Federation Marshal Service

The Federation Marshal Service is a Directorate which operates under the Federation Ministry of Justice. The Marshals are charged with executing various law enforcement duties assigned by the Attorney General of the Federation.

The Bureaus of the Federation Marshal Service include:

Bureau of Fugitive Retrieval and Apprehension
Bureau of Sexual Predator Activities
Bureau of Intelligence
Bureau of Prisoner Services
Bureau of Federation Witness Protection Services
Bureau of Training
Bureau of Operations Support and Logistics

The Marshal Service is headed by an Executive Director, who answers directly to the Attorney General of the Federation. The Executive Director is responsible for the overall operations of the Marshal Service. Although some EDs have been Marshals, the Attorney General can appoint anyone with administrative experience to head the Service (basically a political appointee).

The Executive Director is assisted by an Assistant Executive Director, who is an experienced Marshal, and of the rank/grade of Chief Marshal. The AED will act as a liaison between the ED and the various Deputy Directors who head up the various Bureaus. He/She will act in place of the ED if warranted by absence, illness, or death. The AED will also chair Quarterly or emergency meetings with the Deputy Directors, while the ED will chair an annual meeting.

The Deputy Directors are the heads of the various Bureaus of the Federation Marshal Service, and report to the AED, if warranted as they have a broad range of authority to manage their respective Bureaus as outlined by the ED. The DDs have the authority to recommend for promotion Marshals within their purview, with final authority to be given by the AED and/or ED. The ED approves the AED's nominations for Bureau chiefs.

For each sector, there will be a Marshal, who may also be referred to as a Senior Marshal if posted in a highly sensitive or strategic area of space. The term, or title, 'Senior' usually refers only to those Marshals who are charged with the responsibility of either the Alpha or Beta Quadrants, and does not denote an actual rank.


Chief Marshal: highest ranking Marshal, can hold directorships, etc, compare to flag officer rank.

Marshal: field grade Marshal, very experienced, will usually lead teams and/or have a junior partner assigned, can be placed in charge of operations within assigned sector, can also be called 'Senior Marshal' if in certain sectors of space, compare to rank of Captain.

Chief Deputy Marshal: a more experienced Marshal, usually has about five years under his/her belt, may lead a team and/or have a junior partner assigned, compare to rank of Lt. Cmdr.

Deputy Marshal: entry level Marshal, assigned to a team or partner who is at least a Chief Deputy Marshal, compare to rank of Ensign.