Captain's Ready Room
Captain's Ready Room

The Captains Ready Room is approached via a door from the main bridge.

The room operates as the Captain's bolt hole, whilst also doubling as a working office and a cabin for the Captain to rest should he be required to remain close to the main bridge in cases of emergency. The door from the room leads directly onto the bridge next to the view screen and a door to a turbo lift.

To call it a room is actually slightly misleading as it is in fact two rooms. The first room is the main "apartment" area housing a desk, chair and computer console. There is also a replicator and sofa as well as a fairly basic bed in the corner. The captain sits with a window behind him and with the second "room" to his right hand side.

This second room is much smaller than the first and is the bathroom having basic toilet facilities directly ahead as well as a washing basin to the left and a sonic shower to the right.

The turbo lift to the left offers direct access to the rest of the ship. It is also a way for the Captain to reach his ready room from any other part of the ship without anyone on the main viewscreen from seeing. This can be quite useful.

Source referenced from the USS Iliad.
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