James Lambly  
   May 21, 1983
   California, USA
   Photo lab tech/ Freelance photographer/ Starving comic artist
   Sept. 20, 2007
Image copyright Robert Snow March 2008: Dedicated Service Ribbon, 6 months
Image copyright Robert Snow September 2008: Dedicated Service Ribbon, 1 year

How long have you been simming?

oh jeeze....think I started way back in 1998...but for the Galaxy since 2007

What was your favourite episode (from the game or Trek in general)?

Balance of Terror

What type of music do you enjoy?

Classical, rock, soundtrack, jazz

What is your favourite sport?

Fencing, archery, biking

Do you put your left leg in first, or right? Or do you just jump into your pants both feet first?

I cant remember...too early in the morning!

Who is your favourite author?

J.R.R. Tolkien, David Webber, Tomothy Zahn

What is your favourite movie?

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

What is your favourite TV show?

Doctor Who... Firefly... Macross

What is your favourite quote?

'Invader's blood marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants! The pants command'

What was the best advice ever given to you?

Oh gee...Don't give up and follow your dreams. Too corny? too bad :P

What was your favourite Galaxy moment?

Haven't been around long yet...but I think at the moment something to do with that Normal nutter... very much entertaining :)

Who is your favourite character on the Galaxy?

Hard to choose. There are lots of good ones.

What activities do you enjoy most?

Reading comic books, watching cartoons and most of all. Drawing :)

Have you ever had anything published?

Not officially.....yet...Working on it though.

Ever met any Star Trek or Science Fiction celebrities?

A good many... Ray Park, J.G. Hertzler, George Lucas, Daniel Logan, Peter Mayhew, Richard Hatch....did I mention I go to a lot of conventions? :P

What is your claim to fame?

I'm famous? O.O OMG! *faints*

What is your first memory of Star Trek?

Watching Wrath of Khan when I was about 2 inches tall

What other sim groups have you been a part of?

Many many! Tangofleet( now 6th fleet), Bravo Fleet, Obsidian Fleet, Macross RPG community, alt.starfleet.rpg, Tales of Brendaine, HMS Intrepid, many MANY other indy games over the years.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Drawing, reading, writing, gaming, costuming, cooking, sleeping, drawing...wait I said that one already :P

Anything else you want to share?


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