Observation Lounge
Observation Lounge

The Observation Lounge is the second main room on Deck 1. It is situate to the rear of the Bridge, overlooking the shuttle bays and the warp nacelles. The Observation Lounge is reached via one of two doors. With your back to the window, the door to the left leads to a corridor where the rest of the ship can be accessed and the door to the right leads to the main bridge. In the wall between the doors (directly opposite) is a computer interface and in the walls at the each end of the table are display and view screens.

The room (also known as The Conference Room) is a small, quiet place where senior staff and visitors can meet with the captain to formulate plans of action, to dissect away missions and reports. It is also a good place to entertain warring factions, the room is comfortable and also is in such a place so as to limit access to other areas of the ship.

Furniture in the room is elegant and functional consisting of one long table as can be seen in the picture above and chairs all around. Computer access panels are built into the table so as to allow any crew member seated at the table to be able to access the ship computers.

Source referenced from the USS Iliad.
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