Decorations, Awards, Medals and Ribbons

This covers the decorations, medals, badges, and unit awards, both Federation and Starfleet, that are authorized for wear on the Starfleet uniforms. The term "awards" is an all inclusive term covering any decoration, medal, badge, or ribbon bestowed on an individual or unit. The term "ribbon" is an all inclusive term covering that portion of the suspension ribbon of a service medal or decoration worn instead of the service medal or decoration and made in the form of a ribbon bar.

Militaries throughout history have rewarded their soldiers with honors, and Starfleet is no exception. Awards, Medals, and Decorations serve to encourage excellence, and help to provide Starfleet personnel with a sense of their own worth and Starfleet's appreciation of them. This point should not be underestimated, since many individuals have to sacrifice a great deal in order to establish a career in Starfleet, and often are unable to have or maintain families, homes, or other "traditional" symbols of self-worth.

All awards are subjected to final approval by the GM of the Galaxy whether the individual is a PC or NPC.

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