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The fourth list is our Galaxy Staff list. This list is a closed membership list whose membership is made up of the GMs, Department Heads, and a select few others who are in leadership roles. This list exists primarly as an easy way for GMs to disseminate information to Department Heads, as well as a forum for Galaxy Staff to discuss issues in a slightly smaller forum than the OOC list. In addition, all character bios submitted by prospective writers are sent to the Galaxy Staff list so that all may weigh in on them.

All members of the Galaxy Staff List will evaluate submitted bios on the following criteria:

  1. Spelling/Grammar: Applicants with poor spelling and grammar skills will be reconsidered and/or asked to reapply with a corrected form.
  2. Plausability: Applicants should have a basic understanding of their characters and the Star Trek universe. For example: If one chooses to write about an Andorian, one should know that they are different from a Ferengi, etc. Characters submitted should avoid the common pitfalls: 'secret' time in their background; excessive competence in too many fields; personal weapons collections in defiance of regulations; extreme competence in combat skills, especially in non-security personnel; etc.
  3. Experience: Newcomers must begin as an Ensign. If an applicant has a known history of problems with simming, they should be reconsidered. Beginning as a Lieutenant JG is possible, but should be the limit of the advancement to a just-beginning character except for special cases. This is to encourage Player Character Development and reduce limitations on the character over time. For the Marines, characters start out as a Private or Corporal if enlisted, 2nd or 1st Lieutenant if commissioned. And in the Starfighter Corps, pilots start out at the rank of Pilot or Flight Officer.
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