The USS Galaxy fan fiction email simulation RPG was originally created in 1996 by Mark Stephen Williams. At that time, it was a founding member of the Email Division in the Federation Sim Group and remained a top-rated sim throughout its time spent there until divisive issues within the organisation forced it to band with 19 other PBEM's and split to form Allied Electronic Simulations on August 20th, 1997.

Throughout its tenure with AES, it maintained a standard that all other Trek-based sims aspired to. Consistent writing, fairly low turnover, high application rate. Yet, the politics of the environment again raised its ugly head. It took its toll on the GM of the USS Galaxy, and coupled with his desire to move on with his personal life, the USS Galaxy was retired as a sim in July 2002 after almost 7 years. Magic number of Trek series, so it was the right time.

Within a week of the original Galaxy closing its doors, this new fan fiction RPG opened to the public as the USS Galaxy-A with the blessing of the original GM under the NHS banner when Novahorizons was founded on August 1, 2002. Many of the original writers followed this new sim, some went to the USS Miranda - a fellow NHS RPG - and even a random few scattered to other sims with Nova Horizons.

For the next five years, the USS Galaxy RPG continued to grow and develop under the watchful (and incredibly dedicated) eye of its new GM, Ian Dickson. However, in July 2007, Ian also left the sim due to a desire to focus on real life. For a week or two the sim's future was uncertain, but thanks to an incredible level of dedication (or insanity) on the part of all the game's writers, the sim just refused to die.

We've had our ups and downs, and are still experiencing growing pains, but the desire and strive to showcase the talent that comes through our RPG doors keeps us going. You won't find the usual here. We are a tough sim to crack into, but if you do, you know you are the best, or we see potential within you. Not to stroke ego here, but we've been going for over 10 years now for a reason.

If any simmer past or present has a story to tell, it'll be posted here. If you are, or were, a member of the original Galaxy or even this TNG version, you are more than welcome to leave your impression here. Just contact us and we'll get it posted.

USS Galaxy TOS
The TOS parent of this sim set the standard to sim by. When the GM shut it down after 7 years, some of us here picked up the torch to carry it on. Formerly an AES and FSG sim.
Starbase Atlantis is a spin-off from the USS Miranda, which closed in 2007 after 11 years running at the top of its game. Many of its writers have gone on to this RPG, of which two of its four coordinators are on the Galaxy game. It also operates in the shared timeline.
Prospero takes place a bit farther into the future, 2413 to be exact. Many of its writers as well as its GM also write (or have at one time written) on Galaxy and Miranda. It may represent a potential future of the shared timeline, since some of its characters are descendants or older versions of characters that have been seen on Galaxy and Miranda.
The USS Odyssey may not take place in the shared Galaxy / Miranda / Atlantis / Relentless / etc timeline, but by no means do I not recommend it. For those writers who are not comfortable with a R-rated RPG, the Odyssey's PG-13 rating makes it one of the rare sims that maintain the image of the television programs as they aired. If you didn't see it on the tube, you won't see it here.

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