USS Galaxy Character Biography Submission


Once you've submitted the Writer Application and received a response to it, the second step is to submit a full character biography. This biography serves as a full personnel file for your character, and should include everything that you wish to reveal publicly about the character. This will be the bio that goes out to our full Staff List for review, and if approved, this will be the bio that's posted on the crew manifest once you join the sim.

To submit a Character Bio, please send an email to the USS Galaxy Webmaster with the subject line "USS Galaxy Character Bio", and include all the information that's listed below. To make things easier, you can also copy and paste everything in the box below and use it as a template. Please stick to the order things are in this template; it makes it much easier for everyone to review, and it makes coding the bio for the website much quicker. And because sometimes things get lost in transit, don't forget to save a copy of your application!

Character Bio Template:


Player Name:
So we can validate the biography submission.
Email Address:
So we can validate the biography submission.
Character Name:
Your character's name, as they will be known to the other writers.
Species: So we can know how to interact with your character.
Birthdate: Try to keep it in line with the species you've selected; some species have much longer lifespans than others. The current RPG year is 2385; use that in your calculations.
Birthplace: Can be anywhere in the Star Trek-related universe, even on a ship as some simmers have used. Feel free to get specific i.e. City, Province, Planet Name instead of just the planet.
So we can visualize your character. Please try to keep this as realistic as possible for the gender and species of your character. Please use feet and inches for this measurement.
Weight: So we can visualize your character. Please try to keep this as realistic as possible for the gender and species of your character. If in doubt, use a BMI calculator to check your figures. Please use pounds for this measurement.
Languages: Try to keep this at a minimum; be realistic. Typically, Starfleet personnel speak Federation Standard as well as their native language or another language they have learned. Characters who know more than three languages must generally have a good reason for doing so.
Special Interests:

What extra-curricular activities do they enjoy? Try to keep this at a minimum as well; while many Starfleet personnel are overachievers, a character who has mastered the martial arts of a dozen vastly different cultures is not as realistic as one who has mastered one and is learning two more.



This field is purely optional, and anything you list here will be subject to approval by the GM. However, certain decorations (such as a Starfleet Academy ribbon for officers or Basic Training ribbon for noncoms) are pretty much a given and will be added to the character bio even if you don't list them here.

For a list of potential decorations, see the database.

Decorations example:
2383: Starfleet Academy Graduate
2384: Exploration Ribbon
2384: Combat Action


Again, this field is purely optional and subject to review and approval.

Reprimands example:
2384: K'Eytyanna received a reprimand for striking the Captain of another Starfleet vessel, when a polite request to borrow an industrial replicator was refused. Since there was justifiable reasons, she was not demoted, especially since she borrowed it via transporter.


Try to follow the template in the example below. The RPG takes place in 2385, so be sure to take that into account when writing your background.

Starfleet Academy (or the Marine Academy or Starfighter Academy) is typically a four year curriculum, Starfleet Medical School takes 2-4 years on top of that, Command School takes 1-2 years, Officer Integration Training takes 6-12 months, and any other post-graduate education (Advanced Tactical School, etc.) normally takes 1-2 years. Characters who spend less than four years at Starfleet Academy must have a very good reason for doing so.

Details of the character's education before entering Starfleet are not required, but include them if you want.

Education example:
2370: Federation Integration School, Andor
2378: Klingon Defence Force Academy, Qo'noS
2379: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, First Year Cadet
2380: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Second Year Cadet
2381: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Third Year Cadet
2382: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Fourth Year Cadet

Service Record:

Unless the GMs have specified otherwise, all officer characters start at the rank of Ensign (or equivalent), and all NCOs start at the rank of Crewman (or equivalent).

A list of active (NPC) ships can be found here. You may also wish to consult the Starship Database at Ex Astris Scientia.

Please follow the template in the example below when creating your character's service record. The last item in the service record should always be a transfer to the USS Galaxy.

Service Record example:
2383: Assigned, Ensign, Helmsman - USS Farragut
2384: Transferred, Ensign, Helmsman - USS St. Louis
2385: Transferred, Ensign, Helmsman - USS Galaxy


Tell us about the background of your character. What was their childhood like? Any experiences you want to share with us? Read the online biographies of other characters to get a feel for what to write.

Personality Profile:

What are your character's quirks? What are they like? Emotional? Violent? Peaceful? Brooding?

Special Notes:

If there is anything you want to add that isn't included in the above fields or just doesn't fit anywhere, place it here. Examples would be if the character wears spectacles, has a tattoo, identifying marks, or missing appendages, etc. Some writers also choose to give details about their character's family.


No guarantees of selection, but I'll endeavour to give your top choice. Put a link in if you got one. Note that celebrities already featured on an existing character bio are off limits. If you downloaded a photo and want to attach it to your email, that's OK too.