Simulation Approved Species

This part of the database is an ongoing piece of work as new records are added. As a writer researching a species for their character, this section lists all approved species available to yourself as a choice. Not all species listed here have details, but I am endeavouring to provide that as quickly as possible. You'll find that the database is quite large, so you'll have to bear with me.

We do ask that writers try to use only approved races if at all possible. Any instances of non-canon races unapproved by GM's will be considered null and void in the sim storyline. This goes DOUBLE for all 'crossover' PCs.

While we're not opposed to crossover genres, GALAXY:TNG is fairly canon sim. Our writers go to lengths to research their characters and the ship and its universe. Our take on 'canon' is that Number 1 is Mr. Roddenberry's work and ideas... No. Two is the work of the other ST series, movies and novels, except where they contradict each other... and No. Three is the ideas created by our writers and other simmers out there associated in the shared timeline this RPG enjoys with others.

Federation Members
Federation Allies/Protectorates
Neutral Species
Hostile Species
Other Galaxy/Extra-Dimensional
Delta Quadrant Species
Incomplete Assessments
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