Paramount Pictures
For their continued development of Star Trek and graciously permitting us to live and encourage creativity in the adopted universe of Star Trek.
For the continued maintenance of all matters Star Trek.
Brandon Tanner created the mp3 theme of the USS Galaxy, for which I am most thankful. It's amazing. For more information on his aspirations in the film music composition industry, you need to go here. Looking for established and aspiring film-makers.
For the continued mission of uniting the fans of Star Trek in the shared ideals of a peaceful future. For anyone wanting to visit a forum or message board fairly devoid of naysayers, this is it.
Steve Marriott Graphics
Currently being removed as I am replacing them with my own. If anyone would like to use the ones I have created, feel free to contact me at the link at the bottom of this table.
For the use of their medals and ribbons information.
The GM and Site master of the Original AES-Sim "USS Galaxy: NCC-70637" and the MajorDomo/List server Guru of the Allied Electronic Simulations group. In between the handholding, settling of arguments, coding headaches, and occasional piano dropping, he held the Old Girl together for over six years, in a thankless and often under-appreciated job, solely for the enjoyment of his writers and fellow Simmers. Besides being the longest-running AES Simm, we're pretty sure it's an Internet record for Overall PBeM longevity. Here's hoping Mark enjoys a 'normal life' -and- the thanks of the many people, whose lives he has touched over the years through his selfless generosity in GMing the best Star Trek simulation ever.
Ian Dickson
Ian took over the GM spot from Mark and ran the USS Galaxy TNG until his departure in 2007. In that time, he dedicated a ridiculous amount of his life to developing the sim: its storylines, its website, you name it, all for the love of the game and the desire to maintain a superior simming forum for all involved. It's difficult to realize how much work is involved in this job and how thankless it is until one has actually done it; the fact that he did it for five years is a truly Herculean effort that is still very much appreciated by the writers he left behind.
For the creation of many aspects of the Galaxy, without whose help many parts of this site would not exist. His selfless donation of mission graphics, ship specifications, and knowledge of all things technical in Trek is undeniably appreciated.
For their excellent scans of the interiors of the starship.
Simply awesome database of the interiors of the starship.
There are parts of this website that the images are too small to display the credits. The images on the logs pages are initially done as mission graphics to display the credits. At best, the images are tagged with an ALT description to their respective owners. If there are any images or works here not listed to their respective creators, please let the webmaster know and we'll work out a proper accreditation for you.



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