By Terran Reckoning, it began three years ago in 2379...

The Universe is in Turmoil.

The Alpha Quadrant, cradle of most known life forms, is still reeling from the after effects of the Dominion War. The United Federation Of Planets is still represented ably by the StarFleet along their borders. But even this august body feels the pinch of lives and ships lost during the war efforts. However, they still follow the age old mandate they were founded under:

"To Seek Out New Life, New Civilizations. To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before."

Perhaps the biggest threat to the UFP way of life came from within. A Federation proposal and study codenamed 'Project Archangel' was drastically altered during the early days of the Dominion war. In the light of the unthinkable possibility of a Federation loss, the proposal drastically reshaped StarFleet and the Federation it protects and serves, slowly and from the inside. The previous Diplomatic stance is now geared to a Military mindset. Negotiation has given way to "Gun Boat Diplomacy" where possible. The Starfleet Marine Corps have been re-activated and are stationed on each UFP ship and base, as are Intelligence Operatives from StarFleet Intelligence. The Starfleet Starfigher Corps has been created and a fighter squadron assigned to each capable Starfleet vessel.

For the civilians, some rights are curtailed in the name of 'saving Democracy.' The 'reform' party has seized the reins of power. These 'Hawks' use the Project Archangel proposals to mold the Federation into a weapon, opposing Spock and his 'Dove' supporters at every turn. It's the 'Old Guard' versus the the 'Young Reformers' all over again, the old political anthem sung slightly off-key.

The Hawks are not seeking an evil end. They represent a viewpoint that has seen the Second Romulan War come to an end hated by both sides, the 'Great' War rip the Outlands apart, pitting neighbor against neighbor. They saw the general treachery of the Cardassian Skirmishes along the badlands, the fall of Bajor and the rebellion of the Marquis. they were witness to the Klingon Empire's waxing and waning. they saw two Borg Invasions, the Collapse of the Organian Peace Treaty, and the madness of the Dominion war. After almost fifty years of madness, their Motto?

"Never Again."

Meanwhile, outside the UFP. . .

The Klingons threaten to dissolve the Alliance because of Federation 'cowardice' during the Dominion war, no doubt dreaming of an Empire that never was, at the urging of their 'Reborn' Emperor Kahless and the bloody game their Houses play betwixt themselves. The Romulans still seek to play a double hand, exploiting their 'Allies' weaknesses to further expand their Star Empire at every chance. The Breen and Cardassians chafe under the Allied Occupation forces, seeking to circumvent them at every turn. The Dominion itself, no doubt, watches events on this side of the wormhole with hungry eyes, seeking weakness to pounce again. Strange invaders from the Andromeda Galaxy are reported in the Alpha Quadrant, claiming to represent the Organians after their long retreat, using alien weapons to forcibly seperate combatants. And that new threat from the Delta Quadrant, the Hirogen Jihad, threatens all life as we know it with a bloodbath.

The original USS Galaxy is upgraded in Spacedock with improvements learnt during the SOVEREIGN, AKIRA, and PROMETHEUS class designs, as well as the 'breakthrough ideas of Leah Brahms. This new ship, the first of the GALAXY-III Explorers, is launched into a drastically different Universe than her previous namesake. Starfleet gives her an honor that previously had only been given to one other ship.

This is the ship christened USS Galaxy. NCC-70637.

The second ship to bear the name.

It's not every star-date that a legend is re-born.

"For Those With Wings, Fly To Your Dreams."

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