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Being an on-line resource for the simmers of the USS Galaxy NCC-70637 RPG, compiled for their amusement and use by the GM's of the USS Galaxy, USS Miranda, USS Relentless, and USS Arizona sims as well as some interested parties.

Containing ALL information from ALL Five Trek Series to date, and such information from the Trek Movies, RPG's, Animated Series and selected novels which do not conflict with the TV series 'canon' facts of Trek History. Also contains personal histories of the PC's of the USS Galaxy.

Please do not copy any of the timeline without permission from the compiler. He (being me) spent a *long* time putting it together. Mail me at webmaster AT ussgalaxy DOT net, please, if you want to talk about reciprocal linking.

Prehistory (Big Bang to 1 B.C. Terran)
The Science Age (1 A.D. to 1799 Terran)
The Industrial Age (1800 - 1966)
The Dawn of Spaceflight (1967 - 2033)
The Age of Discovery (2033 - 2099)
The Dawn of Federation (2100 - 2152)
(Enterprise Series Era)
Early Federation Years (2153 - 2199)
The Age of Expansion (2200 - 2242)
(Pre-TOS Series Era)
The Age of Exploration (2243 - 2264)
(TOS Series Era - Captain Pike)
The USS ENTERPRISE Years (2265 - 2300)
(The Original Series Era, The Animated Series Era)
The Lost Era Years (2301 - 2353)
(Early Next Generation)
Era of Self-Discovery (2354 - 2364)
(Pre-TNG/TNG Season 1)
The Age of Conflicts (2365 - 2368)
(TNG Seasons 2 - 5)
A New Era of Exploration (2369 - 2371)
(TNG Season 6-7/DS9 Seasons 1-3/Voyager Season 1)
The Dominion War Years (2372 - 2374)
(USS Galaxy TOS Era/DS9 Seasons 4-7)
The Recovery Years (2375 - 2378)
(Voyager/Galaxy TOS Era)
USS Galaxy Years (2379 - PRESENT)
(Post-Nemesis, USS Galaxy TNG Era)
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