Ghosts of Starships Past Mission Feedback

For this survey, it is required that the individual completing this feedback survey be an existing writer for the USS Galaxy during this Episode "Ghosts of Starships Past". Therefore, even though the normal rules of name and email address are usually optional, in this case they are required. Your PC name will suffice in place of your real name. The applicants will remain confidential, but we want to have valid feedback rather than the possibility of someone desiring only to make trouble for the writer of the plot. All entries will have a confirmation email sent to them upon submission. Any non-verifiable entries will be nullified upon receipt.

This is not a mudslinging, flaming, or slamfest of the writer, but a serious look at where we could improve on specific areas. That said, please take a good, hard look at the questions and try to provide constructive criticism and compliments as needed. All results will be tallied in one month and posted to the Galaxy OOC list in confidence.

Your PC Name:
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1. How was the most recent plotline, 'Ghosts of Starships Past?'

2. How often did you post during this mission?

3. If you posted less than once a week, why?

4. Do you think mission masters should plan specific things for each department to do?

5. How did the Plot Author perform in this regard in his plotline?

6. Here's your chance to be specific. What did you think was good about Chris' performance as mission master and/or his mission? What did you think was bad or needs improvement? Or, what did you think stood out as exemplary?
7. For future missions and mission planners - should a part be written for each player?

8. What themes/moods do you prefer or would like to see soon?

9. What about the size of the sim?

10. For future surveys, what questions would you like asked?
11. Nominate your favorite writer for the fabulous 'Simmer of the Mission' for 'Ghosts of Starships Past.'