Medical Complex

The medical complex is in fact just one section of a much larger section of rooms. In its centre is the central biobed which can be seen in the above picture. Scattered around the walls of the main area are numerous work stations which use computer interfaces and equipment. Against the wall are at least four other biobeds. They are best reserved in advance.

There is also, on Deck 18 in the stardrive section, a secondary sickbay which offers similar facilities.

Separate from the main sickbay is the main patient ward where longer term medical problems are resolved, the intensive care unit, the trauma stasis unit, the isolation ward, and the dedicated surgery suite.

The medical complex stands ready to handle all kinds of medical problems among the ship's multi-species crew by being staffed by medical personnel at all times and shifts. Iit is also equipped to detect, contain and aid, forms of life and bio hazards not yet imagined. The sickbay walls flicker with diagnostic and sensor displays. The small medical lab attached to sickbay contains advanced bio-essay and lifeform analysis hardware, as well as genetic sequence, nanotherapy and virotherapeutic equipment.

Every Hospital needs beds, and Galaxy is equipped with a plethora of diagnostic bio beds. While the patient rests comfortably in the biobed, unobtrusive biological sensors continually measure their status. This ever changing information is reported in a diagnostic display at the head of the bed. Patient status information can also be fed to tricorders, remote stations in the ship and the sickbay's main diagnostic display.

The USS Galaxy is also equipped with a Emergency Medical Hologram Mark II. The EMH II is programmed with the knowledge of 100's of organic doctors from across the Federation, including biological and sociological features of many races. It is intended to be a short term replacement for, or supplement to, a "real" medical officer. When situations arise where the EMH Mark II is unavailable or insufficent to fulfill medical needs, the shorter term Mark I is available.

Among the instruments in use are the medical tricorder, the hypospray, the dermal regenerator, the osteroregenerator, the cortical probe, the pulmonary scanner, the cytoplasmic stimulator, and the neural headpad. You would find all of these on a standard medical equipment tray.

For more serious injuries and illnesses, a surgical support frame is used to monitor the patient's condition. This creates a sterile field in which the surgeon can work. Sickbay keeps a medical record of crew members down to the DNA level.

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Source material from USS Highlander. Images Spike's Star Trek site.
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