Brian Henry Brian
   May 23, 1966
   Baltimore, Maryland , USA
   Project Manager
   *TOS September 30 , 2004
   Brian Elessidil
Image copyright Robert Snow August 2002: Simmer of the Mission (Episode 2)
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How long have you been simming?

Since November, 2001

What was your favourite episode (from the game or Trek in general)?

Face of the Enemy (TNG)

What type of music do you enjoy?

Alternative, Ambient, Blues, Christian, Classical, Country, Irish, Jazz, Metal, New Age, Oldies, Pop, Reggae, Religious, Soundtracks, Swing

What is your favourite sport?


Do you put you left leg in first, or right? Or do you just jump into your pants both feet first?

Left leg first.

Who is your favourite author?

Don't think I have one.

What is your favourite movie?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Arthur, An Ideal Husband, Frequency

What is your favourite TV show?

The Simpsons

What is your favourite quote?

"For every complex problem, there is an answer that is short, simple, and wrong." -- H.L. Menken

What was the best advice ever given to you?

Learn to type. (My mother's advice when I was looking for an elective in High School. It's been one of the most valuable and useful things I've learned ever since.)

What activities do you enjoy most?

Singing, Cooking, Reading, Board/Card Games, Racquetball, Bike Riding, Walking

Have you ever had anything published?


Ever met any Star Trek or Science Fiction celebrities?


What is your first memory of Star Trek?

Watching TOS at my grandmother's house when I was a kid. I used to think all the scenes where stuff happened with/to the ship were cool.

What other sim groups have you been a part of?

USS Galaxy (TOS), USS Miranda, Northern Lights Academy, XPG (X-men), USS Pendragon

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Working on my house, Singing

Anything else you want to share?

I'm single, gay, and Catholic/Quaker

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