habit for overwhelming hosts. Notorious for getting its hosts into trouble, Xiaz had been “grounded” to the pools for nearly 160 years. Because of this history, Padma and Xiaz were permitted to meet in the pools before implantation -- a rare occurrence. Padma, who was still wary of the idea of becoming joined, fell almost immediately in love with the symbiont and, by the time she stepped out of the pool, agreed to the process without and further hesitation. She became Xiaz Padma seventeen days after her birthday and hasn't looked back.

Being joined was an adjustment to say the least. Xiaz, after having been out of the real world for a century and a half, was released upon the universe. At first content to continue the research required by Padma's career, the pair soon tired of the mundane existence, Xiaz's wild spirit nurturing the restlessness of Padma's overly controlled (but desperate to break free) nature. Seeing the chaos brewing around her, Xiaz Padma decided it was time to strike out off planet and enrolled in Starfleet Academy -- something the symbiont had never done before. Given Padma's strong academic record and the backgrounds of both host and symbiont, they followed basic training by entering into the second year class. Though she was expected to continue her science and engineering career, Padma chose, instead, to specialize in flight and tactical/intelligence studies. While she put her engineering and science skills to use, and tested efficient (exceeds expectations) in those field at the Academy, she was desperate to break free of what she had been doing for most of her life

The academy was an irritating experience. The rules didn't suit the Xiaz symbiont or the newly awakened Padma host, and certainly not the now synonymous pairing. In the end, while Padma graduated, she did so near the bottom of her class despite her academic excellence with the most demerits on record for a graduating cadet. This is something of which she is quite proud and will boast about after a couple rounds at the bar.

When she entered the regular fleet, Padma proved herself to be not only an excellent pilot, able to handle anything thrown at her, but also a quick and capable mechanic and computer operations officer. Unfortunately, like her academy career, the excellence of her work was marred and overshadowed by her knack for getting into trouble. After numerous warnings -- for drunken/disorderly, inappropriate relations, trouble with authority, and physical altercations -- she was given a pair of formal reprimands at her first assignment on the USS Carlsbad. One, for inappropriate relations with her wingman (against squadron protocol) was resolved with a transfer to the USS Galaxy.

The Galaxy was a somewhat better fit than the Carlsbad. The command structure was looser and with a heavier emphasis on comaradery, and the larger ship gave Padma a better social outlet. She also fell back in with Corran Rex, a joined Trill she knew both in her host life as children and in the symbiont's life history -- the Rex and Xiaz symbionts had come in and out of each other's existences for centuries and had even been married. Their relationship on the Galaxy, however, was complicated, constantly shifting between "friends with benefits" and strictly plutonic, and then further marred by the fact that he was her superior officer (the Galaxy's CAG).

Padma served with professional (though not necessarily personal) success on Galaxy for a year and a half before transferring to the USS Malory. She integrated quickly into the Malory's Iron Angels Squadron and for the first time, her private proliclivities weren't getting in the way of her performance. She began to get positive notations in her file and, while off-duty was still spent blowing off steam with her fellow pilots, it was a more restrained version than she'd been expressing the past several years.

Then, the final gambit of the Triad War began. The Malory spent most of this final portion on the Breen front, and was heavily scarred by it with high casualty rates. In one of the final battles, Padma was shot out of the sky and crash landed on a moon barely able to sustain life. She was stranded there for nine days and was nearly dead by the time she was recovered. Though her physical healing was quick and emotional scars nearly nonexistent, if gave her a wake-up call. When the armistice was signed and it became apparent that the Malory crew was going to be reassigned so the ship could go through extensive rebuilding, Padma put in for a transfer to Operations: she was more than qualified, and though the position was nowhere near as exciting as the flight deck, it was safer for Xiaz.

Her request was granted, but with one condition: it would take her back to the USS Galaxy. After much thought. Xiaz Padma accepted her new position and arrived on the USS Galaxy in January 2386.


Although Padma, the host, spent most of her unjoined life rather reserved and bookish, joining didn't change her so much as it encouraged her to go ahead and break out of her shell. She believes that the Xiaz symbiont has been a primarily positive influence -- that while her life is far from the straight and narrow, she has fun and lives to the extreme, while she never would have imagined doing such on her own.

Xiaz Padma is daring, outgoing, passionate, and easily inflamed. A dynamic personality, she doesn't like sitting still and prefers to take risks in everything she does. A little bit of a sociopath, there are times when she can border on vaguely psychotic (though harmlessly so... usually). She is open, shameless, experimental, and always looking for a new experience. At least, that's the outer personality. As with anyone, there's much more than the surface would suggest.

Physically, Padma is a beautiful woman with a tall, voluptuous and graceful body that she keeps in best possible shape. Her often overt sexuality and extreme confidence make her almost impossible not to watch, and combined they make her seem even more like the sex-pot. Her eyes are a memorizing liquid golden-brown color. She has long dark brown hair that falls in full, loose curls halfway down her back.


-- Trills, especially joined Trills, usually refer to her as Xiaz or Zee.

-- She had two callsigns as a fighter pilot -- Circe on the Galaxy and then Whiskey on the Malory (like the drink not the military letter)

-- Padma has not seen her parents since she was 23 and her mother chased her around the house with a carving knife threatening to cut “that disgusting worm” out of her. They do occasionally speak, but only by comm link, and usually only when they're out of prison.

-- Likes pastel yellow, black and various shades of purple

-- Gets drunk really fast and often forgets where her quarters are and becomes a “guest” in whomever's she gets to first (good luck getting her to leave)

Xiaz Past Hosts:

Westyre (male) — [federation standard calendar: 1542-1550] Xiaz's first host, he was a gallant politician who introduced major reforms on Trill. Unfortunately, he was assassinated at the age of 32 after only being joined for eight years.

Tatan (male) — [1550-1552] One of Westyre's close friends; it was not until after Xiaz was introduced to the host that it was known Tatan had been responsible for Westyre's death. The symbiont, as furious as a foot-long worm could be, essentially drove Tatan mad. Xiaz had to be removed after only three years.

Keivy (male) — [1552-1589] A theoretical mathematician he introduced new methods for thinking about temporal space and physics. Was quite controversial in his time. Xiaz and Keivy had a reasonable experience together.

Slavar (male) — [1589-1629] A member of the clergy to Trill's largest religion at the time, Slavar was most well known for a popular revival of spirituality in their society. Xiaz despised this host, but Slavar's spirituality was next to impossible to overcome no matter how hard the symbiont tried to influence him.

Akiza (male) — [1629-1673] Akiza is perhaps one of Xiaz's favorite hosts, despite the trouble caused. Akiza was a very accomplished writer with more than a few. . . bad habits. Despite the wild lifestyle and psychotic experiences of later years, Akiza and Xiaz were together for forty-three years.

Miman (male) — [1673-1733] A scientist and engineer, was part of the team that helped rediscover warp drive. Brilliant and charismatic, Miman was a long and interesting joining that introduced the Xiaz symbiont to bisexuality and other new experiences. This is the first time the Xiaz and Rex symbionts met in host (though never sexually).

Bentar (male) — [1733-1745] A medical doctor with some unsavory practices, Bentar ended up getting killed by a wronged patient's angry husband. Xiaz refuses to speak of this host.

Quelyrne (male) — [1745-1813] A high profile journalist, new anchor, and political personality, Quelyrne was one of the most well-known faces on Trill. Famous for asking the hard questions and being where he needed to be to get the story, this host was considered the most trusted man on the planet (think Walter Cronkite). In his later years he became a politician himself, but was considered to be one of the good ones. Xiaz liked Quelyrne as much as everyone else did. Quelyrne is also Xiaz's first host to get married and have children.

Marlor (male) — [1813-1822] A hard-drinking, hard-living, lying, cheating, fornicate son of a bitch, Marlor was the most debaucherous host Xiaz had since Akiza almost 2 centuries earlier. Not surprising, Marlor didn't last long and ended up accidentally overdosing on recreational drugs, which almost took the Xiaz symbiont with him.

Azadvam (male) — [1863-1955] Azadvam, a quiet and well-respected composer, was chosen after a long detox and recovery in the pools. It had become clear that Xiaz was an influence that required a strong host personality, something Azadvam definitely had, despite his quiet, reserved, and cautionary nature. The host had an extremely long and productive life, but Xiaz recalls this as the most boring 92 years of its existence.

Tizan (male) — [1955-1993] Perhaps one of the few normal hosts that Xiaz has had, he was somewhere between Azadvam and Akiza. Tizan was a professor of rhetoric at the largest university on Trill, and politically influential later in life.

Yatar (male) — [1993-2002] Another short term pairing, a relatively bored Xiaz has too much influence over the very young Yatar, a pilot in the air force of one of Trill's countries. It is Xiaz's first near-death experience as Yatar crashes his plane and dies; the symbiosis committee barely gets to Xiaz in time.

Iolanz (male) — [2002-2009] Iolanz was chosen selected to take the badly injured Xiaz symbiont, having had the most training of anyone in the immediate area. Unfortunately, it wasn't a perfect pairing and Iolanz ended up “committing suicide” by asking for the symbiont to be removed. While it is considered by the Trill society to have been on honorable action, Xiaz still holds a grudge.

Arston (male) — [2009-2058] Arston began his career in the military but then graduate to politics, eventually becoming the speaker of the planetary council. He served in this position for three terms before succumbing to a degenerative illness.

Marlel (male) — [2058-2122] A doctor, Marlel was one of the first to venture off the planet. He was both an explorer and a family man, and Xiaz felt as though it had the best of everything within this host. Despite a long joining, their time together was too short and it was the first time Xiaz actually felt grief over the passing of its host.

Prian (male)—[2122-2150] Prian, a socially progressive member of the symbiosis commission, helped to restructure the joining requirements for a new era of Trill history and worked for equal treatment of the joined and unjoined, not always to critical acclaim.

Larlan (male) — [2150-2213] Larlan served as an ambassador between Trill and the new cultures they were coming in contact with as their warp drive continued to develop. Was the first to make contact with the humans around 2215. Married to Jenee Rex, a writer. They had several children together and a long, happy marriage.

Ranzakar (male) — [2213-2214] Another host that Xiaz drove insane, largely on fault of corrupt members on the commission; Ranzakar's father had political connections and wrangled up a joining despite little training. Ranzakar ended up surgically removing Xiaz on his own. He could no longer stand the voices.

Roak (male) — [2214-2217] Captain of a ‘supply ship', Roak was not a very good smuggler. Things ended badly for him when he was shot during a raid.

Nomar (male) — [2217-2219] An extremely conservative activist, the joining was never a harmonious one; host and symbiont were at constant odds with one another from the get-go. Nomar took hostage a group of ambassadors in protest of open trade with the Federation, and killed three before being taken down himself. After this, Xiaz was “grounded” for more than a century.

Padma (female) — [2378-PRES] Padma is Xiaz's first female host, which is certainly a new experience. She is also the first the join Starfleet and truly explore the vastness of the universe. She is young, intelligent and daring, but strong enough to keep herself grounded despite the strength of the Xiaz symbiont

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