Chief Tactical Officer

Former Chief Tactical
Savar ir-Aihai tr'Khellian
Airaul Taern
Mackenzie Todd
Corran Rex

The Chief Tactical Officer is responsible for all tactical functions onboard ship as well as the well being of all members of the Tactical Department. He or she assumes the position of Tactical Duty Officer (TDO) during Alpha Shift and Red Alerts.

Chris Daniels

Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

The Assistant Chief is responsible for assuming duties of CTO when the actual holder of the post is unable or not present to perform duties. He or she is normally responsible for the day to day administration of the department and ensuring the CTO’s directives are carried out, assumes TDO responsibilities during Beta Shift, and serves as supervisor for all Tactical Division Chiefs. During Combat when the CTO is present on the bridge, the ACTO assumes duties of CIC Chief Controller.

Strategic Operations Liaison

As the title implies, the Strategic Operations Liaison acts as the conduit to pass information between Strategic Ops and Tactical. As such, he or she is the driving force for implementing fleet directives on individual starships, while also pushing recommendations from the ships up to the fleet representatives.

Ekoma Janx

Senior Tactical Analyst

The Division Officer for the Tactical Analysis Section. He or she is responsible for all Tactical Analysts attached to the ship. He or she prepares after action reports, research projects, and recommends tactics updates to the CTO, and leads Quarterly Tactical Review Boards. During Combat the Senior Tactical Analyst is in the CIC, providing real-time tactical analysis to all customers.

Renora Loret

Tactical Duty Officer

Technical term for the officer manning the Tactical Arch. Maintains control over all ship’s weapons and associated tactical systems, to include shields and tactical sensors. Is the physical “triggerman” for all combat situations.

Tactical Systems Officer

Usually a senior Weapons Control Officer or Sensor Controller, The TSO is the Tactical department’s “doctor.” They are responsible for overseeing the overall operation of all the systems involved in the tactical performance of the ship. During combat, will be the CIC chief’s primary communicator to the torpedo rooms, phaser control centers, shield maintenance rooms, and sensor suites. Will recommend quick corrections to impending problems, while interfacing with engineering to provide more complex solutions to maintenance issues.

Tactical Division Officers

These officers are responsible for the smaller groups of tactical specialists. Their various divisions include: Weapons Control, Combat Control, Sensor and Computer Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Tactical Analysis.


Repsonsible to the Senior Tactical Analyst for providing reports, after action studies, and other, “non-physical” tactical products. Typically a career path chosen early and adhered to until the Officer is deemed ready to cross into the more “functional” side of the department.

Tactical Officer

A generalist officer, typically an Ensign/LTJG, who will not have chosen a specialty yet. They will be assigned to assistant TDO duties while being assigned rotating jobs within each division to give them exposure to each.

Enlisted Rates

Gunner’s Mate (GM)

Torpedoman (TP)

Phaserman (PR)

Mine Warfareman (MW)

Rocket Specialist (RK)

Defensive Systems Specialist (DF)

Tactical Holography Specialist (TH)

Tactical Sensorman (TN)

Electronic Warfareman (EW)

Tactical Administrative Specialist (TA)

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