2008 Galaxy Yearbook
1. Most likely to get a promotion.    
Kimberly Burton
2. Most likely to get demoted.    
Benedict Maxwell
3. Most likely to be assimilated by the Borg.    
Valentina Kyznetsova
4. Most likely to be voted playboy/playgirl bunny.    
T'Pol "8-ball" Hunter
5. Most likely to have the mother of all nervous breakdowns.  

6. Most likely to die like a Klingon.    
Arel Smith
7. Most terrifying.    
Victor Krieghoff
8. Class clown.    
Thyago Carneiro
9. Cutest couple.   Brian Elessidil and...
Andrus Suder
10. Dorkiest or oddest couple.   T'Pol "8-ball" Hunter and...
11. Couple least likely to get together.  
Jaal Jaxom and...

Arel Smith
12. Most likely to end up dead in a dark alley.    
Saul Bental
13. Most likely to get married first.   Victor Krieghoff and...
14. Most likely to get pregnant first.    
Branwen London
15. Most likely to be arrested.    
Thyago Carneiro
16. Most likely to put the ship in mortal peril.   Rebecca von Ernst
Th'Khiss K'aa
17. Most likely to turn traitor.    
Jebidiah Baile
18. Most mysterious.  
Andrus Suder

Victor Krieghoff
19. Biggest flirt.    
Nathan Everett
20. Biggest ass.    
Cutter Kara'nin
21. Most likely to get in a fight.    
Arel Smith
22. Most sneaky.    
Saul Bental
23. Most likely to transfer to the Breen Embassy.    
Ophelia Zamora
24. Most hopeless romantic.    
Branwen London
25. Most clueless.    
Branwen London
26. Most lovable and cuddly.     Eptgac
27. Most hated.   Jan Hoffman Spengler
Man'darr Maivia
28. Most likely to streak through the ship.    
T'Pol "8-ball" Hunter
29. Most shy.    
Aina Mason
30. Most outgoing.    
Nathan Everett
31. Most likely to change genders.  
T'Pol "8-ball" Hunter
Leo Streely
32. Most well mannered.    

More to come...next year...