Writer's Guide

So, the USS Galaxy has piqued your interest, and you want to find out more what it's all about? Maybe even become a part of the legacy? Well, this is the place to start.

The first thing you'll need to do is read our Writer's Guide, which is broken down into parts in the links below. It is there to help you along; to advise you, the potential writer, what this game is all about. It is our Bible, and contains all the most important aspects of the universe we set ourselves in here. Sounds vague, I know, but check it out.

If you're not yet a writer aboard the Galaxy, check out the first column, Information for Prospective Writers. These articles cover the basics of an email simulation, how the game runs, and some general information on our mailing lists and such.

Once you've been accepted to the game, it's strongly recommended that you read the articles in the Information for Existing Writers section. These links go into more detail about some of the game mechanics, and also include some important policies that all members of the game must abide by during their time here. It is assumed that all writers on this game have read (and occasionally reread) these articles, particularly the policy-related ones, and agree to be bound by these rules.

The links to the right in the purple section were submitted by writers on the game to help with storytelling.

Information for Prospective Writers:

What is the USS Galaxy?
Mechanics of an Email Simulation
Simulation Etiquette
Writing Guidelines and Mailing Lists
Sample Logs
Recommended Reading

Submit an Application

Information for Current Writers:

Mailing List Rules and Regs
Post Length and Other Guidelines
Post Frequency/LOA Guidelines
Stardate vs. Current Date
Tiered Awards System



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