USS Galaxy Main Bridge
Main Bridge

The Main Bridge is on Deck 1 at the top of the primary hull. With the exception of the Chief Engineer and the Chief Medical Officer, all main crew members are based on the bridge. For further information on the responsibilities for each station, hover your mouse over various areas of the picture on the right for hotspots to click.

The Main Bridge is directly responsible for the supervision of all primary mission functions and is the nerve centre of the ship.

The Captain's Chair is situated in the middle and can be seen in the picture above. To the left of the Captain's chair is the chair of the First Officer, and Counselling to the right. In the foreground are the helm and ops positions.

Directly behind the three chairs is the tactical station. Directly behind Tactical and to the rear of the main bridge are the science stations which are also clearly seen from the picture and also, immediately to the right of the turbolift, is the bridge engineering station.

As one would expect, to the front of the bridge is the main view screen. The picture shows the view screen as well as two exits. The one visible next to the view screen is a turbo lift leading to other areas of the ship whilst obscured further to the left is the door to the Captains Ready Room. There is also a further turbo lift to the right of the ops position.

By necessity, the bridge has easy access to and from all areas. There are three doors on each side, on the right hand side, from top right moving down is the main turbolift, a door to the Captain's Ready Room and finally adjacent to the view screen is another turbolift. On the other side, again from top moving downwards is a door into a corridor leading to the Main Observation Lounge, a door to a bathroom and finally adjacent to the ops console a turbolift to the Battle Bridge.

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Source referenced from the USS Iliad. Renders Sean Robertson
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